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Sales Tip 349: Angle Thinking – Rajiv ‘RajNATION’ Nathan

“If you get them to think deeper about their situation without disrespecting their situation they will look to you” – Rajiv ‘RajNATION’ Nathan in today’s Tip 349

Have you thought about it from this angle?

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Scott Ingram: You’re listening to the Daily Sales Tips podcast and I’m your host, Scott Ingram. Today’s tip comes from Rajiv Nathan, otherwise known as ‘RajNATION.’ RajNATION is the founder of Startup Hypeman where he helps startups not suck at how they pitch and tell their story, so they stand out to customers and stand apart from their competitors. Here he is with today’s tip:

Rajiv ‘RajNATION’ Nathan: One of the biggest challenges we often face as sellers is getting the buyer to consider a different point of view or to consider a new way of thinking that would ultimately lead them to desire the product or service that we provide. And a lot of this friction and challenge comes from not having the appropriate respect for the way they think today, their current stance and their current position or surrounding the particular issue or case.

So for example, let’s say you were selling marketing software and the buyer is explaining to you how they might say, “Yeah, you know, we’re currently using Google Analytics and we’re tracking these four key metrics. We’re finding we’re getting some strong engagement around these areas. And overall, you know, we generally like what it’s providing us.” Right? This is a situation where there’s going to be friction generated. If you push on them your point of view without having respect for where they are today and this friction, it comes to light when there is not a clear problem which they have expressed to you. As sellers, if we’re smart we’re always looking for, “Okay, what’s that pain point that they’ve identified, which we can latch onto.” But 100% of the time you don’t very easily get a pain point from them, right? Sometimes they are just happy with the way things are and that may just be because they don’t necessarily no differently or know better. And when they give you a response that kind of says, “Yeah, well you know, here’s the lay of the land”, and they don’t express any real concern or pain or issue. If you come in and you try to then say,”No, no, no, no, you need to do it like this or well our software does this awesome thing.” Well, now you’re introducing friction into the buying process because you become that aggressive, pushy, just trying to make a quick buck salesperson.

So how do you not do that? Through a process that I call Angle thinking and angle communication. If you’ve heard that Drake song essentially you got to gotta hit them angles. But what I mean here is in a situation to avoid that friction in a situation where they haven’t really presented a pain point, it’s to most often industrial rental for you. If you then just say, “Well no, no, no, here’s what we have. It’s awesome.” Or “here’s how you gotta do it”, right? Cause you don’t have the appropriate respect for where they stand today. What you’re doing to do is have respect for their current stance. And the way you do that is by angle thinking or angle communicating, which means you simply say to them. It sounds like you’re doing things this way which is pretty cool. You know, it’s great. It’s working in these aspects. Have you considered this angle before or let me show you a different point of view or I just want to introduce a different type of angle into how you could approach this, right. And those types of ways of communicating, angle thinking, angle communication. That form of communication, that way of broaching the topic has respect for where they stand today. Because effectively what’s happening if you take this approach is you’re not taking away their current stance from them, right? You’re simply adding to it. You’re saying, “Hey, I’m cool with this, with how you’re doing things now. I want you to consider what’s also over here.” Now, You’re not taking away from them. You’re not taking their composition away. You’re just adding to their current position. At the same time, what you’re effectively doing is getting them to think deeper about their own situation and they will respect you for that. If you get them to think deeper about their situation without disrespecting their situation they will look to you and say, “Wow, this person’s pretty smart. He understands how things are done in this industry or in this type of company or he understands the market, she understands the market well.” Right? And that’s how you want them to be thinking because now they will start to probe self probe more into their own situation and that’s where that pain point is going to get uncovered. And on top of that, they will look at you as the expert who helped uncover that for them. And all you did was just ask a question a different way. All you did was respect where they stand today and not try to take that away from them, but add to it. Have you thought about it from this angle? Let me offer you an alternative perspective, right? Angle Thinking, Angle Communication. Try that out.

Scott Ingram: If you’ll click over to DailySales.Tips/349 you’ll find the video version of this tip, the transcript and more about RajNATION. You’ll also find a special link to his StartupHypeman website where you can get a free ebook on how to pitch case studies in your cold outreach to get prospects to take a meeting with you.

After you’re done downloading that, make sure you come to see us tomorrow for another great sales tip. Thanks for listening!

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Sales Tip 349: Angle Thinking – Rajiv ‘RajNATION’ Nathan


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