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4 Wildlife Conservation Acts that Really Work by Sasha Jacob

The fact that our Wildlife is in danger and is on the verge of extinction is pretty apparent. While we feel undeniably scared of this reality, the situation also seems too big for us to resolve. But if we work collectively, even a small act can make a great difference.

You don’t need to look far because saving the wildlife can begin at home. Sasha Jacob Capital Management Inc., a former Vice Chairman of WWF-Canada says you can still do your part without having an actual, physical contact with the wildlife. There are simple yet effective tips you and your family can do to save our animals from extinction.

Sasha Jacob gives effective acts that contribute to wildlife conservation:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This tip is all too common when it comes to this topic but it doesn’t make it trivial. Always segregate your wastes no matter how little they seem and dispose of them properly. Invest in recycling bins and opt for biodegradable materials. Plastic takes a very long time to decompose, roughly 10 to 1000 years, so it’s better to reuse them instead of throwing them away.

4 Wildlife Conservation Acts that Really Work by Sasha Jacob c

Even the smallest bits of plastic, as tiny as a speck of glitter, can do more harm to the environment that good. Soda rings and plastic bags can be a choking hazard to smaller animals. Stray trash can end up in the sewer and eventually makes its way into the sea. Animale like turtles, whales, and dolphins might mistake it for a food and consume it.

2. Find an Alternative Means for Traveling

Today, the fastest means of travel is by air. It might feel like a convenient option but it’s has a great impact on the environment. In other words, the more you travel via airplane, the bigger your carbon footprint becomes.

To avoid this from happening, you need to take fewer air travels. You can do so by looking for alternative means. In your everyday life, opt for public transportations instead of using your own car. And if you can, you should consider walking especially if your destination is just a few blocks away. Aside from gaining new experiences, it also helps you to stay fit and healthy.

3. Switch Up Your Diet

Yes, you can contribute less to global warming by keeping an eye on your dietary choices. As bizarre as it might seem, but it’s a proven point. This is because at least 9% of the world’s contribution to climate change is coming from the agriculture industry.

Cows and sheep produce large quantities of methane gas. This type of gas, according to Sasha Jacob Capital Management Inc., absorbs the sun’s heat once it’s released from the atmosphere. Hence, it contributes to global warming. Animal agriculture as a whole creates a domino of problems to other aspects of the environment. It creates competition for habitat as well as the waste problem.

One way to help with this is by becoming a vegetarian. This means giving up meat products coming from cows, chicken, ducks, fishes, etc. But don’t give up on protein for good as your body still needs it. Instead, opt for plant-based protein sources.

4 Wildlife Conservation Acts that Really Work by Sasha Jacob

4. Be a Part of a Community

Joining a wildlife organization isn’t the only way to contribute to the efforts. You can also make a big difference by simply volunteering to your community and joining a community-based organization that shares the same vision as you. You can have a deeper understanding of the problem at hand when you sign up for an organization.

Wildlife conservation doesn’t take up much of your time and resources. As mentioned earlier, it all starts at home. By teaching your kids about the wildlife and why it’s important to protect it, you’re already raising awareness which could spread from them to the people they interact with in the future.

Sasha Jacob says it’s important to remember that what we do today affects the future stewards of our planet. So by teaching the younger generation these simple yet powerful acts, we can prevent worse things from happening.

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4 Wildlife Conservation Acts that Really Work by Sasha Jacob


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