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So What Is Wrong With Having Autism And/or Ocd + Being A Billionaire? Blog
Know the song ‘VOGUE’ by Madonna? Madonna sings: “Ladies with an attitude...” you know the rest as music history. When people think of successful business owners they automatically think of able-bodied/beautiful/charming/eloquent others. Rarely do they imagine successful business owners as having a speech impediment, mental issues, handicapped, ‘ugly’, having bad body odour or wearing charity/second-hand clothing. Hugely successful people have a different mindset to ‘ordinary people’. This mindset is cultivated along the journey to being successful. It is organic. It requires love+nurturing+understanding. The mindset takes a path that educates/enlightens the individual. The result is what matters. Not the blah, blah, blah surrounding the result. The blah, blah, blah is a distraction. A distraction coming from self doubt, or, from other people who have ego issues and do not want you to succeed at whatever you choose to do. The path is particular to a set goal/vision that must be achieved. A benchmark from which to develop personally+professionally. It is this type of individual who has raised their income to becoming a millionaire+ through their sheer hard work and effort, testing the boundaries of possibilities, analysing data, configuring the next steps to take, that have a type of autism in their DNA. A type of OCD in their life. The autism and the OCD makes itself visible to others. It manifests itself through various guises/degrees. There is no escape from it. The visibility is open to all who stand on the sidelines of life observing and criticising individuals who are different to them. There is fear in the strangeness of being around someone who has autism and/or OCD. There is ignorance. There is belittling. Some people are cruel and say cruel things, mocking the affliction in most hurtful ways. Do they have an impact upon the well-being and prosperity of the gifted business entrepreneurs who have autism and/or OCD? Being defined as autistic and/or having OCD, even though you are successful in business and have accrued an income of a millionaire+ makes unscrupulous and devious people think that they can take advantage of your situation. Autism+OCD does not equate to being stupid. “Definitions belong to the definer, not the defined.” Toni Morrison, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, Nobel Prize winner The minds of those who have autism and/or OCD operates at a higher frequency. Their character has formed into a particular attitude over the years and it is this attitude, along with other traits, that has enabled them to move forward and ahead in life, to become a successful business owner amassing fortunes. Great fortunes. This is why they have been able to generate the income wealth that they have, with the support of caring/protecting people. A successful autistic business owner with millions+, requires people around them to understand and acknowledge their particular characteristics. Emotions form a strong bond. When a millionaire+ with autism forms a bond to you the feeling is magnetic. It can be overwhelming. It can be all consuming. It can be testing. It can be at extremes. Nevertheless, what such an individual accomplishes is great. It pushes the boundaries of what ‘others’ say that they cannot do/achieve in life. So when you come across a person who has an autistic/OCD trait, bear in mind that they could be on a journey to becoming a millionaire+. Or perhaps s/he is already a millionaire+, but that they look/behave ‘too odd’ to ever be considered as highly successful business entrepreneurs. So now, HOW would you remove your ego/fear before engaging with a millionaire+ who has autism and/or OCD? Knowing the millionaire+ will not change for you/your comfort zone. “Finally and most importantly of all, authenticity means that you must do what you do the way you do it and allow everyone else the same courtesy.” Iyanla Vanzant

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So what is wrong with having autism and/or OCD + being a BILLIONAIRE?


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