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Top bridal makeup crimes you ought not to commit on your big day!

Every woman in this whole wide world wishes for a fairytale Wedding where she would look like a princess and her hubby would be the prince! Both of them would be dressed in the most beautiful attires of their life. Everything from their hair to their Makeup to their footwear would be impeccable!

Okay, fine! That’s just an imagination or you may say an expectation. It’s time for a reality check now!

It’s a no-brainer that your wedding day is prone to certain mishaps, no matter how perfectly you’ve planned everything. Of all the things that may possibly go wrong and ruin your D-day memories for life, is a Bridal Makeup fail!

No one would like to look like a blunder on the most important day of their life! Especially when you are the bride! So. it’s imperative that you’re not partaking in any common wedding makeup mistakes ahead of the big day. Here are the most common bridal makeup mistakes that you need to avoid at any cost!

Sticking to the latest trends:

Trends or should I call them fads?

Well, that’s what today’s social media savvy generation follows. You may come across a cool makeup trend on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook. The trend may go viral within minutes of its introduction and you may be dying to try it on yourself.

Go on, try it! But make sure you avoid doing that on the most important day of your life! The reason is simple- Trends change constantly and something that is considered to be the sassiest trend today will be out of fashion tomorrow. Just like the makeup trend may become outdated after 2 years of your marriage, so would your wedding pictures!

So, it’s better you keep the trends out of your wedding plans and have your makeup done in the classical and neutral style, which is timeless.

Asking your friend to be your wedding makeup artist:

Refrain from allowing your best friend to be your wedding makeup artist unless and until she is a professional!

You ask us why?

Well, firstly, a professional has appropriate experience in bridal makeup. She would be familiar with all the issues related to bridal makeup. Her expertise would help you look drop dead gorgeous for those magical wedding day stills!

Secondly, if you get all made up and you’re not happy with the result, you can tell that to your makeup artist. She would come up with the perfect solution for you instead of feeling bad about it.

Simply put, indulge in a meaningful research and hire a makeup artist for your wedding. Let your friend enjoy your wedding!

Neglecting a makeup trial: 

Once you’ve hired your makeup artist, it’s better to get familiar with the way your wedding makeup artist works. Hiring your makeup artist and meeting her on the final day won’t give you time to try different bridal looks.

So, it’s advisable to schedule your trial at least three months before the wedding.

This would not only provide you enough time to experiment different looks for the big day but would also help be confident about your bridal look!

Overdoing facial procedures: 

This is yet another mistake that the brides-to-be make. They rush out for getting the extreme facial procedures like peelings, tans, teeth whitening and more.

It’s okay to opt for skin treatment procedures a few months before your marriage. These treatments would surely help get your skin ready for the big day. However, you need to be mindful of the treatments you opt for. It’s advisable to avoid overdoing all such treatments as they would simply lead to harsh consequences.

Neglecting moisturization on the big day:

You obviously wouldn’t want all your money and efforts to be ruined due to dry, flaky skin on the final day. But that’s what you end up having if you fail to moisturize your skin.

So, make sure that you nourish your skin and provide it enough moisturization so that it stays smooth and supple on your wedding day. Consider using face oil the night before and face lotion the day of.

Skipping primer:

Primer is a magical makeup product. It can help vanish all the fine lines and pores on your skin so as to facilitate makeup application.

However, if you neglect it, all your makeup would end up filling your pores and fine lines, making you look disastrous on your wedding!

So, in order to achieve a makeup coverage that lasts all day, make sure to apply primer before applying that first drop of makeup!

Overusing concealer:

You’ll need to hide all those blemishes, dark circles, and acne so as to look flawless in your wedding pictures. That’s what a good concealer will help with. However, you need to be careful with the amount you’ll be using.

As they say- an excess of everything is bad.

Same is the case with a concealer. Overusing concealer is also just as bad. Ensure that you use it just enough to hide all the imperfections.

Using the wrong shade of foundation:

Most women commit this crime not only on their wedding but in their day to day lives as well. They fail to recognize the correct foundation shade for their skin tone.

There’s a common misconception that foundation should be used to make it look like you have a tan. That’s what you’ve got to ignore. Instead, ensure that you check your skin in various lighting situations and choose a shade that looks natural according to your skin tone.

Going overboard with contouring and blushing:

Just like too much concealer looks bad, excess of contouring may simply create a heavy contrast between your face and the rest of your body.  So, it’s suggested to use contouring to sculpt your face so as to define your features in the best possible manner.

Same is the case with a blush. Excess of it may make you look like a clown.

I am sure that’s not what you wish to look like on such a special day!

So, it’s better to know what’s the correct procedure for applying the blush. Just concentrate on the apples of your cheeks. You can further emphasize your cheekbones by applying a little bronzer right underneath. Do not forget to blend both the blush and the bronzer appropriately.

