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12 quick & easy ways to make money online

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12 highly effective ways to make money online

The internet has fundamentally changed how we make money. If you can imagine a way to make money, you can probably do it online. In this video, you'll discover 12 simple ways to make money online.

Side hustle ideas

None of these methods are get-rich- quick schemes. Don’t fall for get-rich-quick online schemes. They almost never pan out.

How to make money online for beginners

If you can imagine it, you can make money doing it. All that’s required is some hustle.

Side hustle jobs

12 ways to make money online - Side hustle ideas


2. Find Your Side Hustle

3. But it’s not quite that simple, right?

4. The internet has fundamentally changed how we make money.

5. If you can imagine a way to make money, you can probably do it online.

6. In this workshop, you'll discover 12 simple ways to make money online.

7. None of these methods are get-rich- quick schemes.

8. Don’t fall for get-rich-quick online schemes. They almost never pan out.

9. METHOD #1: Affiliate Marketing

10. Essentially, affiliate marketing works like this:
  • • You promote an online product or service created by someone else.
  • • When someone purchases a product or service through your promotion, you get a commission, or portion of the sale.

11. Typically, you promote the online product through a special link that is connected to you.

12. Amazon Affiliates is a very simple example of affiliate marketing.

13. There are numerous other affiliate networks, such as:
  • • ClickBank
  • • ShareASale
  • • CJ

14. There are numerous ways to promote the products. You’re only limited by your imagination.

15. You can…
  • • Write reviews of products on your blog and include affiliate links
  • • Have banner ads on your website promoting the products
  • • Post affiliate links on social media
  • • Promote products to your email list
16. If you have any sort of audience, you have the opportunity to make money through affiliate marketing.

17. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online because you don’t have to create any products.

18. Affiliate marketers can make thousands of dollars every month.

19. METHOD #2: Sell Products Online

20. Before you can sell products online, you’ll need a website on which to sell them.

21. If you don’t want to set up your own ecommerce store, you can easily sell products on:
  • • eBay
  • • Amazon
  • • Etsy
  • • Poshmark
  • • Craiglist
  • • And many others

22. If you want to sell products on your own website, you’ll need to create one where you can list your products and accept payments.

23. What sorts of products should you sell online?

24. First, you can sell home-made products you make yourself on sites like Etsy.

25. You can also sell products you’ve already purchased on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Poshmark.

26. You also have the option of dropshipping products.

27. With dropshipping, you act as a middleman, connecting the buyer and the seller and then taking a portion of the sale.

28. If you’re really committed to selling products online, you can have a product manufactured.

29. Out of all these options, selling products on sites like eBay and Etsy is probably the simplest way to get started making money online.

30. METHOD #3: Sell Your Services on a Freelance Basis

31. Are you a…
  • • Designer
  • • Writer
  • • Translator
  • • Assistant
  • • Bookkeeper
  • • SEO Expert
  • • Voiceover Artist
  • • Audio Engineer

32. If so, then you can sell your services online.

33. Depending on your skill set and your ability to pitch new clients, you can make a full-time living as a freelancer.

34. To get started as a freelancer...

35. Create a portfolio that shows off your work.

36. Set your prices.

37. Reach out to potential clients.

38. Ways to reach out to potential clients
  • • Call them.
  • • Email them.
  • • Reach out to them on social platforms like LinkedIn.
  • • Apply for jobs on sites like Upwork and Thumbtack.
  • • List your services on platforms like Fiverr.

39. Getting a freelance career started isn’t necessarily the easiest way to make money, but it can be lucrative.

40. The key to succeeding in the freelance world is persistence.

41. METHOD #4: Become an Online Coach

42. What sort of coach could you become?

43. You could be a…
  • • Health coach
  • • Life coach
  • • Music/vocal coach
  • • Finances coach
  • • Executive coach
  • • Sales coach

44. In order to be a coach, you simply need to be able to add a high amount of value to your clients.

45. There are also many ways to package coaching services:
  • • 1-on-1 coaching
  • • Group coaching
  • • A course with accompanying coaching support

46. You might be thinking, "But I’m not an expert in anything. How could I be a coach?"

47. You simply have to be able to add significant value to your clients.

48. You’ve still acquired expertise through your experience.

49. These platforms that make it easy to do coaching:
  • •
  • •
  • •

​50. METHOD #5: Create Online Courses

51. You can create a course around almost any subject and find people to purchase it.

52. Subject ideas...
  • • Losing weight
  • • Learning to play the piano
  • • Painting
  • • Singing
  • • Creating a budget
  • • Investing in stocks
  • • Running
  • • Tennis

53. In order to create a course, you need a platform to distribute it.

54. Course Building Platforms
  • • Teachable
  • • Thinkific
  • • Kajabi
  • • TalentLMS

55. One way to get a great feel for what a course should look like is to take a few courses yourself.

56. METHOD #6: Create YouTube Videos

57. How do you make money through YouTube videos?

​58. YouTube is a numbers game.

