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Cogent Analytics Knowledge Center Blog
The Cogent Knowledge Center is a library of blogs with valuable information for small business owners. Cogent provides how-to's and tips on improving business performance and increasing profitability.
2022-07-20 12:04
Gary Heldt, host of the Grow Your Business And Grow Your Wealth podcast, speaks with CEO Rob Braiman about strategies for future business growth. Rob and Gary discuss the four major p… Read More
2022-06-05 12:00
The transportation and logistics industry is currently going through some major transformations. These changes are creating opportunities and challenges. Successful shippers are looking for… Read More
Adding A Happy Hour To Your Business
2022-04-20 13:59
The Happy Hour Concept Have you ever wondered why bars have Happy Hours or restaurants have early bird specials? Why would anyone want to discount their food or drink offerings and make l… Read More
Taking Back Control Over Your Revenues
2022-01-18 20:49
Sales revenue is the fuel for your business. The revenue from sales allows the business to generate profit, value, and ultimately freedom for business owners. Do you feel that you are not in… Read More
Take Back Control Of Your Revenue
2022-01-18 20:49
Sales revenue is the fuel for your business. The revenue from sales allows the business to generate profit, value, and ultimately freedom for business owners. Do you feel that you are not in… Read More
Strategic Planning Case Study
2021-12-03 19:55
Client Information Middle Size Factory Company in Modular Containers Market. There is a market of making containers into offices, warehouses, country homes, among other uses. This mark… Read More
Fostering Organizational Accountability
2021-11-08 19:42
Cogent Analytics Project Director John McNichols, recently wrote an article titled, “Fostering Organizational Accountability” to provide insight on how to create a structured wor… Read More
A Brave New World – Working From Home
2021-10-15 13:51
Cogent Analytics Project Director, Pete Villari, recently wrote an article titled, “A Brave New World – Working From Home” to provide insight on how to create a positiv… Read More
Maximizing Your Supply Chain Advantage
2021-10-08 13:13
Every business relies on other businesses to provide materials, products, and services to accomplish your mission.  These relationships are collectively referred to as your supply chain… Read More
Small Business Succession Planning
2021-10-06 16:01
Succession Happens It is either planned or forced. All people move on. If you’re not planning for succession, you’re not running your business. Succession planning is simpl… Read More
Time Management For Balanced Productivity
2021-10-01 18:34
Widely considered a vital skill for workers, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a tight schedule, time management is something that many swear by. A recent study finally looked at the importance… Read More
The Purpose-Driven Entrpreneur
2021-09-21 13:31
The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur is a business-oriented podcast dedicated to ask CEO’s what type of legacy they want to leave behind. Timmy Bauer, host of The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneu… Read More
Entrepreneurs On Fire With John Lee Dumas
2021-08-02 20:00
In this podcast, Rob Braiman shares his previous experience in the consulting industry and how it drove him to start his own consulting firm. Along with his history, he discusses other vario… Read More
2021-07-23 20:15
What do you know about critical supplies and the path travelled to your door? Discussions of risk have been at the front of our national and international dialog for over a year now… Read More
Importance Of Marketing In Business
2021-06-22 14:31
Marketing is a strategy that businesses do to advertise their businesses. Every business entity needs to understand such a strategy and how to employ it. Business sectors have been using mar… Read More
Influential Entrepreneurs With Rob Braiman
2021-06-18 16:37
Mike Saunders, marketing strategist, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and host of Influential Entrepreneurs, speaks to President of Cogent Analytics, Rob Braiman. Tune in as Saun… Read More
How To Design Incentive Programs That Work
2021-06-10 20:34
To use incentives or not to use incentives, that is the question often being asked by managers in today’s competitive marketplace. Combating high turnover and looking for ways to incre… Read More
Leadership And Succession Planning
2021-06-08 20:18
Typically, when starting a business, it is very uncommon for the entrepreneurial mind to see itself not being part of that business in the future. As companies endure through time, it become… Read More
