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Sales Tip 766: Focusing on Startups & NOT Being Money Motivated – Alexine Mudawar

“I focused on startups is that is where my niche is because they like that.” – Alexine Mudawar in today’s Tip 766

How do you manage your manager relationship?

Join the conversation below and check out the full interview with Alexine!

Alexine Mudawar on LinkedIn
Alexine Mudawar on Sales Success Stories Interview
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Scott Ingram: You’re listening to the Daily Sales Tips podcast and I’m your host, Scott Ingram. Today’s tip comes in the form of a clip from the most recent Sales Success Stories episode that just released today featuring Alexine Mudawar. Alexine is the company high achiever at Displayr in her role as a Major Account Executive. Here she is:

Alexine Mudawar: I’m very organized. There’s never any question about what I’m working on. I’ve never once had a Manager asked me to prospect more or check in on my prospecting or whatever. I mean, that’s not been a conversation, that’s come up much. So I’m very, very much self-managing and that’s feedback that I get a lot. On the other side of that. I also have the entrepreneurial brain, so I will see things problems or issues in the sales process, which sounds great. But I also will kind of like escalate those sometimes. I’m like, here’s this thing, like, how can we fix this? And like, can we think of a solution? So in some ways, it’s good because I’m usually able to identify things that are actually issues, but then some managers don’t like that either. Like they sometimes like people want to kind of stay status quo.

So for some managers who will do like having a rep who is really organized, who is diligent, but in can come up with creative ideas, that’s great. But I think that’s part of the reason I focused on startups is that is where my niche is because they like that. It’s someone that can kind of self-manage and self-handle their book of business and help some of the other reps kind of figure out their stuff. And then they liked that you can also be a resource to help them identify some of these problems. Whereas like a large company, they’re going to be like, hurry, thanks for letting us know, you know, it’s not going to have as much impact. So for me, that’s why I focus specifically on startups and smaller organizations.

Scott Ingram: Yeah. That makes a ton of sense. I’m curious about how do you manage your manager relationship? What is that dynamic?

Alexine Mudawar: Super transparent. Like I think what’s really important and this took me years to realize, I think as soon as you get a new manager, whether you change companies or internally, if you get a new manager, the very first conversation that I think you should have is like super like cards on the table. How do you like to communicate? Here’s how I like to communicate. And it’s like everything down to like, do you prefer Slack or text? Like I used to have a manager that would text all the time and it was like giving me anxiety. I was like, stop texting me on Saturdays about deals and things like that. You know, how do you prefer to be, to communicate and then talking about motivators. Like, how does he know for your manager? Like what is your role? You know, what are some of your goals? Like learning about what they’re actually trying to do is really important to you and as salespeople, we never do that. But then also like here are my motivators because what I want to shake up really quickly, especially if it’s a new manager is I’m not motivated. Money is not my number one motivator, successes, and then money comes with success. So that’s just a side effect of me being successful.

So for me, and I’ve said this in every single interview I’ve been in, if you were to hold the president’s club award in front of me and a $10,000 check, I would take the president’s club award every single time, because I’m already going to get the $10,000 check. So I’m not even thinking about it, but I think that’s where these kinds of are really important. I want them to understand what makes me tick and I’m very honest. I’m like, you know, I’m going to be super organized in Salesforce, but I’m also going to like think of some ideas sometimes. And sometimes you might think they’re interesting and want to escalate them. And sometimes you can just tell me like this is too soon, or like we’re not ready for this idea or thanks for bringing it to me, but no. So I try to just have like a very transparent communication with them.

Scott Ingram: For another hour and forty-five minutes of Alexine, check out episode 113 on the Sales Success Stories Podcast and of course we’ll have a link for you at DailySales.Tips/766 as well.

Once you’ve gotten started on that. Be sure to come back tomorrow for another great sales tip. Thanks for listening!

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Sales Tip 766: Focusing on Startups & NOT Being Money Motivated – Alexine Mudawar


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