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The top modular construction blog on the web. Learn the benefits, as well as, the in's and out's of all things modular construction!
2020-12-18 18:14
Panel Built’s prefabricated buildings are generally used as self-contained, free-standing structures, used for guard stations, attendant booths, equipment enclosures, and a wide range… Read More
2020-12-04 13:30
All of Panel Built’s buildings, outside of our welded steel-framed line, use our unique wall panel system to create the building’s envelope.  Harsh manufacturing settings, e… Read More
2020-11-13 21:32
Panel Built, Inc. is known as a modular construction provider that utilizes a panelized building design to form modular offices, equipment enclosures, cleanrooms, guard shacks, and more.&nbs&hell…Read More
2020-10-15 19:29
Electrical work can be the most important part of any new building project because electricity serves as one of the most essential parts of any building, whether it is in a home, office, sch… Read More
2020-09-25 15:01
As a modular construction provider for 25 years, Panel Built, Inc. has had the opportunity to complete thousands of modular office projects across the United States and internationally.&nbsp&hell…Read More
2020-09-17 20:44
Building a Warehouse Office Has Never Been Easier Using Panel Built's Modular Office System. With a Few Simple Steps, Our Installation Guide, and Your Customer Package, Your Modular Office… Read More
2020-09-11 06:23
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2020-04-11 17:08
What sizes do your guard houses come in? Although our exterior buildings are prefabricated, they are offered in fully custom sizes, depending on the customers’ needs. So, we can accomm… Read More
Panel Built’s 2020 Trade Show Lineup!
2020-01-23 15:31
With a new year comes a new lineup of tradeshows at which Panel Built will be presenting! As with every year, in 2020, we are looking to reach out and make a connection with a variety of com… Read More
2019-11-01 18:33
Modular offices are a type of commercial or industrial office space that is prefabricated offsite and is temporary or semi-permanent in nature. Panel Built modular offices utilize a panel sy… Read More
2019-09-06 14:52
Businesses and organizations of all types use prefabricated enclosures both inside and outside of their facilities. These are likely buildings that you see all the time in your day to day li… Read More
2019-08-02 14:47
In the most basic terms, a sandwich panel is a panel type composed of three (or sometimes more) materials that are adhered together to form one. Sandwich panels are used in a variety of appl… Read More
Building Out A Shell Space With Panel Built
2019-06-28 18:38
A shell space in real estate refers to a space that is bare on the inside. This can be a property of many different types: Industrial buildings, commercial offices, and even a residential ap… Read More
2019-05-10 16:58
One of the biggest benefits Panel Built provides our customers is the flexibility of a custom composite panel system. For those unfamiliar, composite walls refers to a wall system that uses… Read More
When To Use Modular Construction?
2019-04-18 19:54
It’s no secret that the modular construction industry has had a growing influence on the way we build today. And moving forward, many consider Modular Construction as the future of the… Read More
2019-03-29 12:19
Panel Built’s Modular Wall System was designed with one overarching characteristic in mind, flexibility. The walls system itself is composed of 4 ft wide wall panels that connect to on… Read More
2019-02-11 17:52
Panel Built, Inc. gets requests for ballistic rated, bullet resistant buildings from companies and organizations in a variety of different industries and sectors. And we are happy that we ar… Read More
2019-01-17 15:18
Control rooms typically serve as the focal point of whatever facility they are in. Depending on the facility, a control room can house one to over a hundred different employees, working toge… Read More
2018-12-05 21:19
There’s one question you have to ask before providing a new space in your facility. Will the conditions inside be suitable for the work being done? Most work environments need some deg… Read More
Best Modular Construction Projects Of 2018
2018-10-10 20:26
With another year comes another assortment of fantastic modular construction projects.  And in a world of online shopping and next day deliveries, it is easy to see why modular construc… Read More
2018-10-03 19:39
    As schools systems expand and new school buildings are being built, the demand for new school construction has been growing and growing.  Whether expanding a current facil… Read More
Modular Buildings For Sports Complexes
2018-09-11 20:08
Sports complexes today are becoming more and more intricate, involving a variety of different structures and buildings.  Depending on the organization the complex is for, the facility c… Read More
2018-08-27 18:02
Many different companies and corporations use modular construction to fix their space needs swiftly, and the US military is no different.  Being a GSA contract holder, Panel Built… Read More
2018-08-03 17:11
At Panel Built, we place a lot of emphasis on being as efficient as possible and constantly improving.  That’s why lean manufacturing is a huge part of our day to day work. … Read More
Modular Construction: The New Jobsite
2018-07-18 16:29
With technology growing at an exponential rate, a variety of industries are seeing drastic changes in how they operate.  A quick web search will give you an endless number of lists with… Read More
2018-07-11 20:19
Planning an effective warehouse layout is going to have a huge impact on your company for the future. Whether this is a completely new facility, expanding your current facility, or reorganiz… Read More
2018-06-22 14:00
The General Services Administration, or GSA, was formed in 1949 at the recommendation of the Hoover Commission to act as an “Office of General Services” for the federal governmen… Read More
Maximizing Warehouse Space
2018-05-25 14:27
Organization First and foremost, the organization of the warehouse is going to be an incredible factor in not only the usable space available in the facility but in its efficiency as well.&n&hell…Read More

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