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Best Acid Reflux Diet Plan

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Gerd mainly affects the esophagus part of the body which is caused by the stomach acidity. Doctors believe that some people suffer from Gerd due to a condition called hiatal hernia. This disease is called as Gastroesophageal reflux because Gastroesophageal means “stomach” and reflux means returning the flow of the stomach contents back into the esophagus.

Normally the esophagus is the gateway where the Food intake is passed to the stomach and from there the digestion process takes place. But here the people who are suffering from the Gastro esophageal reflux the food taken by them is being pushed back into the esophagus again because of the acidic content from the stomach making the food indigestible thus it results in GERD.

So, in order to avoid acidity and free from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease a perfect proper diet plan is required.

Exercise Regularly:

Everyone knows that doing exercise is good for health but most don’t know that exercise is also a remedy for GERD disease because doing regular exercise makes the body fit and keep the body digestive system clean.

Developing Stress reducing skills:

In today’s busy world stress is common everyone encounters in their daily life which leads to improper body activity and poor food diet which increase the chances of GERD disease.

So, it is advisable to develop stress reducing skills like Yoga, Meditation. It has been proved that doing yoga or exercise even for 10 minutes can reduce the stress amount by 40%. So, make a habit to do yoga or meditation.

Be a Sleeping Beauty:

Sleep is an essential functioning that body requires when a person works all day and sleep at proper time then the sleep regenerates all the damage done to the body in the day time and helps the body to regain strength.

Proper sleep makes the food digestion easier and avoids the acidity problems. If a person skips sleep even for a single day then the whole bodily functioning is disrupted. Proper sleep slowdowns the age growth too.

Eat Plenty vegetables and Grains:

Parents advise their children to always eat their veggies this is because the vegetables have very good vitamins and grains also have fiber and proteins. And try to take low content fat sugar nonfat dairy and fish.

Drink little or no alcohol:

Avoid spicy foods or acidic fruits like oranges, lemons some tomatoes which are highly acidic in content and one of the causes for the GERD. So, avoid such foods as much as possible.

Become Sherlock Holmes:

Keep in check of all the dairy products and eatables to see which food products are causing reflux symptoms and avoid taking those foods.

Eat lean protein foods and high fiber food products.

Add Apple cider vinegar for Heartburn to daily diet plan sheet. This substance makes the acidic content to keep in limits and avoid any reflux of the food substances back.

Eat plenty of fruits like pears, melon, and berries etc. which are rich in protein and keep the body from dehydration.

And sea vegetables like algae, kelp help in building antibodies which helps in boosting the immunity and help in food digestion.

Probiotic foods have plenty of low-fat content products like yogurt, cultured veggies etc.

There are plenty of natural supplements which fight the acidic reflux. And these are the best remedy for the GERD. They are as follows;

  • Green super food mix
  • Slippery ELM
  • Vitamin C
  • L-Glutamine
  • Aloe Vera
  • Licorice root
  • Probiotics
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Ginger and Turmeric
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • HCL with Pepsin
  • Fiber supplements like phylum husk
  • Hydrochloric acid pills
  • Few essential oils like juniper, Ginger, peppermint, and funnel.

There are few other tips to follow GERD Diet. They are

Eat in smaller portions:

It is always advisable to eat smaller portions multiple times rather than taking 1-3 meals per day. Because taking larger meals at a time can increase the weight on the stomach which makes it difficult to digest food and increase the acidic quantity in the stomach.

So, by taking smaller portions, it helps in food digestion easy and also since these portions are taken multiple times a day it person may not feel hunger and gain strength.

Eat at a Right time:

Most people have their dinner past the midnight or late night which causes the problem in the digestive system to function properly thus results in acidity.

Taking food before bedtime is also a cause for GERD. While sleeping the digestion of the food process is slowed down. So, sleeping right after the meal increases the chances of Gerd Disease Causes.

Drink plenty of water:

Always drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps in breaking down the food quantity in the stomach and helps the digestion of food easier. If proper drinking water is not taken then digestion of food becomes difficult and results in the acidic level rise in the content.

Drinking water reduces the food acidity and speeds up the digestion process.

Prefer wearing loose fitting clothes:

Wearing tight clothes can increase the pressure on the abdomen and cause pain in the digestive system. So, try to wear loose fitting clothes where it is comfortable to move and sit freely.

Manage the Stress Bar and keep it in check:

Stress can interrupt the digestive system very badly so it suggestible to take a break from routine work and indulge in stress relieving environment to feel more relaxed.

Self-messages or acupuncture or messages are great to deal to reduce the stress.

Consult a Doctor and attend regular checkups:

It is a good advice to always approach the doctor and take medications as prescribed by them. Regular checkups should not be missed so one must ensure that they are well maintained. In case if any uncomfortable behavior is observed in the body then right away consult the doctor and explain the situation to them.

Do not delay the health issues as they may lead to a severe health condition in future.

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Best Acid Reflux Diet Plan


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