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Forex Trading- Most Common Reasons Why Most Forex Traders Fail

Forex Trading is not easy, here is a guide of common pitfalls that you must dodge to become a successful Forex trader.

Many of us in order to earn profits and money we usually set out on a pursuit of conquering trade market as many are of the opinion that trading is a quick money making the instrument. But not many know that if forex traders do not know how to trade then the entire trade along with money might go south. The main reason why most of the Forex Traders Fail is that forex trading is the game of chess – to win you have to think and foresee a few steps ahead. So if you want to be a successful forex trader you need to be in sync with the market movements and understand the forex signals. The forex market trends are one of the biggest tools that help you in understanding the forex market.

Many traders think that trading is perfection but the truth is that trading is never about perfection as no trader can ever predict the trends or movement of prices. Rather, it is more about forecasting the trends based on market movement, experience, and intuition. But the fact still remains that around 95% of traders fail in trading. So if you want to successfully adopt the smart strategy and unique approach towards forex trading.

Forex Trading  Mistakes That Make Most Traders Commit:

Losing Self Control

Forex trading is about maintaining strict trading discipline but one of the biggest mistakes that trader’s commit is that they let their emotions take control of their trading decisions. For becoming a successful forex trader you will face some losses that can take an emotional toll on your confidence and patience.

This emotional turmoil can force you to jump from one trading method to others. This jumping or trial is done in order to find a big win in forex trading but it usually ends up in disappointment. The main reason for forex traders’ failure is that they make hasty decisions due to loss of emotional self-control. So try making informed and wise decisions by making a disciplined forex trading.

Not Sticking To A Particular Plan

For avoiding forex trading failures it is important to stick to a particular plan of action. A well-constructed plan or trading system is very important as forex markets are usually confusing and chaotic. So if you do not have a predefined plan then chances are you will lose your money. But if you stick to a particular methodology or forex trading system then you can usually anticipate the forex signals.

Over-Running On Emotions

Humans are emotional beings and they tend to make decisions that are ruled by emotions. But letting emotions take decisions of an uncertain environment like the forex trade can turn out to be catastrophic. Emotions are bound to dominate your trading decisions but dealing with them smartly will decide whether you are winning or losing in forex trading.

Inappropriate Trade Size

Account sizing is a very important aspect of successful forex trading. If a trader does account sizing on guesswork then it is bound to fail. Following disciplined account and trade sizing rules will result in your successful innings in trading.


Trading for the sake of investing is overtrading. Overtrading can be hazardous as they fail to see the genuine winning opportunities in forex trading. Overtrading can make you run for your money if you fail to be patient for things to get the line up for you. The golden rule to avoid failing in trading is – be patient and take action when things line up in your favor. Forex trading is beneficial only when traders see genuine opportunities and favorable forex signals.

Not Doing Trading Sincerely

Trading is neither a game nor it is to be treated as a hobby. Forex trading is not easy, it takes time to learn all the intricacies of trading and even more time to make it perform positively. Trading is a business or a way of making money so any shortcuts or un-experienced methods will not work in the long-run. It needs years of learning and experience to become a successful forex trader. So approach forex trading with a learning attitude and not as a moneymaking venture.

Not Adapting To Market Movement

Trading is all about understanding forex signals. Understanding these signals help you in making good decisions and succeed at trading. Overlooking the forex signals might cost you your money. A successful forex trader must never overlook the market conditions and forex signals as they play a huge role in building successful trading strategies. A lot of time forex traders overlook these signals, the market movement yet is able to find a winning strategy but such strategies last for a limited time as change is the only constant thing in forex trading. Most of the forex traders fail because they do not change their strategies as per the market conditions. Thus it is important to understand market movement and learn to adopt new forex trading strategies according to market movement.

Not Balancing risk- To – Reward Ratio

Trading is about knowing exactly how to much to invest and how to deal with risk. Traders must focus on leveraging their risk management skills to mitigate the risk associated with forex trading and develop strategies for capital preservation. The most important thing that forex traders fail to incorporate in their strategy is the diversification of their trading portfolio. Thus it is important to look into risk – to – reward ratio to maintain a winning strike in forex trading.

Unrealistic Expectations

Setting unrealistic expectations can make you lose your money. Forex trading is not a moneymaking instrument or venture rather it is a game, and to ace this game it is important to put in recurrent efforts in order to master all the forex trading Expecting that a certain forex trade will give you exceptional returns is wrong as such trade involves a lot of risks. Indulging in such trades might result in risking your capital in order to achieve unrealistic gains. So avoid setting up unrealistic expectations rather focus on capital preservation strategies to prevent the occurrence of uncalled events.

Trial And Error

Carrying out Forex Trading successfully is not easy as it requires a well-formulated plan. Learning all the tricks associated with market movement all by oneself with trial and error can cost you your money and can turn out to be the most expensive way of learning forex trading. The most effective way of learning forex trade is by learning it from a successful mentor and coupling it with hours of practice.

To sum it up forex trading is a game of intuition. You have to let your experience and wisdom take lead while taking forex trading decisions. You can take your first step towards starting your journey towards successful forex trading by avoiding the above-mentioned pitfalls. We at Multi Management & Future Solutions are here to help you learn perquisites required for building a solid foundation in forex trading carrier.

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Forex Trading- Most Common Reasons Why Most Forex Traders Fail


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