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UHNW & HNW Women: Succeed As You Find The Reason

UHNW & HNW RISE coaching for Women

UHNW and HNW Women
Succeed. Just because you are you

Living in affluence does not mean following or obeying the mainstream tribe of affluence. It means embracing YOUR difference & dealing with the calling of abundance from day to day.

Join today’s conversation on why you as a High Net Worth (HNW), Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) or Affluent Professional Woman should look carefully at your situation and take the most appropriate risks that you feel you would be able to handle. Time is of the essence for you. You want to achieve as much as possible as the years fly by. You are getting older and you feel there is still so much that you want to do before your time is up.

Mingled into this need of yours to make a 6+figure income are the expectations of others. The others who are YOUR life partner (husband, fiance, boyfriend, gentleman friend, wife, girlfriend, lover, lady friend). The others who are YOUR family (near and distant, bloodline and step family). You know who the others are.

You are an UHNW, HNW or affluent professional woman and you have experienced a myriad of life trials and tribulations. You have been through levels of hate, stress, anger, self loathing, emotional upheaval, tears and tantrums. You have also danced along your life journey in the giddiness of joy, happiness, affection, glee, love, elation and adoration.

So, you are what you are and that is an affluent woman. You are shy or an introvert. Perhaps with low level autism. You live in an affluent home. You live an affluent lifestyle. You have weight fluctuations. You have dietary impulses. You have Relationship quandaries. Yet presently you are dealing with a situation that is causing you some concern as an affluent investor to your life relationships. You are thinking about your worth in your relationship AND the actual worth of the relationship. The trepidation was put to bed by your partner answering your concern as to what your role contributed within the relationship. You are recalculating the reasons of your relationships. Professional. Social. Personal. So today this is where you find yourself. Recalculating a possible life change. Considering a release from something that is not sitting well within your life.

Recently I spoke with a colleague who is a financial investor. During the conversation I realised that some of what was said applied to your personal life and relationships.

As an investor to your life relationships that means that you invest time, effort, love, emotion, money and/or physicality to your here and now situations. Perhaps you are the person who holds all the finances. Perhaps you are the person who is being taken care of and has no financial income. Perhaps you are the person who has a small income from your partner.

So here is what I gained from the conversation for you today.


Your life is a business and this business commenced from the day that you were born at the expense of the people looking after you and looking out for you.

RISK. TIME. EFFORT. REWARDS. (Rewards can be love, feelings, money, bartering, advancements, advantages. Something that favours you.)

RISK = REWARD. From the moment that you were born you were in this state of being.


WHERE are you right now? At this instant? Look around you. WHAT do you see? WHAT do you feel? WHY are you there? HOW did you get there? What is the history, or back story, of your journey to where you are now?

Find the reason to be where you are. Even if you are in a worst case scenario, it is important to find the reason to be where you are, before you leave. Be strategic. Plan your escape; if you have to escape. When you decide to leave you need to be smarter than you have been.

This is important. You need growth and value to your life, so please stop chasing the shadow of a former you, of a former life, of a former relationship, of a former time, of a former reward.

Position yourself with cash for fundamentals and accomplishments that have to be performed.

Be selective with whom you choose to listen to, as you can become confused with all the rhetoric.

Also let your life engage with a posture attitude or position that can be ready defensively and have a preparation for unpleasant or disgusting attitudes or positions of attack from people known to you. Where it is important that you get an idea or strategy to gain stimulus in your corner.

Look at your life / relationship all time highs and all time lows. Where does your current situation position itself between the two? Is it only looking at opportunities? Is there volatility with a view to positive growth or outcome?

Understand that there is growth with decent evaluation of yourself in the relationship, or from the relationship, if you know how to use the content of your evaluation.


Where life dividends refers to:

1a. A share of a bonus; or a surplus, to your life, your lifestyle, your relationship.

1b. An unexpected life, lifestyle or relationship gain, benefit or advantage.

Take account of yourself. Look at your lifestyle. Look at your relationships. Are they delivering dividends to you? Are they bringing you growth?

Take advantage; where you can, in a relationship that can give you security.

Look at the trends of your life. Be analytical. Is there a pattern emerging? Is there a cyclical behaviour?

Trim down aspects that are not contributing or committed to your life balance. Be cautious.

Look at the results of your life. Use them for your next stage momentum and decision-making.

So there you have it. An abridged investment aspect applied to your personal life and relationships. Professional. Social. Personal.

Now over to you.

If you are feeling ‘so-so’, or, not coping well over the current season as you try to manage things through self isolation or a lock-down situation, in addition to having risen to the status of being a HNW, UHNW or affluent professional woman; including you dealing with being different as your place in society changes, drop me an email. At this time of the year how are you feeling about the relationship with your own Self? The most important relationship in your life. How is that going?

UHNW & HNW RISE coaching for Women

“Ladies if it is getting hard for you, contact me. Come and contact me. I am here for you.” Now that you are here with me ask. Simply ask. Jay at RISE for women coaching. Enable your upper hand to work for you when you press the button.

UHNW & HNW RISE coaching for WomenUHNW & HNW RISE coaching for WomenUHNW & HNW RISE coaching for Women

UHNW & HNW RISE coaching for Women

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UHNW & HNW Women: Succeed As You Find The Reason


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