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List Of 120+ Big Data Tools

In the early days, data Analytics tracking and reporting used to be a big problem for digital marketers, however now the problem is shifted to finding the best tools for the same purpose.

The market is full of diverse analytical platforms, with different user experience and usefulness. So it has become difficult for young digital marketers to go ahead with a suitable or more precisely a specific tool to achieve a particular objective.

Before we list the finest platforms or tools, it’s key to define social data analytics briefly.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Data analytics is plainly defined as collecting data from social platforms to assist or guide you in creating and executing marketing strategies.

This procedure starts by prioritizing business objectives. The following stage is shaping key performance indicators (KPIs). You can further measure how social media influences into meeting your business objectives. From here on, you can keep going ahead on the same track or fine-tune the approach to achieve your defined business goals.

Now that the understanding is clear, here’s our useful list of the best Social Data Analytics tools:

  1. AgoraPulse

Image of AgoraPulse

Working with multiple languages, you can utilize AgoraPulse tool to track superior engagement analytics on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With regular metrics, the tool ranks users who share your content and informs you when your profiles and pages have been mentioned online. This analytics, joined with community management statistics like message response rate, guides your social outreach activities. Additionally, you can easily export analytics graphs on a PowerPoint file.

Price: $29 to $199 USD per month

  1. Keyhole

Image of Keyhole

You can use Keyhole to measure, in detail, a trend or a brand’s effect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With shareable dashboard, it tracks keywords, campaign metrics and hashtags instantaneously. These metrics includes periods of high activity, overall reach and the impressions.

It drives influencer outreach efforts. Using dashboard’s Influencers tab, you can access account information with best reach and number of interactions. For better engagement, you can identify key accounts in your function and re-share their finest content.

Try it:

Price: $89 to $3,000+ USD per month

  1. Buffer

Image of Buffer

As a widespread social media scheduling tool, you can log in Buffer with an account to view the engagement numbers for your LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook posts. With these metrics, it also detects your top most post of the day. However, remember the tool only tracks the social media posts posted through its platform.

Price: Free to $2,550 USD per year

  1. Brandwatch

Providing access to multiple suite of tools that work for majorly all social media platforms, Brandwatch is best used for research work. It offers detailed information about markets you are currently into or a desire to penetrate, with demographic data about gender as well as occupation. It is used to monitor brand reputation that too in real-time. It keeps watch on the user postings, positive or negative messages related to you. It has high data accuracy. It filters duplicate mentions as well as spam.

Price: Connect with Brandwatch for a unique customized plan

  1. BuzzSumo

You can totally rely on BuzzSumo tool to monitor the top most social content in your domain. Just plug in a URL, keyword or phrase into search bar to analyze who’s sharing related content on social platforms. You can then utilize the platform to market your promotional material, as it recognizes the supreme influential sharers to extent out to.

Price: $99 to $999 USD per month

  1. Crowdbooster

For a swift and straightforward Facebook and Twitter analytics tool, online marketers select Crowdbooster. Through a spontaneous and customizable dashboard, it provides better access to instantaneous data covering social data that can be exported through Excel. The platform helps decide with useful recommendations when to post, with whom to engage and help attain improvements in your interactions through a performance summary.

Price: $9 to $119 USD per month

  1. Edgar

Image of Edgar

Edgar is best used by online marketers to automate social scheduling, collecting and storing content in a library based on groups such as blog posts and tips. When you schedule content using these groups or categories, Edgar generates a never-ending queue that automates the marketing cycles using your library every week.

The tool tracks engagement metrics, for optimizing schedules on basis of which types of content creäted more and better quality interactions. Also, suggests time when your content is most likely to be shared on social media platforms.

Price: $49 to $99 USD per month

  1. Google Analytics

It is the best known tool and choice used for analyzing website traffic, it’s also a specialized tool for assessing definite social media metrics. You can use it to track the worth of traffic coming from social media sites, monitoring how visitors behave, navigate and what efforts leads to their conversion.

Price: Free to $150,000 USD per month

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard like buffer. It has its own analytics tools along with the functionalities of scheduling and aggregating promotional content. The tool not only monitors engagement numbers, but also measures the team’s performance.

Price: Free and even has advanced plans

  1. Klout

Try Klout to quantify your marketing influence on social media platforms. It grades you out of 100, depending upon the abilities to drive actions and engagements. You can measure your promotions and see on which platforms you are most effective, to successfully drive and interact with your target audiences.

