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Remote Jobs Companies Are Hiring For

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The usual work life involves getting up early in the morning, taking a shower, eating breakfast and going out of the house to join other employees rushing themselves to their respective offices. After the usual nine-to-five working hours, employees would prepare themselves to go back home and join a crowd of employees again. Almost a total of ten hours daily is spent to and from offices, with an additional of 1-2 hours for those who live quite a distance from their offices.

Today, work is no longer confined to an office-based Job or working 9 hours daily and 5 times a workweek. Work is now stretched to doing tasks in the comfort of pajamas. The nature of jobs has evolved. Terms like telecommuting, Remote work and working from home are now quite common. Remote work has become a solution for most small to medium sized businesses. It has saved companies from expenses, such as paying for rental offices, internet connection, and basic office needs like electricity, water bills, and most especially, tax. It especially benefits remote workers, allowing them to work with freedom and flexibility. It affords them to work on their preferred working hours and gives them a chance to balance personal and work responsibilities. It gives workers more time to spend with their families, saving themselves from the dreaded rush hour. It makes them more productive in their pajamas without distractions from an office full of diverse personalities. Both employer and employee benefit from remote work and maximizes company profit and employee’s income.

Difference Between Telecommuting, Remote Work, and Working From Home

Telecommuting refers to working for a company located closely to home. Work is done at home or in nearby coffee shops, but the employee may be required to attend meetings physically at the company office from time to time. Remote work means working from virtually anywhere. Remote working does not necessarily need for an employee to meet with people in the company nor attend meetings physically on behalf of the company. Work is performed in the solace of the employee’s preferred or agreed time with the employer. Lastly, working from home does not necessarily share meaning with that of remote work and telecommuting. Working from home refers to operating independently, being business owners and independent contractors, who have control over own schedule and pay. Working from home does not necessarily need for someone to be as tech-savvy as remote workers and telecommuters. Nevertheless, these three terms share common work nature, which is working at the employee’s convenience outside an office (home, coffee shops or office sharing) provided that necessary tools are available daily. Examples of these tools are Internet access, phone access and or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and email access (Gmail or Microsoft Office). (source)

There are thousands of available remote jobs that are as legitimate and fulfilling as going to an office. Good thing that the internet has created various positions available to workers, whether full-time based, part-time or freelance. All you need to have is a dependable internet connection, essential tools, and skills for a job position and you’re good to proceed. Below is a list of remote jobs most companies all over the world are hiring for nowadays:

Accounting & Finance:

  • Bookkeeper – As part of the business accounting process, bookkeeping is the procedure of recording financial transactions such as sales, receipts, purchases, and payments. The work is performed by a bookkeeper making sure all financial transactions are recorded. Bookkeeping is one of the remote jobs most companies hire for. (source)


  • General Virtual Assistant – Past work experiences as a personal assistant, executive assistant, administrative assistant and office manager are some similar tasks done by a Virtual Assistant (VA). Services provided by VAs are done over the internet and phone so it is feasible for  freelancers or home based workers.
  • Appointment Scheduler – Scheduling appointments don’t need to be done in an in-person setting. Provided you have an internet connection and a VoIP, this can be done virtually anywhere. An appointment scheduler usually acts as Executive Assistant to a director or CEO. Emails and calendars are everyday tools for remote administrative workers.

Call Center Jobs:

  • Customer Service Management – People with customer service, sales, communication or marketing work experience best fit this remote job. Many small to medium sized companies employ individuals who have experience in the same industry, remotely. They wouldn’t necessarily have to tap a call center agency when they just need one or a few remote workers to assist customers and handle service requests. It’s a lot cheaper and convenient.