Using excess of setting powder:

Applying excess of powder under your eyes won’t provide you the desired mattifying look. As I mentioned earlier, an excess of anything is bad! That’s what would happen in this case as well.

The powder would simply sink into any tiny wrinkles and magnify them and show up in all your wedding pictures. So, it’s suggested that you use as little as a powder under the eyes or skip it all together.

Being careless with the brows:

Nonetheless, to say- Your brows frame your eyes.

In fact, the way your brows are shaped can simply change the way you look! Ignoring them or getting them waxed just a day or two before may simply land you in trouble! So, it’s better you have them professionally waxed just in time. Thereafter, make sure that you do not experiment with them right before the big day. Just stick to the natural shape of your brows and use an eyebrow enhancer in a shade that matches your hair color.

Going crazy with the eyeshadows:

Most of the brides-to-be skip the application of eyeshadow base. They further go on getting their eyes colored with all sorts of color on their eyeshadow palette!

You surely do not need all that unless you wish to take part in fancy dress!

But if you don’t, it’s better to apply an eyeshadow base to keep your eyeshadow from creasing and wearing off. Further, try and stick with neutral colors such as nude, beige and chocolate to make your eyes look impeccable.

Using normal mascara:

You obviously do not wish to look like a zombie just after an emotional moment during the wedding. But that’s what you’ll have to face if you opt for a normal eye makeup.

So, it’s advisable to wear waterproof eye makeup. Make sure everything from your eyeliner to kohl to eyeshadow is smudge proof so as to keep that zombie look at bay!

Not exfoliating your lips before applying lipstick:

Chapped flaky lips do not look good. They may simply ruin all your wedding photographs. They would further get all your guests talking about how bad they look!

You wouldn’t obviously want all that to happen, right?

So, save yourself from all the embarrassment by exfoliating your lips before applying your lipstick or lip gloss.  You may use a homemade sugar scrub for the same or simply buff away the dead skin on your lips using your toothbrush.

Neglecting the power of a lipliner:

As a matter of fact, the mighty lipliners extend the wear of lipsticks. They help define your lips in a better manner. So, if you think skipping applying a lip liner is not a big deal, you may simply land yourself in trouble.

Instead, make sure that you line your lips with a lip liner in a nude or exactly the same shade as the lipstick. Also, ensure that you blend the liner and lipstick seamlessly for that impeccable look.

Not paying attention to the rest of your body:

If you plan to wear a gorgeous dress that would expose your body to some extent, you just can’t afford to let your body be without makeup.

Yes, that’s a fact!

If your wedding attire is strapless or exposes your chest, arms, back, or legs, you wouldn’t want those areas to look different from your face! That’s simply embarrassing!

So, it’s better that you address those areas with a non-transferrable shimmer lotion. Do not neglect body makeup as it would only make you look weird on the most important day of your life!

Skipping the setting spray:

It’s not just a quick spritz that you may neglect just because you don’t find it that significant. It can actually be your best friend on the best day of your life.

It’s a no-brainer that your wedding day is going to be a long and a busy day. You may or may not get time to touch-up. So, it’s better to keep all the potential drama at bay using a makeup setting spray.

The wonderful makeup product would not help lock all your makeup artist’s efforts, it would also leave you looking radiant and drop-dead gorgeous throughout the day.

Not letting your makeup dry:

Applying a layer over another layer of makeup without letting it dry will not let it last longer.

So, if you want that your makeup products to last for a longer time, make sure that you give them some time to dry between each step of makeup. You can either let it dry on its own or you may simply use a dryer set in the cool setting if you are running short on time.

Touching your face once you’re all dolled up:

That’s not just a bridal makeup mistake, that’s a crime!

No, seriously!

Touching your face once the wedding makeup is on may not only spoil it but would also give a chance to all those bacteria to get onto your face! So, it’s better you avoid doing that. Keep blotting papers and powder handy for preventing the shining face instead.

Not having a backup:

It’s always better to be prepared for the worse, even if you are confident enough that nothing would go wrong!

Your D-day is going to be a long day sweety! Also, you’ve got to look your best self throughout the event. So, no matter how great your makeup products are, you’ve got to have a backup. Ensure that you prepare an emergency makeup kit with the essential elements for timely touchups.

Your emergency bridal makeup kit should contain everything from blotting tissues to safety pins to bobby pins to eyeliner to the nail paint that you’ll be wearing for your wedding!

As they say- Prevention is better than cure! Avoid these makeup blunders and you’re all set to be the best version of yourself on the most important day of your life! After all, you’ll only live all those moments once!

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Top bridal makeup crimes you ought not to commit on your big day!


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