Price: Connect Klout for a unique plan

  1. Little Bird

Utilise Little Bird for a sophisticated influencer analytical platform. It completely eliminates the requirement for an influencer research and let you concentrate on your marketing outreach. The platform monitors and tracks metrics detailing for noticeable people who communicate in your space and with brand. It determines the top-most engaging content and topics for you to use and share. The influencer list assists to target qualified personalities throughout social media campaigns.

Price: Connect with Little Bird to discuss a plan

  1. NetBase

Precisely targeting enterprise scale agencies as well as brands, NetBase publicizes that it works on marketing posts 9 times quicker and with 50% to 70% more accuracy as compared to other social media analytics tools. Community managers can utilize swiftly to take decisions on key accounts they handle. The tool can read millions of social posts in almost 42 languages and measures user sentiment with respect to present trends.

Price: Connect NetBase for a unique plan

  1. Oktopost

Traditionally, digital marketers have not been fully successful in measuring the financial impacts through social media. Oktopost fulfils this task. The platform monitors the conversions, identifies important channels and messages that helps you drive the financial actions on the website. It is able to determine the lead conversion source and platform.

It’s Price: Initiates with $65 USD per month; also has customized plans

  1. Quintly

Image of Quintly

Use quintly to effectively measure your profiles against different competitors. It monitors and tracks your performance with engagement metrics using graphs, by visualizing the key statistics on social platforms. It is effectively used for competitive goal setting.

Price: Initiates with $129 USD per month; also has multiple advanced plans

  1. Rival IQ

The tool monitors competitors and even helps track opposing brands performance on social platforms. It is very much useful to prioritize your overall business growth, by recording how your target audiences develop or reduce on a timely basis. With access to required historical data, you can match the growth rates involved in business cycles to measure when competitors are growing their fan bases.

It’s Price: $199 to $439 USD per month

  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has multiple platforms for mobile, email, content marketing, along with an intuitive social media analytics tool set. Utilizing a dashboard, you can view metrics and track which content is offering the best engagement, where the effective conversations are on and what type of user sentiment is happening around your brand. You have the choice of paying for the complete cloud based suite or picking the tools you need.

Price: Initiates with $400 USD per month; grouping of packs is available for better pricing

  1. Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a very useful social media reporting tool. By connecting this platform to Google Analytics, you can view information about how your website visitors from social media sites are behaving and converting right on the website. It includes functionalities to analyze your competition and compare accounts on social channels. Additionally, you can schedule Simply Measured to view and send reports automatically with all the analytical details.

It’s Price: Starts from $500 USD per month; has unique agency plans

  1. Socialbakers

Socialbakers analytics is a very popular tool with its dataset abilities to pick up important data across most of the social media platforms. Its functionalities comprise of custom benchmarking along with competitive analysis, making groups to monitor yourself against the competitors. Socialbakers is used globally to segment data by specific brand and the particular country. It tracks your efforts on location basis and find your gaps to be covered for consistent growth.

The Price: $120 to $480 USD per month

  1. Social Mention

Image of Social Mention

This tool is utilized as a social search engine with a balancing analytics platform. Fairly by typing a keyword, you can have access to user results page of content from 100+ platforms. On the basis of that content and results, the platform tracks metrics which also includes user sentiments.

It’s Price: Free

  1. SumAll

Utilize SumAll to monitor your long-term social media strategies. You can access e-commerce data, and track information from social channels in a sole interactive chart. With useful metrics, it includes functionalities such as access to performance graphs as well as goal tracking. One can set the tool to quickly send emails briefing this data.

Price: Free to $99 USD per month

  1. Followerwonk (Platform – Twitter)

Image of Followerwonk

Moz’s Twitter platform offers a detailed look at Twitter analytics, with insights on your audience and activities. You can have statistics related to your followers along with demographic data like their locations. Use it to find and connect with influencers, Followerwonk measures the complete social authority to monitor which accounts possess the greatest impact on the particular followers.

Price: Free to $79 per month

  1. Iconosquare (Platform – Instagram)

It’s a platform-management tool, also offering detailed Instagram analytics set-up. The dashboard possess access to engagement statistics for suggestions, like what are the top most times to post and which filters are more useful. You can also select to receive emails that briefs your key metrics.

