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Top 6 Green Boating Tips to to Remember

Boating was once considered to be a preserve of the elite, given the high price tags attached to new boats. This perception, however, is changing fast with the emergence of online salvage auctions featuring repo salvage boats for sale. The auctions offer salvage boats for sale at affordable prices. Understanding the necessary repairs needed is the first step to make sure you get the most out of your investment in terms of safety, functionality, and longevity. It is also your responsibility to follow green boating directives prescribed by regulating authorities. The solid and liquid wastes from boating costs billions of dollars in cleanup costs for the Federal government. It is, therefore, important that you cruise responsibly to avoid fines and do your bit towards maintaining a sustainable environment. To help, this post discusses some green boating tips. Take a look.

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1. Dispose Waste Responsibly

Make sure there are adequate on-board trash cans before you’re leaving for a cruise. Always store waste products such as cigarette buts, fishing lines, and leftover food in these trash cans to dispose them when you reach land. Always dispose Hazardous Waste such as paints, batteries, antifreeze, cleaning products, oil, and oil filters at hazardous waste collecting facilities. Solid waste such as faeces must be disposed in harbor pump-out stations and shore-side facilities.

2. Follow Proper Anchoring Techniques

Improper anchoring can impact marine ecosystems and the effects can be more pronounced in areas that are home to slow growing species such as shellfish beds, soft corals, and sea grasses. To avoid these issues, always throw the anchor when the boat is stationary. Use properly sized chains according to the boat’s size and make sure the mooring holds properly. While pulling the anchor, position the boat above it. If you find any invasive species such as Caulerpa sticking to the anchor, dispose of them safely.

3. Clean the Boat out of Water

Many products used to clean different boat parts such as hull, and deck consist toxic compounds including chlorine, phosphates, and ammonia. Cleaning the boat in the water can release these toxins, often impacting marine organisms. To avoid this issue, clean the boat when you reach land. If this is not possible, use bio degradable cleaning products, non-toxic and EPA certified products.

4.Reduce Greywater Discharges

Greywater discharge from showers and sinks often include harmful chemicals that can be detrimental for acquatic organsims. Make sure your ship has greywater storage capacities, and dispose these wastes in specially designed facilities. Remove food and oil residue while cleaning dishes. Last but not the least, always use bio degradable, non-toxic, and phosphate free soaps and detergents while cleaning dishes and performing other cleaning activities.  

5.  Use Absorbent Pads to Minimize Discharge

Proper engine tune-up is important to ensure superior performance and will also help lower the amount of discharge from the boat. Place an oil absorbent pad in potential leakage areas such as in the bilge and under the engine. Run frequent checks to ensure the pad doesn’t choke the bilge pump and dispose the pads regularly at local hazardous waste collection centers.

6. Follow Proper Fueling Techniques

Always use absorbent pads to soak any spills while fueling and leave enough space (at least 10 percent of the tank capacity) for fuel to expand. To avoid any chances of spillage, use oil fuel pumps to transfer oil to a spill-proof container. Cover the oil filter to avoid spills. Report any spill immediately and never use detergents and soaps that include chemicals to disperse spills.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprints While Boating!

You can follow these tips to do your bit towards conserving marine environment and must also abide by maintenance and repair schedules to keep the boat in functional condition at all times. Be very careful when choosing a repo salvage boat for sale by opting for a boat that has minimal repair issues. At GreenSalvage, our inventory includes a range of repossessed boats for sale of different makes and models. We follow a transparent policy and provide detailed info about the damage the boat has sustained. To learn more about the type of salvage boat for sale we offer, fill out our contact form, or call at 1 (503) 446-1741 .

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Top 6 Green Boating Tips to to Remember


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