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Anavar Review: Does It Really Benefits You?

Undoubtedly, there are various Anabolic steroids available in the market today. Choosing the one that would really benefit the particular body requirements can be really daunting. It would really help you out choosing the right one. Unless and until you know how it reacts to the body whether positively or negatively or what would be the outcome, one might not choose the right steroid. Let’s take a look at the uses, doses and side effects of Anavar.

What Is Anavar?

dragon pharma anavar reviewOxandrolone is the synthetic anabolic and androgenic steroid and Anavar is the marketing name of this steroid. Being an agonist of the androgenic receptor, it biologically targets certain androgens like testosterone and DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Oxandrolone (Anavar) contains week androgenic effects but high anabolic effects. When it was introduced first in 1962, it was used for muscle gain, balances protein catabolism which usually resulted from long corticosteroid therapy.

It enhances the recovery from chronic burns, removes or lowers the bone pain caused due to osteoporosis or alike. It even helps in the growth of girls suffering from Turner Syndrome. In 1964, Oxandrolone’s use was accepted for medical uses mostly in the United States. As it had weak androgenic effects and strong anabolic effect, it is quite suitable for women. It even has mild side effects.

Bodybuilders and various athletes depend on Anavar for enhancing their performance and improve their physique. It improves stamina and is generally suggested to take orally.

Chemical Composition

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a DHT derivative. It is structurally altered for replacing carbon-2 items with oxygen within A-ring of molecular bonding. It further strengthens steroid to remain unbroken when it enters the body. It is classified as C17-aa anabolic steroid because it is altered at the 17th position of Carbon. Its strong ability to bind with androgen receptors enables it to utilize T3 hormones in the body named Triiodothyronine hormone.

Why is Anavar Popular?

Till date, Anavar is a relevant option due to its performance enhancement ability. This is the reason why it is quite popular among athletes and bodybuilders. It has an anabolic rating of 300-600 which is more than the natural testosterone (anabolic rating of 100).

It greatly helps in nitrogen retention that further helps in protein synthesis in the body. Glucocorticoid hormones are even suppressed which is responsible for increasing the fat amount and reducing muscle mass in the body. When these hormones are suppressed, muscle retention is greatly enhanced. It really makes it easier to build on the mass. Moreover, the strength of Anavar is associated with cutting rather bulking.

Benefits of Anavar

Anavar ensures easy and fast recovery after workouts. It means one would feel more relaxed and stress-free after exercises which help in faster recovery.

It increases the core strength, power and speed.

One of the effective points of Anavar is that it does not lead to greater mass development. This particularly helps athletes in controlling weight gain.

It is quite useful for cutting purposes. This is because it helps burn excess fat of the portion thereby building leaner tissue mass.

Although it is not purposely made for muscle growth, it even helps in adding more muscles just like other steroids. However, one should not expect massive growth of muscles.

For greater benefits, one might consider pairing Anavar with other bodybuilding steroids.

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Side Effects

anavar hi tech reviewThere aren’t any drugs in the market which does not have any side effects. In Anavar too, there are certain side effects which one might have.


Anavar, being hepatotoxic can be dangerous for the liver. Hence, taking it in high dosage and for a longer period is inappropriate. When you are taking Anavar, surely avoid smoking, excessive intake of alcohol and cut down the counter medicines. It is not recommended for those having liver issues.

Reduces Production of Testosterone

Like other steroids, Anavar too suppresses the production of testosterone. In order to address the shortfall, one can pair the steroid with exogenous testosterone. One can even pair it with SERM and HCG with PCT.

Cardiovascular Effects

Anavar can raise the cholesterol level. It increases the production of LDL cholesterol while suppressing HDL cholesterol which greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular complications. Just avoid it if you have cholesterol issues.

Other androgenic effects include acne, hair loss and voice change.


When it is for medical uses, 5-10 mg per day would be enough. Continue its intake for three weeks, break for a week and continue further. However, for enhancing performance, higher doses can be preferred. Beginners are recommended 30-40 mg per day. For experienced users, higher doses can be considered but avoid over-dosage as it might affect your health.

Is Anavar Legal?

Anvar is considered illegal or is considered in a controlled way in many countries including the USA. In USA, it is classified as Schedule III controlled substance. However, in countries like Moldova, Thailand and Turkey, it is legal and one can purchase it in pharmacies. In Canada and the UK, it can be purchased in pharmaceutical grades and not in a raw state.

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Anavar Review: Does It Really Benefits You?


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