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The top of the mountain is a fool’s paradise. Only the climb matters.

The smallest part of climbing Mount Everest is the summit. Sales motivation, and sales in general should be the same way

I used to think I would only be happy in sales 20 days a year. My Sales Motivation came from the 20 days immediately after I hit my quota.

Everything else was the Grind.

Every sales professional knows the grind – the feeling of being behind target and fighting to catch up.

Sales quotas are not designed with the entire sales floor’s success in mind

Quotas were never designed to be easily attained.

Most sales professionals have to hit a number much higher than the number the company needs them to hit.

The company needs to make sure that it succeeds no matter what. Even if it technically means that individuals inside the company fail.

Everyone isn’t supposed to hit their quota, and that’s why it comes with a good reward.

The reward can be your sales motivation, but it can’t be what gets you up in the morning

Most get their sales motivation from the reward. It’s what keeps us up at night, at the office late, and grinding at times when things seem hopeless.

The reward should be what motivates you, but it can’t be what moves you.

Many sales professionals say things like “I hate cold calling”, or “I’ll be much happier when I’m finally hitting quota”.

That’s not sustainable.

It’s a big red flag is when a sales professional says “I can’t wait to get a role that’s inbound driven. It will be great to get a job where I can farm accounts and don’t have to go out and hunt”.

No role exists without any fighting and hunting. You’re clinging to the prospect of a promised land that doesn’t exist.

The only way to cut it in this profession for a long time is to learn to love the grind.

You’re going to spend 90% + of your career behind goal. You’ll have to learn to live with that.

You don’t get to become comfortable. You should be calm, and confident. But never comfortable.

Sustainable sales motivation is a life choice

I read something from Mark Manson recently that resonated with me. He says that you need to figure out the “pain you want in your life”.

Ask yourself if the pain of being behind quota and the struggle of the grind is something you can live and be happy with.

I don’t mean live with as in tolerate, I mean really and truly live with

You can’t like sales because you enjoy saying you’ve been to the top of the Mountain. You have to enjoy mountain climbing.

Long days. Difficult calls. Rejection. Ups and downs. Quota adjustments. Territory reorganization. Difficult prospects.

You have to love that shit.

If you don’t love the grind, that’s completely fine. Finding a career that will make you happier is an extremely logical decision.

But if you’re going to do this, do it right. Learn to stay confident and positive through tough patches. Know that sometimes when it feels like you’re beating your head against the wall that the wall might be about to break.

The daily sales grind is all that exists

Ask yourself if the grind is wearing you down, or making you sharper.

If you hadn’t looked at it this way before, maybe a change of mentality will help you feel fulfilled the other 345 days of the year. It certainly has for me.

When you can say that you completely enjoy mountain climbing, you know you’ve made the right choice. The summit is just a reward.

We live for the grind.

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The top of the mountain is a fool’s paradise. Only the climb matters.


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