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UHNW & HNW Women: Succeeding. From the wrong side of the tracks

UHNW and HNW Women Face Everything And RISE Coaching

UHNW & HNW Women
Succeeding. From the wrong side of the tracks + shaping their affluence

Join today’s conversation on why you as an Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW), High Net Worth (HNW) or Affluent professional woman should look carefully at your situation and take the most appropriate risks that you feel you would be able to handle. Time is of the essence for you. You want to achieve as much as possible as the years fly by. You are getting older and you feel there is still so much that you want to do before you kick the bucket.

Mingled into this are the expectations of others. The others who are YOUR life partner (husband, fiance, boyfriend, gentleman friend, wife, girlfriend, lover, lady friend). The others who are YOUR family (near and distant, bloodline and step family). The others who are YOUR ‘friends’. The others who are YOUR colleagues. The others who are stakeholders in YOUR life.

You are an UHNW, HNW or affluent professional woman and you have experienced a myriad of life trials and tribulations. You have been through levels of hate, stress, anger, self loathing, emotional upheaval, tears and tantrums. You have also danced along your life journey in the giddiness of joy, happiness, affection, glee, love, elation and adoration.

So, you are what you are and that is an affluent woman. You are shy or an introvert. Perhaps with low level autism. You live in an affluent home. You live an affluent lifestyle. You have weight fluctuations. You have dietary impulses. You have relationship quandaries. Yet right now; today, you are going through aspects of your childhood and young adult life memories. Memories where you overheard from adults in your home community that you were from the wrong side of the tracks. Rumours and ill words about your mother, your father, your family. Your illegitimate birth. The illiteracy of your parentage. Then add to that the explosive mix of being of the wrong ethnicity, religion, nationality and gender and there you have a back history of being from the wrong type of people to associate with.

How are you managing that vulnerable element of yourself from people who are fast to judge you as being the ‘wrong sort’ to acquire influence or to have affluence?

(Q) What does an affluent lady from Russia, Benin, Hong Kong, Australia, Chile, Greece and USA have in common? (The list of countries could be longer, but I have shortened it for the purpose of this question)

(A) Starting off in life as being from the wrong side of the tracks. Yet killing it in social circles and drowning out the bullshit from naysayers and haters who want all the pieces of the action.

When does greed equal being a person who just takes, takes, takes?”

Some aspects of being affluent are at odds with women who are brought up with certain belief systems on the subject of money and people who have a lot of money. For example, “People who are rich are crooks!” “Never trust a rich person!” “Rich people are sly and double crossers.” “Rich people just take, take, take.”

Do people around you describe you as "GREEDY!"

Women (and men) enter the world of affluence (and influence) through various vehicles of life. Whether you come from the wrong side of the tracks, or an idealised version of the correct path of affluence; meaning someone else’s version of societal propriety and suitability, there are always elements of your upbringing that will continue to haunt you throughout your life. That you may always have to defend. That will always cause you some sort of mental anguish as you sit perched upon your pedestal overseeing the reaches of your affluent lifestyle.

Some of the anguish that new money makers, as you, experience is the intrusion into a private life. It must be said here that even ‘old money’ intently dislikes having their privacy publicised, but that is probably because history holds so many family skeletons and rumours that would not sit well with today’s stance on decency and moral correctness, yet these old families find a way to spin the yarn on their public face from a barbarous, primitive and dubious past.

So getting back to you, the affluent (and possibly influential) woman that you are with experiences of personal intrusion. How are you managing where there is the need for others to know about your upbringing, whom your parents were, at what level of society did they come from and how are you living this affluent life that has suddenly landed at your feet coming from such a poverty stricken background? Having such information blazoned across public forums can cause a level of paranoia. It can cause changes in your behaviour. It can cause more unwanted duties and responsibilities. It can cause unwanted attention in professional, social and private areas of your life.

Cash is KING!

You may have been brought up in relatively poor or poverty stricken circumstances, but the one thing that you knew about was Cash. Money. The power of ‘Cash is King’. You understood the necessity of cash and how it held the upper hand in negotiations. You remember the people who had the cash. The givers and the takers. The counting out of the notes and coins. The balancing of currency on a kitchen table to pay the bills, to pay lenders and to pay for food. Anything else was a bonus. You remember your mother stashing cash away from the handout that she received from your father or from the state. You remember cash under the mattress. You remember cash in a special shoe box. You remember cash in a jar behind a heating system. You remember cash in an envelope tucked inside a suitcase that was filled with clothes. You remember cash and the secret places where they were stashed from prying eyes.

