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How to become a Time Master

Hi All....

Recently I have attended a session named "How to be a time Master?". Here I will share my experiences, learning, opinion from that.

My Trainer started session by asking 1st question - what do you mean by Time Master?

Initially I thought a person who have control over time he/she is nothing but a time master. This sentence is leading me to two different options. one is, person who have power to alter the time which is not possible by humans. Another one is,   person who can effectively utilize the time. So I told answer as "a person who utilizes his/her time effectively then he/she will be a time master".

Then Immediately my trainer asked me 'what do you mean by effective utilization of time?'

I have no answer to that question at that time. He explained all of us(who are there in the session),

Started with explaining the difference between Effectiveness and Efficiency.

"Effectiveness is nothing but Doing the Right Things."
"Efficiency is nothing but Doing things in the right way."

For me both statements are giving same meaning when trainer told for 1st time, But There is a deep meaning in those two statements.

Trainer gave some explanation

Every human being on this earth will have 24 hrs in a day. when one day is over again tomorrow will get another 24 hrs. But all are not Successful in their life.

Example:  Uneducated labor have 24 hrs and Bill gates also have 24 hrs in a day. The level of success in the life depends on utilization of those 24 hrs. labor is doing things effectively but not efficiently that is the reason he is not 100% successful in his life.

Key thing from this example we need to learn is, "To become successful in life we need to do the Right things in right way."

Here statement "doing things in right way " raised one question in my mind. What is mean by right way?
Simple answer trainer gave is - "doing things in a well defined time frame and measured with appropriate output in terms of goal achievement."

Here New word comes in to the conversation i.e. Goal

What is Goal and why word goal came in to the conversation about Time? 

These are the questions running in mind. I asked same to the trainer.

He explained very clearly....

Saying, when we will say a person successful, if he reaches his/her goal then we will say he/she is successful in life. Achieving the goal is a measure of success in life. so to become a time master we need to set goals first then we will set a Road Map to achieve that. This road map will have Mile Stones. Achieving these mile stones is a measure of our utilization of time effectively and efficiently.

So he started explaining step to utilize our time effectively and efficiently.

1.First important step is setting the Goal. It can be either short term or long term goal. These goals   should be helpful for your financial, career growth related or which will make you feel better.
2.Next step is setting up the road map with mile stones defined in smaller chunks of time frames.
3.Spend some time to plan the day so that we can proceed as per plan
4.Identify the Time Stealers which are blocking us to reach our goals/mile stones with in time.
5.Prioritize the task based on its urgency and importance. Finish the task accordingly.

By following above list we can start efficiently using our time to do effective work which will make every one Time master of their own time zone.

One last thing I want to tell is about statement "own time zone." This doesn't mean CST/EST/CDT. It means, every one will have their own pace of task achievement.
Example one person can eat 1 Biryani in 10 min where as another can eat same quantity of Biryani in 20 min both are successfully completed their task but with in their own time zone.

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How to become a Time Master


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