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20 Video Marketing Examples From Email Management Software & Solutions

Energy Management SystemWe all use Email daily, its a primary tool of communication. Email management and validation tools help save time while increasing delivery rates. Enterprises are also fast recognizing the benefits of using an email management system. With so many email management solution its hard to figure out what works for you and why ?

Video marketing is increasingly being used by email management solutions to market their offering and reach new clientele.

In this article we look at 20 Video Marketing examples from email management solutions that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own email management solution. Here we go :

Gekko Email Management Software Video

Gekko is a smart cloud email Management Software that offers the professional services industry a simple solution to help businesses run more efficiently by solving their email management issues. It provides secure storage to cloud and is easily accessible to teams via desktop, smartphone or other devices. Gekko lets everyone group, file, and search their emails centrally, on any device anywhere. The email management video shows how Gekko software can help you effectively manage emails.

YourITGroup Email Management Solution Video

YourITgroup offers an email management solution that manages all inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organizations from email-borne threats and data leaks. It lets organizations encrypt messages and leverage the cloud to spool email if email servers become unavailable. Their email security services help businesses world-wide manage and control their most important communications. The email management solution video displays how YourITgroup can safeguard you from email threats and solve unorganised email problems.

XgenPlus Enterprise Email Solution Video

XgenPlus is an enterprise email solution for ISP, Hosting Companies, Larger Enterprises. XGenPlus provides secured customizable email platform to exchange email, messages and acts as a reliable mail server too. Xgenplus keeps eye on email by E-Governance . It consists of UNIQUELY designed modules for Organizations, enabling them with features to improved productivity, security, user accountability and automated communication tasks through simple steps. The enterprise email management video highlights how XgenPlus acts as a powerful communication solution, which provides fast, secure and unified communication for all kinds of enterprises.

Experian Data Quality Video

Experian offers real-time validation for hosted email validation web service, used at the point of collection, to ensure a valid email address is collected first time. This implementation option by them is ideal for web forms and landing pages, e-commerce shopping carts, EPOS systems, web applications and call centres .Email lists can be validated on an ad hoc basis depending on your need or preference. Experian Data Quality will processes email lists and provides with a summary of the results,that helps in maintaining data quality. The email validation video guides you through the advantages of email validation.

Anchor Email Management Video

Anchor is one of the leaders in email data management. Their deliverability guarantee, the extensive datasets they maintain, and their proprietary matching logic has made them the trusted source for accurate, and cost-effective email append. Anchor provides you with the emails for future deployments and this greatly enhances your ROI.Their email append process includes the deployment of a permission request message to each address matched in the initial pass. This will ensure that the email is deliverable and that you are in compliance with CAN-SPAM best practices. The animated email management video shows how Anchor provides you the net deliverable email addresses with effective email appending services.

Real Email Validation Video

Real Email Validation offers email verification that identifies whether an email address is legitimate and deliverable. With leading-edge technology, speed and accuracy, you will know whether an email address is accurate and deliverable before mailing to it. Real Email Validation understands that the success of any email campaign is greatly dependent upon the health of your email list. One of the most successful ways to improve data hygiene is by verifying and removing bad email addresses. The video highlights how Real Email Validation is exactly the right email verification solution for you.

Kickbox Email Verification Video

Kickbox verifies email addresses using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). By checking with a would-be recipient’s email server via SMTP, you can often see whether a user for a given email address actually exists.Their SMTP verification can determine if the recipient’s domain even exists or if there’s a mail server associated with the domain. The email management video shows how Kickbox makes it easy to verify your email lists, or integrate email verification into your application with their API.

Email Checker Overview Video

Email Checker is a web-based email verification tool that verifies if email addresses are real, fake or dead accounts.Simply upload your E-mail list to their web interface and their system will let you know which E-mail accounts you should not send anything toward in order to avoid bounce backs or spam reports. The email management video familiarizes you with how Email Checker cleans your email list and validates email address in real-time on a website’s contact, registration and opt-in forms using their API or WordPress plugin.

AccuValid Email Validation Video

AccuValid provides email address verification to help your email marketing campaigns succeed by providing intelligence on invalid and suspect emails. It minimizes bounce rates, while increasing deliverability and increase the likelihood of inbox delivery. It helps build your reputation by sending to only valid addresses and lets you mitigate against the risk of being blocked or blacklisted. The email validation overview video shows how AccuValid secures and provides easy validation of your records with a proprietary coding system that gives you a clear picture of your data.

