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Natalia Trukhina: body strength

Are you from the type of people who can not unscrew a jar of unwinding without outside help, and you carry the packages from the store one at a time? Today you will find out who Natalia Kuznetsova is, a bodybuilder, and you will feel even more helpless. To be honest, there’s really a reason to pay attention to this athlete. To confuse Natasha with other representatives of the weaker russian female bodybuilder sex is impossible, but with the Hulk you can.

Biography of Natalia Trukhina

Natalia Kuznetsova (Trukhina) was born in the glorious Russian city of Chita on July 1, 1991.

Interesting! The girl prefers that her name be written with the letter “AND”, that is Natalia. Kuznetsova, her husband’s surname.

Trukhina-powerlifter is a professional who performs on the platform in the category “without doping control”, the Record holder in Bench Press lying down and the master of sports of international class in arm-lifting.

natalia trukhina

As a child, the girl did not stand out among her classmates, weighed only 40 kilos and could not even think about the career of an athlete. At age 14, my father took her to the gym to coach Ivanov Alexei Robertsovich.

In parallel with training Natalia was engaged in the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture, which she successfully graduated in 2013. In addition to training, the girl loves to spend time with her husband, a master of sports in freestyle wrestling Vladislav Kuznetsov.

And on October 23, 2016 the debut of an athlete russian girl bodybuilder in the theater took place, she played on the same stage with Yusif Eyvazov and Anna Netrebko in the Bolshoi Theater “Mamon Lesko” play, where she played the episodic role of one of the public women.

Sports performance of Natalia Trukhina

The champion of powerlifting has anatomical indicators, which most modern male athletes can envy:

  • weight – 90-93 kg;
  • height – 170 cm;
  • the volume of the biceps is 48 cm;
  • waist circumference – 76 cm;
  • circumference of the thigh – 72 cm.

Record indicators in sports are as follows:

  • sit-ups with the bar-180 (IPF) at 18 years;
  • bench press-155 kg (in 2014);
  • deadlift 215 kilos.

russian girl bodybuilder

Victories and titles of Natalia Trukhina

Bodybuilding is a cruel sport, to achieve victories in which it is quite difficult. Natalia for her so little career has managed to excel in many factors:

  • 2-fold absolute champion in bodybuilding of the Trans-Baikal Territory (the first victory in which she won in 16 years);
  • champion in powerlifting and arm-lifting in Vologda on the Cup of Eurasia, record holder (in 2014);
  • world champion in arliftift in the Crimea in 2014, where she became a world record holder;
  • In the same year he became world champion in bench press of the NAP, setting a world record;
  • in 2014 sports Russia submitted to Natasha in the cup by the armlifting to them. Poddubny;
  • champion of Europe and Eurasia in bench press lying, armlifting and deadlift.
  • in 2015 the world record in a cup of the Eastern Europe on deadlift, thrust of an axel and rolling was established.

Important! The athlete has set 3 world records in bench press exercises, in total is a happy owner of 12 national and European records.

Because of the frenzied popularity of the athlete supports the brand of sports nutrition RPS, is a member of the team VERTEX. The athlete was spotted in advertising clothes Bona Fide and growth hormone and Genopharm.

natalia kuznetsova

Steroids in the life of Natalia Trukhina

Natasha does not hide that she uses anabolic steroids for a long time. In preparation for the competition, she applies a dosage of 150-200 mg primobolana or as much propionate.

The athlete talks about the use of nandrolone phenylpropionate and boldenone. Natalia says that she takes the pill only on training days: oxandrolone – 2 tablets (20 mg) per day. The use of GH, peptides, insulin is denied.

Training of Natalia Trukhina

The athlete prefers mainly volumetric, multi-repetitive strength training. In this case, each muscle group is studied once a week. To work out the back of the girl takes two training a week, once for the thickness, the other for the width.

Training back of the world record holder looks like this:

  • Hammer’s pull to the chest with a narrow grip 5 to 12-15 times;
  • pull Hammer to the chest with a wide grip 4 to 12-15 times;
  • thrust at the belt in the Smith simulator: 80 kilo x 15, 100 kilo x 12, 110 kilo x 12 reps;
  • Pullover 3 x 12-14 reps;
  • thrust of the lower block to the belt 3 x 12-15 repetitions.

After the end, the champion does a couple of exercises to “finish off” the biceps.

  • bending arms with a bar standing 3 x 12-15 times;
  • bending hands with dumbbells on an inclined bench (sitting) 3 x 12-15 times.

A few remarks from Natasha

  • Natasha says that she does not do any special warm-up, but conserves the energy that she needs for intensive training. The warm-up occurs during the exercise, since it starts with light weights and gradually rises.
  • The emphasis is on technique and the amplitude of execution, not on weight.
  • The girl prefers “converging” and “divergent” simulators like Hammer, which with their trajectories load the latissimus muscles of the back.
  • Natalia says that rarely in her trainings there are exercises from the three powerlifters, preferring dumbbells and inclined benches.
  • The cardio takes 30 minutes, and the total training takes an hour and a half.
  • To drive weight in small weight categories is a silly undertaking, russian girl bodybuilder because with a weight of 50 kg, driving 2.5 kg is already 5% of the body weight.
  • Keto diet is ideal for athletes-straight. Fat melts in front of the eyes, and in men the testosterone level rises.
  • To help the leaning powerlifter before the competition there is a sauna, lemons and enemas.

russian female bodybuilder

Nutrition of Natalia Trukhina

Here are just some of the interesting sportsmen’s menu:

  • The first meal of the day is omelet from 6 eggs with one yolk, and the frequency of meals is 6 times a day.
  • Chicken breasts are bought with 10 kg boxes.
  • There are a lot of cottage cheese, fish, greens, vegetables in the diet.
  • Carbohydrates are obtained from rice, macaroni, bread and buckwheat.
  • Sports nutrition is represented by protein, omega fats, BCAA, glutamine, arginine, creatine , sometimes pretreated.

Changes in the figure of Natalia

It’s no secret that it is impossible to achieve incredible muscle mass russian female bodybuilder for a woman without using additional stimulants, additives and special drugs. Looking at the photo, where Natalia Kuznetsova is depicted before and after taking steroids, many users of the network of instagram and Vkontakte are amazed by the changes that have taken place with her.

  • Hands are the most weighty part of a woman’s body. Huge banks, on which the sprawling “varicose” is clearly visible – is not a spectacle for the faint-hearted. Even winter clothes can not hide muscle hypertrophy.
  • The shoulders grew so much that it’s hard to see a woman in Natasha.
  • Breast was operated in 2011-2013. During the operation, the girl was implanted with implants that increase the size of the breast. And all from the fact that during muscle training, the pectoral muscles of women in bodybuilding grow, but their growth does not go to the size of the gland, but to the volume of the chest. Now, on 100% of the male body, the third size breast suddenly grew.
  • The hips are so prominent that there is a strong dissonance between them and the waist. Fleshy legs the girl always flaunts, wearing short dresses or mini shorts.
  • Kuznetsova’s hair is not very thick. It is rumored that hair loss is also a consequence of the use of steroids.
  • Because of the use of anabolics in personal communication or on video, there is a sharp decrease in the tone of the voice, but Natalia tries to add femininity to the pumped body, for this she even injected hyaluronic acid on the lips, puts on a mini and decollete, and creates a bright make-up.

Now Natalia has returned to powerlifting after a half-year break, her body combines masculinity and femininity at the same time. To date, Natalia is considered the most powerful woman on the planet.

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Natalia Trukhina: body strength


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