Price: Free with advanced plans

  1. SocialBro (Platform – Twitter)

Providing price tiers dependent on how many followers you have, SocialBro is a wide ranging Twitter business tool. It monitors and tracks content and target audience metrics, providing support to improve on user engagement and create segmented lists for digital campaigns. The platform is also utilized to understand ads, as it tracks the ROI for both the paid and the earned media.

Price: Connect with SocialBro to discuss the best plan

  1. Tailwind (Platform – Pinterest)

Tailwind is a popular platform-exclusive platform which is specially designed to optimize your Pinterest promotional strategy. It is used to track engagement metrics, performance of your posts based on boards, hashtags, keywords and promotional categories. With these stats, Tailwind recommends content for you to share online. It is directly integrated with Google Analytics, so it also analyses web traffic as well as revenue through Pinterest.

Price: Initiates at $9.99 USD per month; with advanced plans

  1. TweetReach (Platform – Twitter)

An effective search engine like tool, wherein it needs just a keyword, username or a hashtag to get analytics behind your term. It is used to check trends. It provides engagement data like impressions and reach. It also provides you a timeline of tweets to study.

It’s Price: $99 to 399 USD per month

With this above list as your guide, you are sure to find a social media analytics tool that lifts your overall marketing productivity, giving you the needed information.

Here are more Big Data Platforms and Analytics Software’s

Big data platforms and analytics software solutions focus on offering competent analytics for huge datasets. These analytics assists you by converting raw data into quality information. They offer in-depth data insights enabling you to take benefit of digital space for business decision-making and operations.

  1. IBM Big Data Analytics Solution

IBM Big data analytics solution portfolio includes InfoSphere BigInsights, InfoSphere Streams, IBM PureData, IBM Watson Explorer, DB2 with BLU Acceleration, InfoSphere Information Server, IBM Smart Analytics System and the InfoSphere Master Data Management.

  1. HP Big Data

HP’s Big Data Analytics solution comprise of HP Vertica and HP HAVEn. HP HAVEn is a tool which includes software, hardware and services. Big Data be it structured or unstructured can be analysed to drive powerful strategic insights. HP Vertica Dragline let companies to store their data in a cost efficient manner, and offers competences to explore it swiftly utilizing SQL based tools.

  1. SAP Big Data Analytics

  1. Microsoft Big Data

Microsoft Azure is a flexible and an open cloud tool that enables to swiftly build, deploy and handle applications transversely across a global network of Microsoft managed data centers. The applications can be created using any language, framework or platform and further integrated with public cloud apps in the required IT environment.

  1. Oracle Big Data Analytics

Oracle Big Data Analytics solutions comprise of Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine and Oracle Exadata Database Machine. These are engineered systems that are pre-integrated to decrease the complexity and cost of the IT infrastructure. The database also includes Oracle Database, MySQL, Oracle NoSQL Database, MySQL Cluster, Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Event Processing, Oracle Coherence, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and database analytics.

  1. Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio is a multipurpose set of open source products for deploying, developing, testing, and administrating data management & application integration project tasks. Talend offers unified platform that makes app integration and data management simpler. It further enables a unified environment for handling the complete lifecycle through enterprise boundaries.

  1. Teradata Big Data Analytics

The tool has built an architecture known as the Unified Data Architecture in Big Data Analytics. The Teradata Aster Discovery solution platform simplifies the analysis of critical business data insights from all the data categories. With its strong analytic applications joined with marginal time and work requirements, Teradata offers the insights required for different companies.

  1. SAS Big Data Analytics

SAS Big Data Analytics portfolio comprise of credit scoring for SAS High-Performance Data Mining, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Scoring Accelerator, SAS Text Miner, SAS Model Manager and the SAS Visual Statistics.

  1. Dell Big Data Analytics

This solution includes Boomi AtomSphere, Kitenga Analytics Suite, and the SharePlex Connector for Hadoop. The Kitenga Analytics suite offers you with d visualization capabilities and the integrated information modeling in a business analytics and big data search platform.

  1. HPCC Systems Big Data

This system is an open source solution platform for Big Data analysis. It has a data Refinery engine known as Thor, that cleans, links, transforms and analyses the Big Data. The Thor tool supports ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) utilities to sort and analyze unstructured as well as structured data, data linking, profiling and hygiene. The Roxie which is an advanced data delivery engine offers both high concurrent as well as low latency real time query abilities.