As a child you wanted to be the one owning the cash. You wanted to be the one with the power. You wanted to be closely aligned with cash, because cash is and always will be KING as far as you are concerned. If things went tits up in business, or stocks and shares, or through a divorce / partner leaving you high and dry, you would revert to the teachings of your childhood in looking after number one. You would go to your secret horde of cash that you kept in a special place for just such a situation. You would be safe and you would be able to rebuild your life, because you are someone who has survived a childhood that was not built on silver spoons and rose tinted glasses.

What does that mean...”being from the wrong side of the tracks!”

Let us look at the question of your parentage. This is a bone of contention for most people who find out that they are adopted. Or, that the blood type that you hold is not linked to that of the man whom you thought was your father.

Then there is the question of the educational proficiency of your parents. Or perhaps you were brought up by a single parent. It can be embarrassing for a child to come to terms with the illiteracy of both parents or a single parent. As a child you had grown to see the neediness of the parent and the crutch that you became for both illiterate parents or a single parent. Having to read and write for them regarding official papers or general correspondences. As a child it is not only an added chore, but also an added burden. You observe the dependency of both parents, or the single parent, to keep up appearances in the community. It is this upbringing that has the propensity to taint, make or break the psyche of you. YOU who is now affluent and as far removed from the life of your parents or single parent. It is through the observation and experiences of this family unit of yours that you began to sow the seeds of never wanting to be poor and have people talk about you as they talked about your parents, or single parent. That you wanted to get away from that environment as soon as you possibly could.

Then there are those affluent individuals who had the same father but different mother. Situations regarding your unmarried parents made you feel inferior to other children and the happy, united, marital homes that they came from. You felt like a fish out of water. You were ashamed of your parents. You were angry with them. There were frequently arguments, tantrums, issues. There was domestic abuse. There was psychological abuse. There was emotional abuse. There were beatings. You had to cope with all of this plus the other siblings of other relationships that your father had. Other relationships that your mother had. This is NOT what you wanted for yourself. You wanted to leave as soon as you could and the best way to do that was through education and looking to other peers that you had far more greater respect for. That was YOUR key to finding your own life journey and not be tainted by the toxic atmosphere of lies and mistrust that you experienced as a young person. This was YOUR ticket to escaping the shackles and bondage of a psychologically toxic vortex, where you were told that you would never amount to much being an illegitimate child and coming from such parentage. This was YOUR doorway into succeeding in life away from the authoritarian, dictatorial commands of your father/mother who had other ideas of how you should live and what you should be doing with your life. Indeed what you should be doing for them as you were such an ungrateful child!

You had been pushed and pulled throughout your childhood and your need to rise above it all and get as far removed as possible was; and still is, a growing mantra of yours. You had an idea of how YOU wanted to live. You were going to reach there by whatever means was available to you through your education and street sense.

When your street sense shows up and allows you to slay it.

When having street sense or being street wise saves you

Although your childhood was not 'perfect' it taught you life lessons that many adults have never experienced. It grounded you and gave you a sharp lesson in life. Your integration with people took a pounding in a few situations. You had to relearn about relationships. You had to learn about love, or at the very most liking someone wholeheartedly who would be there for you and be supportive of you. Life dealt you crash courses in intimacy and relationships. Sometimes you were your own worst enemy.

Now look where you are. YOU made it! You are your own boss with your own enterprise. Or. You are a leading professional within a prominent organisation making exceedingly good money. Or. You are in a safe relationship that holds kindness, respect and security for you. Or something else that has at its heart what it is that you want in life and affords you to live in opulence, luxury, wealth, freedom. It was a long hard road with struggles but you made it.

Regardless of your illegitimate birth or illiterate parental upbringing you made it. You handled yourself as well as you could on the journey to affluence. You are at the stage where you know what type of people you want around you. You can smell bullshit a mile off. You can suss out whom the groupies are that only want to use you for your wealth and connections. The freeloaders. The hangers on. You have dealt and are dealing with the haters. You are aware of the kiss-and-tell brigade. You are aware of the so called ‘Christians’ (other religions are also included in this) who behave like heathens. You know who they are in your life, as they circle you professionally, socially and privately.

You and I both know.

So, with all that has happened to you as a child and what you have had to bear down from being on the wrong side of the tracks how are you rising from the naysayers and the haters who want to pigeon hole you and what you have achieved? How are you coping with the gossip mongers from your past? How are you coping with the bullies of your past? How are you manifesting your preferred relationships?

What about the relationship with your own Self? The most important relationship in your life. How is that going?

“Ladies if it is getting hard for you, contact me. Come and contact me. I am here for you.” Jay at RISE for women coaching. Enable your upper hand to provide for you when you click on the succeed button in your life.

UHNW & HNW RISE coaching for WomenUHNW & HNW RISE coaching for WomenUHNW & HNW RISE coaching for Women

UHNW & HNW RISE coaching for Women

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UHNW & HNW Women: Succeeding. From the wrong side of the tracks


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