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25 Most Inspiring Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram In 2018

Fitness is now very popular, it is in the trend. To date, only very lazy people are not engaged in sports. Such popularization of an active way of life among young people is explained by the fact that young girls and boys look at successful sportsmen who have become famous because of their attractive bodies.

Training and nutrition girls fitness bikini

The rest are asking questions, why can’t I look like that? Girls are interested in how the well-known champions got that way, what Training and nutrition the fitness bikini used to prepare for the competitions, the daily regimen, the food ration, in general, the whole range of tools that bring about such a result. Some want to try to repeat the success, the others are just curious. We will give you the most complete overview of the preparatory method for fitness bikini competitions, namely:

  •    We will tell how fitness bikini models train
  •    What girls eat, what kind of diet they have, what diets they use
  •    Here is an approximate weekly menu by day
  •    We will give advice on training and nutrition to young girls starting from scratch

Training of fitness bikini models

First, I want to talk about the training process of the fitness-minded at the preparatory stage for the performances. After all, not many people have ideas about those training activities, thanks to which your body will be closer to the point and to the forms and figure of Catherine Usmanova. Interested? Then let’s go.

Features of training

In fitness modeling, the audience is close, both to girls and boys, because on the podium, the girls look very beautiful and attractive, and do not disgust the masses, unlike classic female bodybuilding. The only reproaches are about an unnaturally low layer of subcutaneous fat. Because of that, the girls look very dry, and a certain category of people do not like it. But if we look at the general population’s response to the competitions, then it is undoubtedly positive.

fitness babes

It can feel uncomfortable for the girls performing on stage. After all, they know that they are an example, that they are in good shape, they all look beautiful and are envied. As their fitness progresses, whey they go to the place where beautiful girls gather, a contest, a nightclub, any other event, and there are many of them, they automatically become popular. Specificity of the training process of fitness bikini models:

  1. They do not chase the masses, and this is the first. The girl does not need big muscles, this is not bodybuilding. Often circuit training with high intensity is used.
  2. A lot of time spent on the equipment and doing cardio, because their task is to burn subcutaneous fat
  3. Fitness bikini models, when training do not gain a lot of weight and do not chase after the records, preference is given to repetitions.

Training does not exceed an hour and a half. A set of exercises and the number of repetitions is selected individually, depending on the fitness level of the girl, her strengths, form, percentage of subcutaneous fat. That is, the process of preparing for competitions and tasks for all are different.

One girl is slim, so less time will be spent on preparation. The second will gain weight, and only then remove the subcutaneous fat. Therefore, there is no single approach to exercise and nutrition. There is some normal exercises that most fitness bikinis use to prepare for competitions.

Fitness training

As for the training program, there is no one right option. Everyone has different methods and approaches. But the classes of girls take place both on the equipment and outside it, if the weather permits.

The fitness training program for bikini models should include the following exercises:

  •    Shoulder training: Dumbbell pulling in front of you, dumbbell bench press sitting, spreading dumbbells to the sides bending at the waist, pull rod in front of you
  •    Back training: Dumbbell pull, pull in front of you or behind the head
  •    Training of the biceps: Lifting the bar to the biceps, lifting dumbbells to the biceps while sitting
  •    Chest workout: Bench press, dumbbell press at a 30-degree angle, spreading dumbbells in the sides
  •    Leg training: classic squat with a barbell, bench press, tilts with a bar forward, leg extension
  •    Triceps training: French press, extension of the triceps

The training must be changed and alternated so that the muscles do not have time to adapt to the load. Some workouts are aimed at developing strength, others for endurance. This is regulated by the number of exercises and repetitions.


Fitness training program bikini

Monday (Legs + Abdomen + Buttocks)

  1. Superset extension and leg bending on the machine – 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each
  2. Classic squat with a bar – 4 sets of 8-12 times
  3. Foot press in the machine – 4 sets of 10 times
  4. Rises in calves with weight – 4 sets of 10 times
  5. Bending at the waist on the bench – 4 to 15 repetitions

Wednesday (arms + chest + back)

  1. The pull of the block to the waist is 5 to 10 times
  2. The raising of the vertical block to the chest is 4 to 20 times
  3. Thrust of dumbbells in slope – 5 to 20
  4. Press of dumbbells on an incline bench – 4 to 20 times
  5. Dumbbell press horizontally – 3 times 10 times
  6. Double set of:
  •    – pushing away from the bench – 3 to 25
  •    -malts – 3 by 25

Friday (shoulders + legs)

  1.  Static traction – 5 approaches 15-20 times
  2.  Falls with the bar – 4 sets of 15 times
  3.  Press of dumbbells in sitting position – 4 to 15
  4.  Thrust rod to the chest in a standing position – 5 to 12
  5.  Dumbbell sitting – 4 to 15

This is an approximate plan for a weekly training cycle for fitness bikinis, which are performed in the gym. Also in the program you need to include cardio before training on the treadmill (min. 30 minutes).

Training plan and recommendations for beginners from scratch

Such a plan suits girls who have previously been involved in sports, or are engaged in a different physical activity, but in no way for beginners. If you want to start from scratch and do not know where to start, then you cannot do without a coach, because everything is individual. Looking at you, the coach can make a specific program based on your parameters, activity, lagging muscle groups and your goals.

Therefore, the girls who come to the gym to get in shape for bikini modeling – go to the coach, let him guide you. Experienced athletes do not all need a coach, they are more experienced, simultaneously act and train themselves, they have enough knowledge and skills to adjust their training program. Preparation for beginners fitness bikini should begin with the search for a coach, because he:

  1. Will adjust your training, make a plan, adjust your diet plan.
  2. Become your assistant and will conduct classes, push you, and make sure you avoid injury.
  3. Motivate and make you work on yourself. Criticize and praise your success.
  4. Correct and manage the whole process, guide you, take into account individual characteristics, change programs, diet at certain stages of preparation for fitness bikini.

Popular fitness girls on Instagram

Representatives of foreign media talked with the most popular girls on Instagram

The essence of the “trick” is to lift the heels as if you are wearing high heels. In such a “cunning” pose you can stand, lie, squat and sit. The main thing is how to pull the heels up.

Meanwhile, according to a study by the Society for Health of Great Britain, Instagram is the most destructive social network for mental health and we should not be fooled by girls who use photo revision apps.

But the doctors did not see what was happening. They say, a constant standing on the toes is useful for the figure, since it is quite a serious exercise.

25 Most Inspiring Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram In 2018

Need more motivation? All the motivation to get in shape and stay there. Follow these fitness babes.



Cassandra Martin

cassandra martin

Kathy Martinez

kathy martinez

Kaisa Keranen

kaisa keranen

Katy Hearn

katy hearn

Aline Barreto

aline barreto

Claudia Bonavoglia

claudia bonavoglia

Sonia Isaza

sonia isaza

Valeria Orsini

valeria orsini

Suzanne Svanevik

suzanne svanevik

Tayler Rose

tayler rose fitness

Bakhar Nabieva

bakhar nabieva

Paola Usme

paola usme

Kiki Vhyce

kiki vhyce

Wioletta Pawluk

wioletta pawluk

Devan Statler

devan statler

Laci Kay Somers

laci kay somers

Minna Pajulahti

minna pajulahti

Massy Arias

massy arias

Janna Breslin

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Christmas Abbott

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Narmin Assria

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Cornelia Ritzke

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Ana Cozar

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Anna Nystrom

anna nystrom

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25 Most Inspiring Fitness Babes To Follow On Instagram In 2018


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