The Thor managed data can be used by multiple users concurrently in real time. The Enterprise Control Language (ECL), is utilized to solve queries on Roxie program and data processing on Thor.

  1. Palantir Big Data

The solution comprises of Palantir Gotham to manage, integrate, analyze and secure enterprise data and Palantir Metropolis to enrich, integrate, model, and analyze any type of quantitative data.

  1. Pivotal Big Data

The solution assists to discover insights from data to create applications that can be used to store, deliver and manage value from large data sets utilizing disruptive set of enterprise data products to serve customers. The products include MPP and column store databases, Hadoop and in-memory data processing.

  1. Google BigQuery

It is a very useful web service which enables companies to explore and analyze giant datasets by utilizing Google’s infrastructure. It can easily analyze billions of rows in just seconds. It is highly scalable with SQL query language. BigQuery helps developers and businesses use data analytics against multi-terabyte datasets in few seconds.

  1. Pentaho Big Data Analytics

It provides an all-inclusive and unified solution that is used by big data lifecycle. No matter what is the data source, this solution offers visual big data analytics tools to extract data, get visualizations and analytics. It is highly scalable and uses the open standard based architecture to integrate or extend present infrastructure.

  1. Amazon Web Service

It offers cloud based analytics to assist you analyze and further process required data volume, needed for Hadoop clusters, petabyte scale data warehousing, real-time streaming data and for the orchestration.

  1. Cloudera Enterprise Big Data

The platform comprises of CDH, the open source Hadoop with data management and system management solution tools with community advocacy and dedicated support.

  1. Hortonworks Data Platform

HDP platform is used for multi-workload data processing through an array of methods for processing from the batch by interactive to real-time; supported with governance, security, integration and the required operations.

  1. FICO Big Data Analytics

It provides Big Data Analytics solutions, Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence software solutions which comprises of Orchestrator, Decision management tool, Decision optimizer, Model builder, Model central, and the complete solution stack.

  1. Cisco Big Data

It includes computing, connectivity, storage and the unified management abilities. This architecture is transparent, delivers simplified data and manages integration with enterprise ecosystems.

  1. Splunk Big Data Analytics

The analytics solution provides a complete portfolio of Big Data software like splunk analytics for NoSQL Data Stores, Hadoop, Splunk Hadoop Connect, Splunk DB Connect and Hadoop Management.

  1. Fusion-io Big Data

These solutions remove the workload performance deficiencies for Cassandra, MongoDB and the NoSQL databases, like HBASE, while reducing their overheads architectures. Fusion based solutions provide consistent and predictable performance through entire database, with effective system that needs less DRAM, lesser nodes, and utilizes lesser energy.

  1. Intel Big Data

Intel portfolio comprise of technology products like 10 Gigabit server adapters, Intel Xeon processors, SSDs with Intel distribution to improve overall performance levels for big data solution projects.

  1. Mu Sigma Big Data

It is a platform for Data Sciences which includes muHPC, muXo, and the muText. muXo is an engine for decision optimization which solves highly complex business problems. It offers continuously evolving and competitive meta-heuristic algorithms. On the other hand, muHPC is a popular suite of all the statistical algorithms, being integrated as R packages, used for Big Data analysis.

Being written in MapReduce, muHPCTM algorithms influence the power of parallel computation. Mu Sigma’s text mining engine empowers information detection from the available unstructured and the semi-structured data sets.

  1. MicroStrategy Big Data

Also called PRIME, being deployed on Cloud, offers visualization and dashboard engine with parallel in-memory data storage. The architecture enables to create and deploy powerful applications that deliver analytics to multiple users in a quick time and the cost.

  1. Opera Solutions Big Data

Its vektor Big data analytics and the signal-processing platform adds Big Data flows from all sources of enterprises; offering the technology to extract and to store signals and supports signal application deployment.

  1. Redhat Big Data

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a primary platform for big data deployments. It has features that meet advanced big data needs.

  1. Informatica Big Data

It offers an effective, safe path to integrate data on Hadoop at all the scales without learning Hadoop.

  1. MarkLogic Big Data

It brings all features in a unified system with a document-centric, structure-aware, schema-agnostic, transactional, clustered, secure, database server with search and application services.

  1. Vmware Big Data

It is highly robust platform with high-performance virtualization layer that is used with server hardware resources, making them shareable by several virtual machines. Swiftly runs Hadoop workload for achieving better utilization, agility and reliability.