59. When creating YouTube videos, your content will probably fall into one of two categories...

60. Educational: These videos educate viewers in some way.

61. Entertainment: These videos are intended to bring a smile to the face of your viewers.

62. Once you start producing YouTube videos, you'll also want to consistently grow your channel.

63. Effective ways to grow your channel
  • • Share your videos on social media.
  • • Post your videos to your website.
  • • Send your videos to your email list.
  • • Ask people to subscribe to your channel.

64. Growing a YouTube channel takes time and consistency.

​65. METHOD #7: Write and Sell a Book

66. Benefits of writing a book
  • • It establishes you as a thought leader in your industry.
  • • It provides you with a resource to give clients.
  • • It allows you to attract new clients who wouldn’t have heard of you otherwise.

67. If the thought of writing an entire book intimidates you, there are numerous ways to still get a book written...

68. Use done-for-you content.

69. Hire a ghostwriter.

70. Lastly, get a cover design and have the book printed.

71. Promote Your Book...
  • • Post about it on your website.
  • • Send an announcement to your email list.
  • • Create shareable graphics with quotes from the book (using Canva).
  • • Share insights from the book on social media.
  • • Create a video promoting the book and share it on YouTube and other platforms.

72. Can you make good money selling books you wrote? Sure you can!

73. METHOD #8: Start a Blog

74. How can you make money with a blog? Here are some of the most effective ways...

75. Affiliate marketing

76. Promote your services.

77. Advertisements

​78. Sponsored posts

79. Monetizing a blog requires an audience.

80. Consistency is the key.

81. METHOD #9: Become a Virtual Assistant

82. The virtual assistant market is heating up.

83. What sorts of tasks might you perform as an assistant?

84. Virtual assistant tasks
  • • Responding to emails on behalf of your employer
  • • Purchasing items online
  • • Performing personal tasks
  • • Making phone calls
  • • Inputting, sorting, and arranging data
  • • Managing a social media profile
  • • Responding to inquiries

85. Where should you look for virtual assistant gigs?

86. Places to find jobs
  • • Upwork
  • • Fiverr
  • •
  • • Indeed
  • • LinkedIn

87. Being a virtual assistant isn’t for everyone.

88. METHOD #10: Tutor People in English

89. There are numerous countries in which people are willing to pay for an English tutor, sometimes as much as $25/hour.

90. How can you know if teaching English would be a good fit for you?

91. Qualifications for tutoring
  • • Have a solid grasp of English grammar
  • • Understand the nuances of speaking English
  • • Have a bachelor’s degree (typically required)
  • • Can communicate clearly

92. Qualifications for tutoring
  • • Have the ability to teach
  • • Enjoy talking with others
  • • Patience (this is critical)
  • • Comfortable using technology like Skype

93. Places to find online English tutoring jobs:
  • • Indeed
  • • Learn4Good
  • •
  • • VerbalPlanet
  • • Chegg Tutors
  • • Teach Away
  • • VPKid

94. Tutoring people in English exposes you to a variety of cultures and places you would never experience otherwise.

95. METHOD #11: Sell Stock Photos

96. Stock photo sites, such as iStock and Shutterstock, allow you to submit your photos to their site.

97. Making money on stock photo sites is a numbers game.

98. Your photos need to be compelling, interesting, outstanding, and high quality.

99. METHOD #12: Do Odd Jobs on TaskRabbit

100. The beauty of TaskRabbit is the sheer number of jobs available through the site.

101. Some people earn $2,000 per week through TaskRabbit.

102. TaskRabbit is a particularly good option if you are skilled in a variety of things and want to put all those skills to work.

103. If you want flexibility plus the ability to make good money, you might want to look at TaskRabbit.

104. The Money is Out There

105. If you want freedom and flexibility, you can have it.

106. Want to travel the world while still making money? You can do that.

107. Want to make a little income on the side while you stay at home with your children? You can do that too.

108. Want to build a full-time career as a freelance writer or blogger? That’s also an option.

109. The ways you can make money online are almost endless.

110. We talked about:
  • • Affiliate marketing
  • • Selling products online
  • • Selling your services as a freelancer
  • • Becoming an online coach
  • • Creating online courses
  • • Creating YouTube videos

111. We also talked about:
  • • Writing and selling a book
  • • Starting a blog
  • • Becoming a virtual assistant
  • • Tutoring people in English
  • • Selling stock photos
  • • Doing odd jobs on TaskRabbit

112. If you can imagine it, you can make money doing it.

113. All that’s required is some hustle. For more details visit reach out directly to

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12 quick & easy ways to make money online


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