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Write A Sales Pitch: Quick Easy and Effective

write a sales pitch

When you write a Sales Pitch I believe its always best to use the acronym K.I.S.S. or Keep It Super Simple. When you start your sales pitch it should first start by introducing yourself. The body of your pitch should then include an interview section where you are asking questions to your potential buyers. Once you gather information about your potential buyer then you present your product highlighting the benefits to your buyer with enthusiasm Once you transfer that enthusiasm you start to Close with an appropriate sales technique. Once you have closed the deal I believe you should always ask for referrals.

1. Introduction

When you start your introduction keep in mind you want to get straight to the point. You do not want to give the impression that you are about to waste your potential buyers time. The challenge of the introduction is to break your prospects preoccupation. This can vary depending on the environment you are delivering your pitch. Salespeople in booths or kiosk setting have been known to slap flyers in their hands or put a tangible item related to their product in the prospects hand. That is how they break the preoccupation of their buyers. 

As for the verbiage your introduction should include

Who are you? My name is _____________

Who are you with? I work with __________ company

Why are you there? We have been setting up all your neighbors in your neighborhood with__________

What are you going to do for them? We are here today to get the last few people set up …..if they qualify. 

2. Interview

The interview is an important part when you write a sales pitch. If done correctly you should be able to find out what are the needs and benefits of your buyers. Generally speaking, if you ask them Asking questions like “How do they currently use their product?” “What was their main reason for buying their current product or if applicable what made them switch to their current product?” I believe the reason why they switched or why they decided to obtain their current product will be the same reason why they will switch to your product.

Overall your main objective here is to figure out the acronym WIIFM or What’s In It For Them

You can get to know “What’s In It For Them” by asking these types of questions 

What they are lacking? 

What are they in need of?

What excites them about your product?

What benefits them?what is direct sales

3. Presentation

Once you have gathered information about your buyer from the interview section you should have enough information to give a valued recommendation. Generally, you are going to want to have your presentation revolve around the information you have gathered from your interview. Generally, you want to start high. Meaning you want to start with your one of your top packages or top products that includes all that was mentioned in the interview stage. The reason being it is easier to break down your package and lower the price instead of having to add something that might have been left out and increase the price. This is referred to as top down selling 

During your presentation, you should start with having your close in mind. Which closing technique are you going to use so you can set it up. You should also be enthusiastic when going over the features and benefits. 

The objective here is to set up the close and enthusiastically breakdown your product’s features to conform around your buyers’ needs. For instance, if you are setting up the alternate choice close you would use two recommendations break them down thoroughly so it gives the perception that they are getting more bang for their buck. Then you would present two options for them to choose either one or another and not giving them an option to get nothing.

Throughout your entire pitch, you will get objection but your presentation is where you will get the most important objections, in general. We go over objection rebuttals in a previous article we have written. 

4. Close

Before we get into the closing section here is some training material that can help you close more sales Sales Success Made Simple There are various closing techniques and the more you are able to learn the greater you increase you odd in closing more sales. You should start your pitch or at least start in the presentation with the close in mind. So, in essence, the close starts before you even get to the close section. You should be setting up your close in every other section before the close comes along. 

As a salesperson, in my opinion, your job is to acquire sales. That is common sense that everyone should agree on but you have to look at it deeper. Your job is to make buyers when the buyer is either on the fence or has never contemplated becoming a buyer of your product. So when it comes to closing your job is to make the buying process as smooth as possible. Many buyers get anxiety when making a purchase and you should be like a pill that removes that anxiety. Keep in mind there is a difference between closing a sale and tricking someone to buy. Just because you make a smooth close the buyer should know they are making a purchase. 

The following are closing techniques that we have wrote about

  • Assumptive Closes 
  • Presentation Methods 
  • Benjamin Franklin Close
  • Trial Closes
  • Sharp Angle Close Building Rapport

5. Ask for referrals

*Bonus I wanted to share this with everyone who writes a pitch. One thing I think many people forget. Maybe it is because they close sales and are relieved that it went well or maybe they think their job is over. One thing you should always do is ask for referrals. They say the best time to get a sale is right after you just got a sale. The reason why they say that is because you are feeling excited and you have some momentum. You can continue that momentum and transfer that excitement on to your next buyer that is referred to you. A person that you have just sold is technically vouching for you which easily helps you get past any trust issues they may have if you just met the new buyers. 

Referrals should be one of the smoothest sales you can get so I believe it should be a part of your pitch. All you have to do is ask the person you just sold. 

“Can you list 5 of your friends, family or coworkers that might benefit from getting our services or products?”

“Great, please write down their name and contact info here. I will be calling them and letting them know I had got their info from you and you thought they might benefit from this?

Write A Sales Pitch: In Conclusion 

When you write a sales pitch in this form that we just explained it will keep things simple, straight to the point and probably one of the quickest ways to turn a prospect into a buyer. I have used this type of sales pitch specifically going door to door but can be adjusted for whatever type of sales environment you are working in. Enjoy. Study long and prosper!

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Write A Sales Pitch: Quick Easy and Effective


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