  1. Syncsort Big Data

It assists Hadoop for collecting, processing and integrating complex data. It removes challenges for extensive Hadoop adoption by connecting, developing, deploying and accelerating it without any programming.

  1. SGI Big Data

It provides Hadoop Solutions with all the cluster installations with multiple nodes. SGI UV compromises of shared memory platform to search hidden data relationships with real-time analysis.

  1. MongoDB

It is a finest NoSQL database, that empowers businesses with more agility and scalability. It is used to create new categories of apps, accelerate time to market, decrease costs and improves customer experience.

  1. Guavus Big Data

It is capable of generating actionable information from broadly distributed and large volume data sets in near real-time. Uses machine learning and computational algorithms to filter actionable data insights.

  1. Alteryx Big Data

The solution access, integrates, and cleans data sources as Hadoop or NoSQL or Teradata with multiple predictive and spatial tools, in a very simplified workflow environment.

  1. 1010data Advanced Analytics

It comprises of progressive, built-in analytic functions like distribution analysis, variance, correlation, forecasting and predictive modeling along with machine learning. All these functions are integrated straight into system, to rum them swiftly on big data volumes.

  1. Actian Analytics Platform

It delivers advanced analytics in 3 editions, Extreme Performance, Hadoop SQL and Cloud Edition. These editions help in creating analytics value chain, deliver actionable business value, offer high-level data enrichment, SQL analytics, visual design on Hadoop without MapReduce skills. Provide robust data quality and on-premises applications with cloud edition.

  1. MapR

The MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop offers companies with highest grade distributed data platform to store and practice big data. MapR packages enables interactive, batch and real time applications.

  1. Tableau Software Big Data

This solution connects to data, at any time and from anywhere, irrespective of its complexity and size or combination of structured and unstructured data with tools like Google BigQuery and Hadoop flavors.

  1. QlikView Big Data

It offers 2 approaches to manage Big Data, both with finest user experience. QlikView offers both 100% In-Memory Architecture and hybrid approach that works on both in-memory data and data from external sources.

  1. Attivio’s Big Data

It combines Big Data with Big Content, as well as Hadoop. It offers indexing and automatic ad hoc functionality, without using overpriced data modeling and also with complete security. The advanced text analytics adds context from human-generated data sources and enables business intelligence and data visualization tools.

  1. DataStax Big Data

It enables enterprise level and integrated data analytics with search, visual management, and the expert support. It is one of the best distributed database choice for online apps that need swift performance without downtime.

  1. Gooddata

It is suit of tools, frameworks and APIs, for BI solutions to collaborate, analyze and visualize data which is built in cloud and delivered as a service.

  1. Google Big Data

The platform analyses data at the scale of complete web, with SQL and in an entirely managed, server less architecture where backend system infrastructure is managed automatically, and you can focus on business insights part.

  1. Datameer

Datameer is a SaaS big data analytics platform used for department specific deployment. It features Hadoop cloud providers Bigstep and Altiscale. It eases big data analytics environment into a single app on top of Hadoop platform.

  1. CSC Big Data Platform

It assists enterprises to get value from their data much more swiftly. Using this tool an enterprise can quickly develop, secure and deploy big data and analytics applications with a central subscription platform that utilizes analytics software, tools and infrastructure.

  1. Flytxt Big Data Platform

It is designed to integrate quick data, big data for actionable insights. It adapts a hybrid architecture joining scale out clusters running Hadoop with RDBMS as metadata store and the in-memory database for transactional data processing.

  1. Amdocs Insight Big Data Platform

Amdocs Insight Big Data platform backs Amdocs analytical apps and data services to enable revenues, drive business competence and improve customer experience.

  1. Cisco Big Data

Cisco offers integrated infrastructures as well as analytics to support big data ecosystem, providing a scalable and secure infrastructure with valuable insights.

  1. Platfora

It is built on Spark, Hadoop and the native cloud APIs. It fits in anywhere including existing analytics ecosystems, BI tools and hardware’s.

  1. GE Big Data

It co-ordinates with industrial apps for working effectively to optimize complete operational environments.

Here are Top Open Source Tools for Big Data

Big Data is not a newer concept. What is new is how much larger the data is, or how swiftly it is mounting or how complex it is to deal with.

  1. MapReduce

Image of MapReduce

It is a programming model and framework for creating applications that speedily analyses big data, parallel on the clusters to compute nodes. Utilized by Hadoop and other processing applications with independent OS.

