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Privacy Glass

Privacy Glass on Super Car

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When you recently bought your new car, did you notice that the rear and front windshields were a little darker than the windows? Well, this is what privacy glass or factory tint is called. In earlier days (a few years ago), car manufacturers used to make cars with 100% visibility which meant that the window and front and back windshields were completely transparent. Apparently, the car makers did not take into consideration the heating effect of the same or the privacy of the passengers. Voila! Comes the privacy glass. When they started receiving increasing complaints of car cooling becoming ineffective during peak summers, or from the street guys, who wanted to increase the aesthetic appeal of their vehicle, they discovered a simple but innovative solution.

They decided to dye the glass using a pigment which makes it darker. Hence, privacy glass was invented. The darker glass helps maintain a higher standard of privacy for the car passengers and their possessions, along with reducing the amount of sunlight that enters and heats up the car. The percentage of tint which is permissible under the law varies from state to state and while some states allow a higher percentage of darkening, some allow a little or no tint at all. This is to promote the safety of the passengers. Also, there are strict laws on the percentage of tinting on the front windshield. The reason being that a darker front windshield reduces visibility while driving at night.

Privacy Glass and Privacy Tint

While some customers were satisfied with the amount of pigment which their windshield came with when they bought the car, others were not so happy and wanted to increase the darkness level (or percentage of tinting) within their cabins. The reasons for the same varied from person to person. Some said that the car’s AC was not working effectively due to the lesser percentage of tint, while others wanted to keep their affairs more private!

The result? They went to their manufacturer and wanted to get their glasses changed. The manufacturers happily obliged and also charged them hefty amounts of money. Thus, the stage was set for another innovative idea in the car lover’s market. Enters the privacy tint! It performed all the functions of a privacy glass but, at less than half the cost.

It gained immense popularity especially in the supercar enthusiasts, as they could now get their cars to look way cooler. There are some added benefits also which made privacy tint a favorite choice. First of all, they can be installed on cars whose users have sensitive skin. For them, special UV tinting is available. Secondly, the privacy tint can easily match the tint of the privacy glass and hence, it doesn’t look out of place and blends in completely.

So, what are the Laws for Privacy glass?

Before deciding to go for a privacy glass, one should be aware of the regulations in place regarding the use of privacy tint in their area. These regulations are for your own safety as a higher tint percentage leads to a decreased visibility and also makes it harder to spot for other passengers, any hazard in the tinted car. So, do thorough research of the laws before going for that tinting. We are mentioning here laws followed in some countries:

Note: VLT – Visible Light Transmission through windows

  1. Australia:  In New South Wales, the Roads and Traffic Authority permits the use of VLT no more than 35% on windows other than the windscreen. Tint on the windscreen, which is a band across the top, is permitted with a depth of up to 10% of the depth of the windscreen.
  2. India: The rules governing tinted glass in India are defined in The Motor Vehicles Act 1988, which states that the front and rear windshield should be no more than 70% VLT and all the other windows are limited to 50% VLT
  3. Russia: Window tinting limits are mentioned in GOST 5727-88. The limit for Russia is 75% for the front windshield (a darker stripe which is not wider than 10 cm is permissible at the very top) and 70% VLT for the front side windows.
  4. United Kingdom:  Regulations which have been set forth by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency operating under the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 specifies that all front windows can have no less than 70% VLT with a 6% permissible tint on the windshield.
  5. United States:  Each state in the USA has a different limit of allowable tint as measured on the front side window. These range from a low VLT of 24% in Washington,to 88% in California, with less stringent restrictions for windows in the rear of the vehicle.

How is Privacy Glass made?

Factory tint, which is commonly referred to as “Privacy Glass” is manufactured using an electrical process that is called “deep dipping”. In this process, the inside of the automotive glass is dyed with dark pigment. The front windshield is manufactured using a laminating process, in which a thin plastic sheet is sandwiched between two glass layers and the rear and side glass are tempered. The reason for making the front windshield laminated is so that it does not break completely into pieces during a collision.

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Why go for a privacy glass?

Needless to say, privacy glass has a number of benefits that an ordinary glass which is used in your car. Some of them are:

  1. Cooler cabin: The privacy glass is a little dark in shade, reduces the sun’s rays which are entering the cabin, and hence, helps in keeping the cabin cooler. Remember, when you park your car on the road on a sunny day to go to the supermarket and end up returning to burning seats? You wouldn’t face that problem if you have privacy glass installed in your car.
  2. UV protection: For all the people with sensitive skin, the privacy glass offers protection from the Sun’s harmful rays by filtering up to 99% of UV radiation which falls on to your car. You might be wondering as to how can a privacy glass stop harmful UV radiations? This is achieved by adding UV inhibitors to the dark dye which is used to manufacture the privacy glass.
  3. Interior Protection: It is a well-known fact, that the interior of your car, the impeccable leather upholstery, the shining dashboard, the gear leathers, all undergo wear and tear over a period of time and usually start cracking, or fading. Well, if you have a privacy glass, this ‘aging’ of your car will be reduced. As you are aware, most of the damage is done by the sun’s rays. So if you block out the culprit, you will award a longer life to your car’s upholstery.
  4. Privacy Control: It becomes quite annoying when people keep on peeping through your car windows to see ‘what’s going on?’ So you can gift yourself some privacy by going for a private glass for your car windows. These will give you the much needed ‘me’ time when going out for a long drive with your girlfriend. Also, for handicapped people, there is an extra provision for permissible window tints in every country.
  5. Reduce Crime: This might sound ridiculous but yes, Privacy glass does help in reducing crime. You see, burglars are always on a lookout for expensive things kept in a car. If they are unable to see inside a car, how will they know what’s inside? Let alone thinking of stealing it. And if the daredevil decides to break the window pane, Boom! You have just caught a criminal because you were sitting inside your car watching him plan it!
  6. Make your car look cooler: Needless to say, a car with a privacy glass looks way cooler than the one without. Tinted glasses are by far, the most appealing modifications that are applied to a car to make it look stunning and cool.
  7. Improve the Fuel Economy: We have mentioned earlier on how a privacy glass helps block the sun’s rays and keep your car’s cabin cooler. This can serve two benefits in summers when the car has to pump in more fuel to maintain that temperature. If the temperature of the cabin is less, the air-conditioning will work efficiently, reducing the load on the car’s engine and hence, better fuel economy.

Customized tinted glass for privacy-seeking customers

Privacy-seeking customers can go for a tinted glass in the following two ways:

  1. Factory made customized tinted glass: This is by far the easiest option to get your car fitted with privacy glass. Just visit the local dealership of your car manufacturer, be it a VW or a Skoda or a Merc, and ask them to install the privacy glass on your car. They will ask you the VLT percentage you require and where all you need it and will make you a customized privacy glass. Remember to keep in mind the regulations mentioned above.
  2. After company purchase tinted glass providers in the market: Other than visiting the original companies, one can visit these providers which provide high-quality glass, at a lower price. Some of these are:
  • Nottingham Car Window Tinting Company
  • Pentagon Glass
  • Rapid Autoglaze
  • Filmshield UK Ltd.
  • ADS Window Films Ltd.

Enkahnz – Conclusion:

We have discussed some of the great features of privacy glass, how it is manufactured, what are the laws governing them and how to get them. No doubt, privacy glass adds that extra spark to your vehicle, while providing you with numerous benefits including a great fuel economy. So go ahead, and try out a privacy glass for your own supercar!

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Privacy Glass


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