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How to Effectively Grow Your Youtube Channel

Tips for optimizing your Youtube channel’s video content

Marketing your business through videos is a great way to increase traffic, engagement, leads as well as sales. One way to implement successful video marketing is by utilizing Youtube. As many of you may already know, running a profitable Youtube channel is a difficult and sometimes daunting task. However, when armed with the right knowledge, you could more easily optimize your video content, attract more viewers and make more money.

So what tips and tactics can help you achieve that? And how can posting frequency, video production workflow, hooks, credits and other elements play an important role in making or breaking your Youtube marketing efforts? Read more here to find out.

Growing your Youtube channel – tips & tactics:

  • Post consistently

Recent reports reveal that posting more than one post a week on your Youtube channel helps it perform better and get more recommendations as well. If you are just starting out, we recommend that you post around 3 or more videos a week to build your audience quickly and more effectively.

Moroever, try creating videos with related topics in the beginning to help your channel perform better in the algorithm. Also, don’t forget to create a video library to usher visitors from one video to another. This will boost your watching time while giving your visitors more reasons to subscribe.

  •  Choose content you can create regularly

Here’s the thing: you can make amazing videos that take 1 -6 months to produce. But that’s not what you want to go for. Instead, you want to choose the type of content that you can create, develop and post regularly and find ways to streamline the process and the production flow.

One way you can achieve this is by setting up a small studio so you can always be ready to turn on the lights and start shooting!

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  • Begin your videos with a compelling hook

To capture the attention of your audience, you need an interesting and compelling hook. Showing the end result at the beginning of your video is a clever way to do that as it makes people interested to learn how you achieved it. Another way to pique your viewers interest is by using stories. When you start your videos with a story, it is only natural that people will stick around to see what happens.

Make sure that your hooks are directly related to the subject of your videos. This is the best way to establish your credibility and keep people coming back for more.

  • Keep titles & credits short

People have busy schedules and short attention spans. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that you need to keep titles, openers and credits are short and punchy as possible, preferably less than 5 seconds long. Failing to do this can cause people to lose interest in your videos and discourage them from binge watching, both which you want to avoid.

  • Promote your videos via end screens

End screens are interactive graphics at the end of videos that link to other videos, your website or your playlist. They are also a way to encourage people to subscribe to your channel. When choosing end screens think about your goals: Are you looking to get more subscribers? Do you want to boost your channel? Are you trying to sell something? Having a goal in mind can really help you craft your video optimization more effectively.

  • Lose the distractions

It is very essential that you don’t give your viewers any reasons to click away once they start watching your videos. This includes tangents and distractions such as meandering talking, long pauses as well as being boring or bouncing from one topic to the other. To avoid this, try creating engaging and fast-paced videos and utilize text and transition features that are available in basic video editors.

  • Design alluring video thumbnails

Suggested videos can help make or break your Youtube channel. If you want people to click your suggested videos, you need to make sure that the thumbnails you choose really stand out. Moroever, make sure that the thumbnail delivers on its promise by being relevant to the video’s title and content. Also, make sure it’s emotional, consistent and exciting.

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  • Improve watch time by creating longer videos

Although making long videos seems counterintuitive, you want to have some of those as they improve watch time and boost your content in the algorithm. However, do not just make your videos long for the sake of it! Your video needs to be long enough to deliver all the information it is meant to deliver. Generally, 5-7 minute videos tend to perform better than others although some 30 minute videos can also be a great success for scientific explorations and documentaries.

  • Make use of live streaming

Are you looking for an effective way to pump out content without wasting too much time on it? Going live on your Youtube channel is a great way to do that. Granted it will take you some time to learn how to do it well, however, once you get the hang of it, it is one of the easiest ways to create video content for your channel. Moreover, live streaming is an excellent way to engage with and connect to your audience.

  • Develop original video series

Binge watching is your best bet for getting more viewers and increasing watch time. To encourage binge watching, you need to create a ‘lean back’ experience for your viewers so they can easily sit back and watch your videos one after the other. The best way to achieve that is by developing a series based on your best performing content and then adding it to a playlist.

  • Don’t imitate, collaborate

Another way to grow your Youtube channel is by collaborating with other Youtubers and content creators. This can really help expose your content to new demographics and people who might have never heard of your channel. Firstly, you need to find a channel with the similar audience but different content. Secondly, you need to find channels that are big but not too big; they need to only be slightly bigger than yours. Finally, you need to team up with multiple creators for more exposure. Furthermore, make sure you promote those collaborations using titles, tags and descriptions.

Do you have a Youtube channel? How are you making the best of it? Do you have any more tips and tactics to share with our readers? We look forward to hearing your thoughts, insights and ideas in the comment section below. 

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How to Effectively Grow Your Youtube Channel


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