  1. GridGain

Image of GridGain

Offers in-memory processing for quick analysis of the real-time data. Works on windows, linux, OS X Operating Systems.

  1. HPCC Systems

Image of HPCC Systems

It is a high performance computing cluster offering better performance to Hadoop. It works on Linux with free community versions and paid one’s.

  1. Storm

Image of Storm

Owned by Twitter, it provides distributed real-time computation competences and is called as “Hadoop of real-time.” It’s scalable, fault-tolerant, robust, works with all programming languages, with Linux OS.

  1. Hadoop

Image of Hadoop

Frequently the terms “Hadoop” and “big data” are utilized synonymously. The Apache Foundation sponsors multiple projects that ranges the competences of Hadoop. Multiple vendors provide supported versions of Hadoop and connected technologies. Works on Windows, Linux and OS X.

  1. Cassandra

Image of Cassandra

Developed by Facebook, the NoSQL database is nowadays handled by Apache Foundation. It’s used by Netflix, Urban Airship, Twitter, Reddit, Constant Contact, Digg and Cisco. It is OS Independent.

  1. HBase

Image of HBase

HBase is an Apache project, with a non-relational data store for the Hadoop. Functionalities comprise of linear and modular scalability, automatic failover support and more. Is OS independent.

  1. Neo4j

Image of Neo4j

The global graph database, improves performance to 1000x or more vs. the relational databases. It even has advanced versions and works on Windows, Linux.

  1. CouchDB

Image of CouchDB

It stores web data in JSON documents accessed through query using JavaScript. Also offers distributed scaling and fault tolerant storage. Works on Windows, Android, Linux, OS X.

  1. OrientDB

Image of OrientDB

Stores 150,000 documents per second with loading graphs in just few milliseconds. Supports ACID transactions and the fast indexes.

  1. Terrastore

Image of Terrastore

It offers scalability, elasticity and consistency. Supports range queries, custom data partitioning, push-down predicates, server-side update functions, event processing and reduce querying. Is OS independent.

  1. FlockDB

Image of FlockDB

Store twitter social graphs (i.e., who is following or blocking whom) with horizontal scaling and swift reads and writes. Is OS Independent.

  1. Hibari

Image of Hibari

It is important big data storage with consistency, availability and quick performance supporting many telecom companies. Is OS Independent.

  1. Riak

Image of Riak

A powerful open-source and distributed database. Users comprise of Comcast, Voxer, Yammer, Joyent, Boeing,, SEOMoz, Formspring, DotCloud and Danish Government. Works on Linux and OS X.

  1. Hypertable

Image of Hypertable

Provides effectiveness and quick performance resulting in cost savings. It has both open source and but paid support. Available on Linux, OS X.

  1. Blazegraph

Image of Blazegraph

It is highly scalable and high-performance database which is available as open source and with commercial license. It is OS Independent.

  1. Hive

Image of Hive

It is Hadoop’s data warehouse, offers data summarization and analysis of big data. It uses a SQL-like language, HiveQL and is OS Independent.

  1. InfoBright Community Edition

Image of InfoBright

It is a scalable data warehouse with storage up to 50TB and compression up to 40:1 for best driven performance. Works on Windows, Linux.

  1. Infinispan

Image of Infinispan

Java based, highly scalable data grid platform used for multi-core architecture and offers distributed cache competences. Is OS Independent.

  1. Redis

Image of Redis

Offers in-memory key value store saved on disk for availing persistence. Supports many programming languages and operates on Linux.

  1. Jaspersoft

Image of Jasersoft

It is the most used, flexible, cost effective and deployed BI software across the globe. Has both commercial and open source versions, includes Big Data reporting solutions and is OS Independent.

  1. Jedox

Image of Jedox

Includes Palo Web, OLAP Server, Palo for Excel and Palo ETL Server with open source and commercial software based tools. Is OS Independent.

  1. Pentaho

Image of Pentaho

Provided big data analytics tools to 10,000 companies along with data mining, dashboard and reporting. Operates on Windows, Linux and OS X.

  1. SpagoBI

Image of SpagoBI

Is complete open source business intelligence solution with commercial services, support and training and is OS Independent.

  1. KNIME

Image of KNIME

Provides user-friendly data processing, integration and analysis. Gartner named KNIME as a “Cool Vendor” in 2010 for analytics, BI and performance. Operates on Windows, Linux and OS X.

