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How to make money through YouTube?

How To Make Money Through YouTube?

For monetizing through Youtube it’s important to use YouTube SEO. That’s why Madrid Software Trainings, Digital Marketing institute is teaching digital marketing course in Delhi so that you can use YouTube to generate an income stream. There are actually several other ways but enabling YouTube monetization is a great, fairly easy point. Today in this article, we are going to teach you how to make money through YouTube.

Why YouTube is a good platform to make money?

First of all let us tell you why YouTube is a good platform to start making passive income by sitting at your home. There are tons and tons of reasons for that but let us mention the biggest ones for you.

  • YouTube has 1.9 billion users logging in, every month.
  • Around 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
  • After Google, the 2nd largest search engine is YouTube.
  • Since videos are a great way to connect with your potential customers, YouTube rules.

Now you know why you should use YouTube to grow your business or generate a side income. But did you know there are actually two major ways of making money through YouTube. The one is by running ads of your own products or services and second one is through using ads on your videos.

If you are a business owner (like a digital marketing institute in Delhi providing a digital marketing course in Delhi), you will be paying YouTube to host your ads. If you create content, you publish videos and host ads on them.

6 Proven methods of making money on YouTube

Let’s learn step by step how to use each of them.

Becoming a YouTube partner

Becoming a YouTube partner way that allows the most of YouTubers to use the special features of the platform like Ad revenue, YouTube premium revenue, channel memberships, Merchandise Shelf, Super chat payments. Each of them has their own eligibility requirements.

Ad Revenue – You must be creating content doesn’t go against community guidelines and you must be 18 years old. If you are not eligible then your guardian must be 18 years old who can receive payments through AdSense.

YouTube Premium Revenue – Your video content can be watched only by YouTube premium users and you get a commission amount of their subscription.

Merchandise Shelf – Requirements are that you must be having an audience of 10,000 subscribers and your age must be 18 years or older. Here you can sell your own T-shirt’s.

Channel Membership – For selling channel memberships, you need to be of 18 years or older and you need to have 30,000 subscribers.

Super chat and Super stickers – This feature is not available in every country so you need to check if it’s available at your place. You must be 18 years old. This feature allows your fans to pay to highlight their messages during your live stream.

By selling your merchandise

This is the easiest way to make money. If you have a good fan base on YouTube or you are already a brand or a well known entrepreneur on YouTube, you can launch your merchandise and sell them through YouTube.

Your fans will love to buy them.

-Design the merch.

-Create a store on Shopify.

-Make website and landing page.

-Activate your YouTube merchandise shelf

Pro tip – You can even promote your merchandise in your videos.

Affiliate or Influencer Marketing

After establishing a good relationship with your audience and building up your trust with them, you are now an influencer who can partner with brands and charge around $21 per 1100 subscribers potentially.

Brands see an influencer as the easiest way to promote their products and that’s why they are ready to invest in them more and more.  Sometimes they even can give you their products for free expecting from you to promote them with your fan base.

Other alternative way is by earning through affiliate programs. You just have to sell their products and you’ll be getting commission out of every single sale. (Sounds like a money machine)

‘Fan Funding’ through your audience’s support

When you got a loving fan following who are crazy about your content, you hardly get to worry about anything else. Fan funding is a way to generate income by not pushing your subscribers to pay and they’ll be supporting you on their own will. But there are certain important things that you should remember. Loyal fans should know where their money is going. Hence creating transparency builds more trust. Other thing that you need to keep in mind is that  they should be receiving a good message from you personally if they are donating a good amount to you. The more special you make them feel, the more they will love you.

So some of the fan funding options is YouTube’s super chat and Patreon.

Licensing your Content

You might have noticed people using viral content in their own video contents too. So some day if any of your videos get viral, you can license it in exchange of money.  If other creators want to use your video, be reaching out to ask for your permission to use your viral content and at that time you can charge a good amount from them.


This is last but not least (because YouTube keeps coming up with new features) way to make money through YouTube.

Set up a crowdfunding account using YouTube approved crowdfunding sites. It’ll be good to be YouTube’s favourite. The next thing you’ve got to do is now promoting your crowdfunding campaign in your own video content so you can tell your fans expressively and precisely about why your campaign needs to be successful. You can just simply drop the website link in your description box!

What comes to be real challenge in YouTube monetization is building subscribers on your channel. You can’t simply rely on making a YouTube channel and publishing videos. Go beyond YouTube. You can do that by using other social media platforms for marketing. For this, a digital marketing course in Delhi is being provided by a well known Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. Madrid Software Trainings is an IT education company that will be teach you every possible way to make money through Digital marketing, YouTube monetization being a part of it.

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How to make money through YouTube?


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