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#Video: Learn how to focus on your vision when people around you don't believe in your dreams/ in what you do..

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In our African way, most of us try hard to do what or parents want us to..or in simple line, we live our parents' lives and dreams. For instance, a parent migh want you to become a doctor or a teacher or to be whatever he/she wants you to be that can make him/her earn reputation in the community. And in most cases, you will have to do it because he/she is the provider..pays fees for it! 
Since most parents wish the best when it comes to their sons/daughters...then, most of us never take this dream stealing seriously, "anyways..they are parents, they can't do some to harm me"-we think!!
This is what i refer it as dream stealing!!

To some points in my life i have come across the so called.."dream-stealers". These (mostly) are people (either family or non-family members) who tend not to believe in others point of it dreams, start ups or the like! Regardless their ages or status in your community..when you let them know what you think and believe in, most will not be honest with you...they will make you think they support you and give you crap but when you give them your back..they will make fun of you, and talk some shits about your idea or dreams! "In fact you as a human being you may start to feel bad" ...but as how things work, never feel bad for it for them!

Why? because, most tend to be filled with contentment..thinking they don't need any more idea to act upon..thinking they have it all they need!
Experience has taught me that he #1 killer in life is NOT heart disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS or accidents. I think it's "contentment."
-Too many people in life have given up on their dreams, become comfortable with mediocrity, and convinced themselves that good enough is good enough. Instead of facing their fears and chasing passionately after their dreams and goals so they live bigger, do better and achieve greatness, they just feel contented and find it easier to downsize their dreams, live in the memory of their past accomplishments, and justify why what they've got and done is enough. They have let contentment creep into their lives and kill their dreams, ambitions and chances of ever achieving greatness. 
Sometimes these "walking dead" types will try to convince you of why you're the crazy one for chasing your dreams. They'll try to convince you that you're working too hard, not taking enough time to smell the roses enough, what you're doing is silly or won't work, or that you've "changed". 
So when these people attack you, make fun of you, or the "vehicle" you've chosen to achieve success and break out of the box with, it's okay to feel sad. 
  • Just make sure you're feeling sad for them and not you, because they're the one's that need to be pitied. 
  • They're the one's who've given up on life, settled for mediocrity, and chose to be haters instead of celebrators.
  • They're the ones that'll be on their death bed wondering what they could've been had they tried harder, fought longer, and not quit on their dreams. 
  • Be strong my friends. Keep moving forward it's not worth listening to and the ones who seem happy living in contentment, truly aren't. Don't let them fool you. 

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Keep fighting the good fight!
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#Video: Learn how to focus on your vision when people around you don't believe in your dreams/ in what you do..


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