  1. BIRT

Image of BIRT

Co-founded by Actuate, adds reporting functionalities to Java applications. Is OS Independent.

  1. RapidMiner

Image of RapidMiner

It is a leading open-source system for text and data mining. Works on open source versions and paid support and is OS Independent.

  1. Mahout

Image of Mahout

Offers algorithms for classification, clustering, and collaborative filtering on Hadoop. The project’s objective is to shape scalable machine learning libraries. Is OS Independent.

  1. Orange

Image of Orange

Provides multiple visualizations and a toolbox of 100+ widgets. Works on Windows, Linux and OS X.

  1. Weka

Image of Weka

Offers data mining algorithms that can be applied to data or use in other Java applications. It’s a fragment of a big machine learning project, sponsored by Pentaho. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

  1. DataMelt

Image of DataMelt


Can do data mining, statistical analysis, mathematical computation and data visualization. It supports Java and related programming languages including Jython, Groovy, JRuby and Beanshell. It is OS Independent.

  1. KEEL

Image of KEEL

KEEL assists uses evaluates algorithms for data mining issues like classification, regression, pattern mining and clustering. It comprises of a big collection of prevailing algorithms that it uses to associate new algorithms. It is OS Independent.

  1. SPMF

Image of SPMF

It is java based data mining framework, with focus on sequential pattern mining, and has tools for linking rule mining, item set mining and sequential rule mining. It has 46 diverse algorithms and is OS Independent.

  1. Rattle

Image of Rattle

Makes it simpler for non-programmers to utilize R language by offering graphical interface for mining of data. Can build models, score datasets and draw graphs. Works on Windows, Linux and OS X.

  1. Gluster

Image of Gluster

It provides unified file and object storage for larger data-sets. Can be scaled to 72 brontobytes, extending Hadoop capabilities on Linux.

  1. Hadoop Distributed File System

Image of Hadoop Distributed File System

It is a primary storage structure for Hadoop. It rapidly replicates data onto numerous nodes in a cluster in order to deliver reliable, speedy performance. Works on Windows, Linux and OS X.

  1. Pig

Image of Pig

It is an Apache data analysis tool that uses textual language known as Pig Latin, producing sequences of programs for Map-Reduce. It assists writing, understanding and maintaining programs with data analysis tasks performed parallelly. It is OS Independent.

  1. R

Image of R

Build by Bell Laboratories, R is programming language with an environment for graphics and statistical computing similar to S. The environment comprises of tools that make it simpler to operate data, create graphs, charts and do calculations with Windows, Linux and OS X.

  1. ECL

Image of ECL

ECL is a full set of tools, comprising of an IDE and debugger in HPCC, with documentation available on HPCC website. It operates on Linux.

  1. Lucene

Image of Lucene

It offers very quick indexing and searching capabilities for huge datasets. It indexes over 95GB/hour while utilizing modern hardware. It is OS Independent.

  1. Solr


It is an advanced enterprise search tool based on Lucene. It empowers search capabilities for larger websites, which includes Netflix, CNET, AOL and Zappos. It is OS Independent.

  1. Sqoop

“117 Image Sqoop”

It transfers data between RDBMSes, Hadoop and data warehouses. It is a topmost level Apache project now and is OS Independent.

  1. Flume

“118 Image Flume”

An Apache project, it gathers, aggregates and transfers the required log data from apps to HDFS. It’s robust, fault-tolerant Java-based project. Operates on Windows, Linux and OS X.

  1. Chukwa

“119 Image Chukwa”

Built on platforms MapReduce and HDFS, it gathers data from larger distributed systems with displaying and analyzing the gathered data. Works on Linux and OS X.

  1. Terracotta

It’s “Big Memory” platform that allows enterprise applications to manage and store big data in the server memory, with speedy performance. The company provides open source and commercial versions of its platform. It is OS Independent.

  1. Avro

It is a data serialization system on JSON defined schemas with APIs present on C, C++, C# and Java. It is OS Independent.

  1. Oozie

It is an Apache project which is built to coordinate with scheduling of Hadoop jobs. It triggers jobs at a programmed time or as per data availability. Works on Linux and OS X.

  1. Zookeeper

It is a centralized service for keeping up configuration details, naming, offering distributed synchronization with group services. APIs are obtainable for Java and C, Python, REST and Perl. Works on Linux, Windows (only development) and OS X (only development).


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