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Enjoy an Impressive New Car Feel with Enkahnz

In-Car Entertainment Systems

Enkahnz, Naveed Khan

If you happen to drive a much older car, installing an updated entertainment system can make a huge difference to your day-to-day enjoyment and lend it a real new-car feel. Enkahnz, the complete vehicle body specialists & customization house will transform your vehicle with the latest technology in mobile entertainment leaving you with an ultimate listening and viewing environment. They push the boundaries of the latest technological advancements to achieve the best results in sound and in-car entertainment.

Vehicle technology has come a long way over a short period of time. It wasn’t long ago that you could only get a fancy infotainment system in luxury vehicles or as part of an expensive upgrade package in select cars. Now, most vehicles offer up-to-date infotainment features, and many cars include the technology as standard.

In recent years, we spent more and more time in our cars. So it became obvious to implement Car Entertainment Systems into the car for comfort and driver information. We can differ between driver information devices and passenger entertainment devices. As infotainment technology advances, some systems are more intuitive and user-friendly than others. In addition, while some offer a rich feature set and the latest in Smartphone app integration, others are more basic.

The top-notch vehicle body specialist house, Enkahnz provides classic infotainment systems which come with a reasonable learning curve, display crisp graphics, offer useful features, respond quickly to user input, and very easy to see, reach, and control while driving. They have a full range of sound systems and speakers to help create the perfect sound, which can be tailored to each individual vehicle.

Although some keen drivers will protest that the purr of an engine is all the entertainment you need in a car, their passengers will likely disagree. For many, a decent car stereo is a must these days, for agreeable background music, a comedy program to liven up a traffic jam, or perhaps a travel bulletin to prevent you getting stuck in one in the first place.

Only the most basic of today’s cars are sold without a radio and many have very sophisticated entertainment systems indeed, which can stream music from your Smartphone over Bluetooth, as well as accessing online services. Such is the pace of development, though, that a car only need be a few years old to lack some of today’s cutting-edge infotainment features.

If you happen to drive a much older car, though, installing an updated entertainment system can make a huge difference to your day-to-day enjoyment and lend it a real new-car feel. EnKahnz knowledgeable in-car entertainment division can configure multiple entertainment zones and create the ultimate listening environment into your car. Also utilizing their expert electricians, they can create the ultimate viewing system in your vehicle, with dvd players and games consoles in the front and rear of your car.

Living in a digital age, we often make things happen at the click of a button, a swipe of a screen or a gesture. We can communicate with people around the world in real-time, send files in an instant, stream our choice of media as and when we want it. While technology is greatly enhancing our lives, we still spend (on average) more than one whole day a week driving. In fact we spend so much time behind the wheel, that our car is considered as our third living space – just behind our home and office. Is it any wonder that the in-car entertainment market is expected to soon be worth around $35 billion? And that’s set to rise as self-driving and autonomous cars take over.

Why is in-car entertainment such an important aspect of vehicle ownership? Aside from anything else, a number of drivers claim that it helps them stay focused when driving, and numerous studies prove that. Many motorists believe music makes the journey feel shorter. And then of course, we have the whole list of the reasons that derive the term ‘entertainment’, from love for singing to feeling good with music on.

In-car entertainment systems include both informational and entertainment services in a vehicle. These types of systems provide integrated support and better solutions to the users and cater the requirement for multiple products. The system such as navigation units, audio-video player, software application, DVD player and radio ensure advanced driving experience. Also, they provide the user with better connectivity, a variety of entertainment options, hands-free operation, safety, and security during traveling. These smart technology devices are estimated to become the essential part of consumer’s lifestyle in coming decade.

In-Car Entertainment Systems infotainment system

Infotainment technology is also bringing new security concerns to the automotive industry. Consumers are now worried about their cars getting viruses or getting hacked. According to one survey, 33 percent of consumers classify vehicle hacking as a serious problem; another 35 percent say it’s a moderate problem. Fifty-eight percent don’t think automakers can develop a permanent solution to vehicle hacking. Over half of consumers say they’d be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee to ensure their cars were safe from hacking, so this presents another possible revenue stream for the industry.

Good news is here, Enkahnz ensures that their infotainment systems are safe and secure, not just useful and fun. This is a big challenge for the industry in large. To make secure systems and increase trust with consumers, they hire experienced, talented and award winning technicians to ensure every detail is perfect. Also Enkahnz allows their infotainment systems to be updated; the need for upgradable car technology is a big change for the auto industry.
Modern cars are like computers on wheels. Like all other computers, they can become outdated as new technology is released. The speed of innovation is increasing, so cars with brand-new technology can become outdated in no time. Most of the cars people buy today will run the same software forever, according to The Verge. The only way to upgrade the cars is to buy a new one. Buying a new car just to get a better infotainment system isn’t practical.
Car entertainment today is limited, you have poor visuals and sounds, people get sick but Infotainment systems from Enkahnz are sure to impress.

About Enkahnz

Enkahnz is a complete vehicle body specialists & customisation house for clients from all walks of life; from sporting personalities to entrepreneurs. They like to keep each project individual to the client inspiring them with ideas and designs from around the motoring world. They are endowed with technicians and mechanics that are experienced, but it’s more than experience Enkahnz looks for. Its an obsession to achieve the best possible results, every time.
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