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Sales Tip 672: Don’t Push Me, Show Me – Jeff Bajorek

“The adrenaline rush of having that other rep or those other reps, nipping at your heels gets you out of bed every morning.” – Jeff Bajorek in today’s Tip 672

What motivates you? 

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Scott Ingram: You’re listening to the Daily Sales Tips podcast and I’m your host, Scott Ingram. Here’s Jeff Bajorek with his weekly contribution to the show:

Jeff Bajorek: What motivates you? Do you know what motivates you? Does your Manager know what motivates you? You get a lot of managers that ask me, Hey, how can I push my reps a little bit? Do you have any way to help me motivate some people? You know, I’ve been holding the results over their head and reminding them of their quotas and you know, telling them that I need to see some results. Otherwise, bad things are gonna happen, right? Like we’ve all had that manager that talks to us like that. We’ve also had that manager, hopefully, you’ve had that manager who really understands what makes you tick.

And for most of you listening to this podcast, because this is a podcast aimed at people who want to become top performers. Most of you like to be pushed. Most of you see that leaderboard, you see those results posted. You feel that competitive fire burning within you and you love to be driven. Sometimes you love to be pushed. The adrenaline rush of having that other rep or those other reps, nipping at your heels gets you out of bed every morning.

Then there’s 80% of everybody else who is motivated by something different. And a lot of people don’t need to be top dog. They just want to be well compensated for doing a good job that they feel good about so they can live a good life at the end of the day. Those people need something else.

So when I’m asked how to push people, I asked back, do your people want to be pushed? Now I have kind of a contrarian kind of a theory about management. And I think that your manager, when you’re a manager, your team become your customers. Because look, anytime you ask someone to do something that they wouldn’t ordinarily do. I think of that as a sales call. Call me crazy. And then when they do that thing for you, it feels like you made a sale, which makes them your customer.

So let’s take that analogy and let’s move to your interactions with your team. Maybe even your interactions with your manager, because you need her to do that thing for you. You need him to run that idea up the flagpole, right?

Think of the people you work with as your customers and think about whether or not you’d push shove, kick, whip, whatever the violent euphemisms we’ve heard throughout our sales careers are. And does that get any result for you? Is that effective at all? If you wouldn’t treat a customer that way, why would you treat a teammate that way? I want you to think about this lens. Particularly as we start to close out the year, there are going to be people who want to be driven. That’s fine. There are going to be people who don’t. And when you don’t believe that you have a common interest in that goal, being completed by the deadline, say the end of Q4, then you have to look for some other kind of common ground. You have to give them an idea of what’s in it for them to close that deal on time, but what’s in it for them to fill that pipeline for Q1. Whatever it is when you find that common ground when you understand what makes someone act, what makes someone you can really get a lot more done.

Scott Ingram: Have you checked out Jeff’s blog yet? It’s a good one, and like you’ll find with all of our tips. You can just click over to DailySales.Tips/672 to find those links. Also, if you’re in the US, you can now text DST to 55444 to join our listener list and I’ve got a nice little bonus for you when you do. DST to 55444

Once you’ve done those things. Come on back tomorrow for another great sales tip. Thanks for listening!

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Sales Tip 672: Don’t Push Me, Show Me – Jeff Bajorek


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