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20 Cleaning Equipment & Machine Video Examples

Any gadget or equipment that helps in any sort of Cleaning process, qualifies as a cleaning equipment. a cleaning equipment can come with revolving brushes that pick up dirt as the implement is pushed over a carpet or it can be a cleaning pad being used as a cleaning implement.

In this article we look at 20 Cleaning Equipment & Machine Video Examples that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own cleaning equipment offering. Here we go :

Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner Video

Samsung’s Motion Sync Design technology provides swift, stable, and smooth vacuuming on any surface. The swivel body allows you to turn on a dime, and the large cambered wheels roll easily over carpets, bumps and hardwood with minimal effort. Experience key features of the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner, with this cleaning equipment video.

Vileda Virobi Cleaning Equipment Video

Thanks to its autonomous navigation system, the Vileda Virobi Robotic mop collects and retains dust and hair on an electrostatic disposable pad totally by itself. It is ideal for all types of floors and cleans under furniture. The flexible base is especially designed to reach corners and along the walls. Maintenance is easy and batteries are rechargeable. The cleaning equipment video highlights the main features of the unique robotic mop.

bObi Cleaning Equipment Video

With just the push of a button, bObi automatically glides across your floors to pick up dirt and dust. It’s unsparing suction power and trio of brushes whisk away dirt and grime, leaving behind a spotless shine. Following right behind is it’s attachable mop, finishing your floors with a fine polish. To prep for the next GO!, bObi automatically plugs into her station to recharge. The cleaning equipment video overview shows how the bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop by bObsweep inherits high tech technology.

Samsung NaviBot-S Cleaning Machine Video

An open doorway would stop most cleaning robots in their tracks but it won’t hold up the NaviBot-S. When the unit encounters a doorsill, its Smooth Climbing Wheel enables increased leverage to assist the crossing of thresholds, over cords or other obstacles on the floor, up to 1.5cm thick. The NaviBot-S features Samsung’s Air Path Technology, which reduces irritating noise. It’s so quiet, you may find yourself looking up to see if it’s still on. As shown in the cleaning machine video, NaviBot-s has a visionary mapping Plus system that memorises the best cleaning path.

BigGreen BG10 Cleaning Machine Video

The BigGreen commercial carpet cleaner, model BG10, is a two motor carpet shampooer, scrubber and cleaning machine. Unlike many other commercial carpet shampooers, it works whether you’re pushing it forward or backward. This makes the process of going over a deeply ground in stain easier, as does reducing the amount of work required to clean around furniture. The industrial cleaning machine video shows how durable BigGreen is.

John Deere Cleaning Machine Video

The TANGO E5 Series II is designed to maintain your lawn automatically meaning you can enjoy the more important aspects of life. Designed, innovated and built by John Deere to its highest manufacturing standards, the TANGO E5 Series II autonomous mower sets a new bench mark in lawn maintenance. The cleaning machine video shows how TANGO E5 robot lawn mower mows in any weather and at any time all by itself.

Follow Me Cleaning Equipment Video

The Follow Me is the only 4-wheel pressure washer on the market. It follows you as you clean around vehicles, home exteriors, driveways and more. The compact, horizontal design delivers optimal stability and takes up very little storage space. Its Quick Connect system allows you to quickly and easily set up or store the unit. Thanks to its 4-wheel design with steerable front wheels, you’ll never have to interrupt your cleaning again to reposition the pressure washer behind you, as shown in the cleaning equipment video.

LG KOMPRESSOR Cleaning Machine Video

When you consider what an LG KOMPRESSOR Vacuum is capable of next to a traditional vacuum, the difference is night and day. KOMPRESSOR technology means no more messy vacuum bags or having to empty them constantly. Stubborn debris no longer seems so stubborn with it’s DualForce+ suction. The cleaning machine video overview talks about the quality of performance delivered by the LG KOMPRESSOR.

Bosch Move On Cleaning Equipment Video

The Bosch Move on is a flexible, fun and powerful portable vacuum cleaner. It delivers thorough cleaning results thanks to the powerful 2200 watt motor. It has an extra-robust textile suction hose to meet the most demanding requirements. It has easy storage and operation thanks to its super-light and compact design (4.6 kg). The HEPA hygienic filter system is ideal for allergy sufferers. The cleaning equipment video demonstrates a high class cleaning solution for any lifestyle.

Philips Expert Cleaning Machine Video

The Philips Expert Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner helps to reduce allergy triggers in the home through its powerful filtration process and performance on carpets and hard floors. The Tri-active 3-in-1 nozzle gently opens the carpet to remove the dust deep down, sucks up larger particles and sweeps up the dust and dirt alongside furniture and walls using its two side brushes. The cleaning machine video shows how Philip’s Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with NanoClean technology that reduces unpleasant dust clouds when emptying the dust bucket.

Panasonic Bagless Cocolo+ Vacuum Cleaner Video

The Panasonic Bagless Cocolo+ Vacuum Cleaner comes with two swirling airflows that are generated in the dust compartment, which ensures air passage that prevents clogging. Though compact in size, the unit contains a large dust compartment. It is equipped with Panasonic’s higher-power suction motor, the time-saving “cocolo+” requires less power than ever before*. Save your electric bills and save your local environment. This system consisting of main filter and exhaust filter, also removes fine particles to give out clean exhaust. The cleaning equipment video draws an overview of how efficient the product is.