QuickEmail Verification Video

QuickEmailVerification is an online web-based email list cleaning service which allows you to verify email addresses in bulk or real-time using REST API. Their online email validation system processes thousands of email addresses every minute to detect invalid and non-working emails and provides you with complete detailed report. QuickEmailVerification performs deep level SMTP verification on each email address. Each email address is verified for mailbox existence without sending actual emails on that address. The email validation video gives you a gist of how QuickEmail can solve your Email Management issues with their Verification tool.

Email Hippo Product Video

Email Hippo email validation platform solves your problems with Email hard bounces affecting deliverability and Email Service Providers (ESPs) not wanting to send your email campaigns due to high bounce rates.With Email Hippo, you can extract just the valid, working email addresses from your customer lists, make more money from your email campaigns and reduce the stress of dealing with huge amounts of bounced emails. The email managment video to grasp an idea about how Email validation can help your business’s email campaigns.

Hosted Exchange Email Management Video

Hosted Exchange is a reliable email management solution for your business with all the latest bells and whistles for a reasonable price, from Apps4Rent. Businesses and individuals choose Apps4Rent’s Microsoft Exchange hosting service for the reasons of cost, convenience, reliability, productivity enhancing features. The email management video to understand how Hosted Exchange offers email hosting and management solutions from one platform.

SafeToSend Overview Video

FreshAddress’s SafeToSend is an email validation tool that neutralizes threats from Undeliverable and harmful addresses with a bulletproof method of separating the good addresses from those that are not safe to email. SafeToSend catches and corrects registration errors in real time before they enter your marketing database. Whether you need ongoing services or periodic list cleaning, there’s an implementation option that’s right for your budget and application requirements. The animated product video portrays SafeToSend as a perfect email validation tool.

Integrated Mail Management System Video

Integrated Mail Management System is designed to prepare, validate and send the reports & emails automatically. iMMS is the convergence of tools which facilitates automatic report generation, filtering on unauthorized data in emails and monitor SLA adherence. The email management videos shows how iMMS is a simple and easy-to-use model which can be integrated with Microsoft for all email management solutions.

GMC Inspire HybridMail Video

GMC Inspire HybridMail is a next-generation print and email management software that in 3 steps, centralizes the printing and fulfillment of everyday documents created by staff giving you huge savings through bulk postal discounts and reduced operational costs, while also increasing staff productivity and document security. The email management video to learn how to remove unnecessary costs from your business with the help of email management.

VERA Video

VERA is the Virtual Email Response Assistant for contact centres and support teams of all sizes. The email management software VERA automatically interprets incoming emails and optimally routes them to available representatives in your service team.The email management video shows how VERA email response management software understands the content of incoming emails, routes them based on agent skills and priority, and suggests standard responses to resolve the issue at hand.

Inovoo Email Management Video

Inovoo is an Email Management platform that helps you make your business processes more efficient and fully integrate and automate email as an input channel. It integrate email into your business processes as an input channel and automatically process emails, from input to administrator handover. Inovoo helps in increasing customer satisfaction and Increased service and process quality. It avoids record fragmentation and complies with legal archiving and documentation requirements. The animted email management video shows how Inovoo’s modular approach helps to meet the needs of your company’s efficiency.

MailUp Email Delivery Solution Video

MailUp is a leading email delivery solution. The platform combines advanced features with an industry-leading flat-rate Pay per Speed pricing, helping you reach your targeted audience. In a few clicks you can create, send and track your email marketing campaigns. As a Saas solution, you don’t need to install any software and can access MailUp anywhere there’s an internet connection. MailUp can be easily integrated with your CMS, CRM, ecommerce and business intelligence systems. The email management video shows how MailUp is a leading brand among the email service providers and email marketing industry, catering to the needs of email delivery solutions.

Xverify Email Verification Service Video

Xverify is an intelligent email verification service that offers cloud and mobile based email verification. It provides instant email verification to help marketers eliminate hard bounces, reduce spam complaints and minimize fraud to improve inbox deliverability. The email validation video highlights the advantages offered by a validation service.

Enterprise Email Service Video

Enterprise Mail is a Secure Cloud Email Service from NTT Communications that enables System Administrators to securely outsource their communication. It provides a high-quality, easy-to-use alternative to maintaining your own email infrastructure, with options for schedule sharing, facilities reservations and file sharing, with tracked changes and comments. The enterprise email video details the enterprise email solution that can be used to efficiently manage email.

An email management solution can create the following videos :

  • Email management overview video
  • Email management brand video
  • 2D & 3D Animated Explainer Video
  • Email management marketing video
  • Email management promotional video
  • Youtube Teaser Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos
  • Email management how to videos

With the above email management solution video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand email management solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting in email management videos , if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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20 Video Marketing Examples From Email Management Software & Solutions


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