Computer & IT Jobs:

  • Web Developer – One of the most sought after remote workers are Web Developers, Software Developers, Web Designers and Graphic Designers. With the growing economy of countries, almost all companies handle their businesses connected to the web. Developers and designers have become a necessity for every growing company in developing an interactive and functional website or even mobile application. Most small to medium sized companies hire remote workers to do this job for them.
  • Web Designer or Graphic Designer – Designing websites and creating graphics for marketing use are some of the tasks a web designer or graphic designer does. Freelance and remote basis are common for these types of jobs. It is also a scheme most preferred by artists worldwide . 

HR Jobs:

  • Recruiter – Recruitment is essential in providing for a company’s hiring needs. Some companies hire a headhunter and some acquire workers from a recruitment agency. Remote recruiters source candidates online. They tap candidates who are actively seeking for new job opportunities and passive candidates who are still in their current positions, not actively searching for new jobs. Recruitment can be done remotely so long as essential tools are present such as a VoIP phone system, email and of course, an Internet connection.

Internet & Ecommerce Jobs:

  • Social Media Manager – Usage of social media platforms and websites is beneficial for a company’s effort in marketing and branding. Ensuring an active social media with regular posts can boost not just the company’s audience but also promote products and services. The social media manager is another job that can be done remotely by anyone. 
  • SEO & SEM Specialist – Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is the process of ensuring that the website or products of the company are visible on search engines and appear on the search results list. The more frequent the site appears in search results, the higher possibility of having people click on them and eventually some will be converted into customers. This specialization is usually asked from a remote worker. 


  • Email Marketer – Advertisements that are often received in emails are done by email marketers. They are responsible for these advertising efforts and staying on top of the subscriber list to increase the company’s number of clients or customers. Background in marketing is a common professional experience of email marketers.
  • Researcher/Lead Generation Specialist – Generating leads, finding and collecting important information online and basically researching the Internet are important for every company who’d like to stay on top of market research. Making use of the results and learning the needs and flow of current users guide a company’s efforts to offer products and services.


  • Online Tutoring Jobs – These days, technology can be leveraged in the field of teaching. Most lessons are now taught at the availability of the student, via the internet. This is applicable to any educational level, from elementary, middle school, high school, to college.

Data Entry: 

  • Data Entry – This job does not necessarily need someone to be technologically savvy. As long as a person has a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute (wpm), data entry can easily be done. Most companies tap remote workers for this job in order to use their time efficiently. There are lots of remote vacancy for this job as it can be done online anywhere in the world.

Writing Jobs:

  • Content Writer – One of the most effective ways to gain more traffic, clicks, and conversion on a website is through content writing. Publishing interactive, informative and useful content adds value to a company’s digital presence. This attracts people to read and share the content gaining trust from readers, which can eventually lead to conversion. Content writing can be executed anywhere. It’s generally known to be a work-from-home occupation. Remote writing jobs available today include ghostwriting, editing and proofreading, blogging and copywriting. 

Alison Doyle, The Balance: 

Although it can be difficult to find a legitimate writing gig, once you tap into the right resources and start to accumulate a quality portfolio, it can be a good way to make a living while working from home or from a remote location.

(source, source)

Be Cautious of Remote Job Scams

One risk of accepting remote jobs is landing into various scams.  To avoid being scammed online, make sure to research on the nature of the business and everything about the company before you give your commitment. Be cautious in any transaction and avoid sending important and sensitive information about your identity. Illegal and job scams are rampant online so be vigilant and do research always.

Collaborating Remotely

When you do finally land a remote position, you will perhaps realize that collaborating with employers or fellow remote employees is difficult using email. This is where Dead Drop can be useful. Dead Drop is a business-to-business online collaboration tool that allows for safe communication, secure file-sharing, and easy project collaboration. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who wants to give remote employment a try. Dead Drop provides unlimited bandwidth and file storage, making it perfect for freelancers to use in collaborating with multiple businesses. Sign-up for a 30-day free trial here.

And, don’t forget to download our free e-book, The Modern Manager. It’s a cheat guide for those who handle remote or virtual teams. 

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Remote Jobs Companies Are Hiring For


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