Hitachi Power Boost Cleaning Machine Video

Hitachi Power Boost Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner comes with Newly developed head that features a powerful motor and has been made more airtight to generate a high-speed air flow enabling powerful suction of dirt as well as wiping. Featuring special bristles designed for wiping, the PowerWipe Pad rotates at high speed to cleanly wipe the floor while dirt is sucked in. The cleaning machine video shows how Dust is vacuumed not only from the front side, but also from both side and from the back with the Power Boost Cleaner.

Goodway QS-300 Cleaning Machine Video

The QS-300 Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun is the preferred choice among power plant professionals. Equipped with state-of-the-art features and cutting-edge technology, this unit offers everything needed to outshoot the competition. When the touch-activated trigger is squeezed, air and water propels Tube Scrubbers, Coil Tube Brushes, or other projectiles, through tubes 5/8″-1″ O.D., to remove deposits, effortlessly. The operator simply inserts a projectile into a tube and shoots. As the projectile propels forward, the cleaning machine video shows how the unit’s in-line pressurized water system hurls projectiles through deposits with ease.

Hako Scrubmaster B75 R Cleaning Machine Video

The new Scrubmaster B75 R can access areas that could previously only be cleaned using walk-behind scrubber-driers. The compact dimensions and superior manoeuvrability are only two of the scrubberdrier’s many advantages. Moreover, the machine offers superior operating comfort: The ergonomic, back-friendly design of the seat, which increases both comfort and productivity, is just as convincing as the wide range of practical details facilitating operating as well as cleaning and maintaining the machine. The cleaning machine video shows how the Scrubmaster is an unique innovation when it comes to cleaning.

Electrolux Cleaning Equipment Video

Remove dirt, dust and debris from your home with this Electrolux Ergorapido LiTHIUM ION Plus EL2055A 2-in-1 handheld/stick vacuum, which features cyclonic action for reliable suction. Top features include a patented self-cleaning brushroll that removes tangles at the touch of a button and a powerful lithium battery for a longer runtime and even more suction power. Great for all floors, the Ergorapido Lithium video shows how it is the perfect solution for daily cleaning needs.

Sargent Steam Cleaning Machine Video

Sargent Steam sells high quality durable steam cleaning machines that take the overwhelming drudgery out of housework. They are the Experts in teaching you to clean anything you own faster, easier, healthier and you’ll do it all without harsh chemicals. Sargent Steam is a one-time purchase. This power tool will shave off countless hours of hard manual labor and Sargent Steam saves your health too, as demonstrated in the cleaning machine video.

Dyson DC44 Cleaning Equipment Video

The Dyson DC44 Animal has a detachable long-reach wand, which is balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning. The motorized floor tool attaches to the wand or directly to the machine for cleaning awkward spaces. The brush bar has carbon fiber filaments for removing fine dust from hard floors. DC44 Animal has a run time of 20 minutes or 8 minutes on Boost mode. Powered by the Dyson digital motor, the cleaning equipment video shows how DC44 Animal has a fade-free nickel manganese cobalt battery and Root Cyclone™ technology for constant, powerful suction.

Gtech Multi Cleaning Equipment Video

The all new updated Gtech Multi hand held cordless vacuum cleaner is the perfect partner to their AirRam cordless upright vacuum cleaner. The Multi takes the attachments from your upright vacuum and puts them right into the palm of your hand. The cleaning equipment video shows how Multi gives you the versatility to make short work of cleaning those hard to reach places in your home.

Seiso Mop Cleaning Machine Video

The Seiso mop delivers the the joy to keep your home clean & mop your home at your convenience . It comes with 2 microfibre refill with super absorbent capacity which offers superior cleaning performance. It lasts long and absorbs and dries the mop faster. Sturdy and adjustable rod gives you convenience to use as per your required height. The Small feet on the lower side allows you to push the bucket from one place to another effortlessly. The flat and adjustable mop head allows you to reach each and every corner of your home and cleans dust for more healthier life, as represented in the cleaning machine video.

100 Nano Air Cleaner Video

The 100 nano air cleaner uniquely combines Aromatherapy, Sterilisation, Deodorisation, and Purification that allow you to remove room odours, allergens, and even airborne viruses present in your room. Ensuring a dust and bacteria free air that is fragrant and healing at the same time. It removes the odour present in the filtered air eliminating Sick House Syndrome (SHS), Acetic Acid, smoke and other health risks. The cleaning equipment video shows how the air purifier provides various healing benefits while providing your own choice of aroma.

Key takeaways from the above video examples are :

  • Build a strong creative brief
  • Find a reference video or combine multiple video elements from different sources
  • Work with a company that can understand your video production requirement easily

With the above cleaning equipment & machine video examples, it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are planning to develop these cleaning equipment videos, a good start is to develop a brief of what can be the tone and style for your cleaning equipment videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids create custom cleaning equipment videos based on your brief. With a complete video production services plan at a fixed price, our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having created 1200 plus explainers for businesses, our Creative team can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what your company plans to create with for the next cleaning equipment video requirement.

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20 Cleaning Equipment & Machine Video Examples


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