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Preventing Weight Gain Through Replacement Of Hormones Plano TX Doctors Offer

By Ann Burns

There are many unfavorable things that Menopause brings. Something that a lot of women fear the most is weight gain. Aside from ruining one's figure, the appearance of unwanted pounds can also put the health in danger. Luckily, it's very much possible to keep gaining of weight from happening, and one available solution is through replacement of hormones Plano TX doctors offer.

There are different reasons why being in the menopausal stage can lead to the gaining of weight, and a steep drop in the metabolic rate is one of those. Having a sluggish metabolism can make slimming down really difficult for a woman whether or not she's in her menopause. Health experts agree that it can be expected for a woman's metabolic rate to run at a much slower pace as the years pass by.

Since menopause normally chooses to strike middle-aged women, it tends to coincide with the natural deceleration of the metabolic rate. That is why during menopause it's not unlikely for unwanted pounds to come into being. The effects of having a slow-moving metabolism become even more apparent if a menopausal woman's diet and lifestyle are both unhealthy.

An imbalance in the hormones that happens during menopause only makes things uglier. Your metabolism tends to slow down even more as a result of estrogen and testosterone decline. The problem with a drop in the said hormones is it encourages fat to accumulate in your midsection. In fact, you may end up as what's known as skinny fat due to having thin limbs and a flabby belly. The presence of fat around your waist is more than just a cosmetic issue. Doctors say that such can in fact increase your risk of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Another reason why hormonal imbalance can lead to unnecessary gaining of pounds is the fact that it can cause a decrease in muscle mass. So in other words, a woman can lose muscles that provide not only definition but also strength. Fitness experts confirm that muscles burn a lot of calories, and that's why losing a lot of them can cause unused calories to be converted by the body into fat.

There is a reason for weight gain during menopause that has absolutely nothing to do with a woman's metabolic rate, and that's depression. It's no secret that someone who is feeling down tends to look for comfort in foods that are loaded with unhealthy fat and refined sugar. Staying away from foods that can cause excess pounds to appear can be quite difficult during a bout of depression.

It can take a lot of hard work for a woman during menopause to keep excess pounds from creeping in. Needless to say, she has to carefully monitor what she puts in her mouth during mealtimes. Of course it's also important for her to lead an active lifestyle and get her regular dose of exercise, too.

In order to fend off weight gain, specialists highly recommend having lost hormones replaced. Reinstating normal levels of hormones within can help prevent unwanted pounds from emerging. The said treatment is also highly effective against so many other unfavorable symptoms that menopause brings.

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Preventing Weight Gain Through Replacement Of Hormones Plano TX Doctors Offer


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