Increasing Profitability In A Organization
2021-05-26 18:51
A challenge facing owners and managers of all businesses is how to increase the profitability of the company. The focus almost always turns to increase sales revenue. The strategy is to incr… Read More
2021-04-26 10:00
Small business owners often struggle with how they can attract top talent for positions within their company that will best grow their business. Every business started small and will have at… Read More
Cogent Analytics Celebrates 7 Years
2021-04-23 20:01
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cogent Analytics Celebrates Seven Years of Ensuring Client Success Greensboro, NC – April 22, 2021 – Cogent Analytics, a business management consultin… Read More
Time Management In Small Business
2021-03-31 15:16
Managing your time is relevant to everyone, from kids in school to people at home or work. The issue of time management becomes even more paramount to owners of small businesses. We have all… Read More
Revenue Growth Through Product Development
2021-03-23 15:25
Difficult times often require rethinking a company’s products and markets to maintain or grow revenue. These last months have certainly been a time for owners to review their business… Read More
Designing Organizational Systems
2021-03-23 14:19
In today’s global market, it is becoming more complex and competitive to efficiently and effectively run an organization.  This article will address some key principles which n… Read More
Recruiting And Hiring Practices
2021-03-23 13:43
When speaking with clients about Recruiting and Hiring processes, one of the first things I always hear about is their challenges in filling the role with the right candidate. This always ge… Read More
What’s Going To Be New In 2021?
2021-03-23 13:02
2020, The Year of Innovation. 2020 has been an incredible year for innovation opportunities and possibly a wakeup-call or reset of complacency or standard thinking. Yes, it was a strain… Read More
Effective Communication
2021-03-16 16:54
Managing and Organizing People Abstract      In today’s work environment leaders must be cognizant about “what” and “how” they deliver… Read More
Retirement Planning For Business Owners
2020-10-16 15:18
As a business owner, you are used to thinking ahead concerning your business strategy and taking care of finances. But do you take enough care of your personal strategy and finance? Many bus… Read More
2020-06-09 20:13
Cogent Analytics Project Director, Gerald Vogl, recently wrote an article that was published by Constructor Magazine. The article titled, Managing Incentives for Better Performance prov… Read More
The Profit Platform Of Business
2020-05-19 19:05
From Behind The Desk offers valuable information during these difficult economic conditions. Rob Braiman, CEO of Cogent Analytics, provides PSAs for business owners around the country to… Read More
The Power Of Cash
2020-05-15 18:48
Rob Braiman, CEO of Cogent Analytics, provides PSAs for business owners around the country to make sure they’re ahead of the ball regarding what is happening right now. In this epi… Read More
Cash Flow Vs. Cash Management
2020-05-15 18:14
From Behind The Desk offers valuable information during these difficult economic conditions. Rob Braiman, CEO of Cogent Analytics, provides PSAs for business owners around the country to mak… Read More
Recession Readiness – PSA
2020-05-12 17:31
From Behind The Desk offers valuable information during these difficult economic conditions. Rob Braiman, CEO of Cogent Analytics, provides PSAs for business owners around the country to… Read More
Innovate To Generate Revenue
2020-04-30 14:01
With economic conditions changing as a result of COID-19, Rob Braiman, CEO of Cogent Analytics, discusses the importance of innovating different ways to generate and maintain revenue through… Read More
Adversity Breeds Innovation
2020-04-30 13:55
In these unprecedented times, adversity has hit the ceiling. Entrepreneurs are facing struggling times and becoming stagnant. From Behind the Desk with Rob Braiman, a series of PSA&rsquo&hell…Read More
Have A (Succession) Plan
2020-03-13 13:00
It may be hard to fathom the reality of selling your business. You had a goal to grow and build your business, and over years of work, your energy, your vision, your customers, based on your… Read More
The Sounds Of Safety
2020-03-12 20:24
Cogent Analytics Project Director, Rodney Shuck, recently wrote an article that was published by Occupational Health and Safety. The article titled, The Sounds of Safety, provides valuable i… Read More
7 Ways That Technology Increases Profits
2020-02-24 16:07
Guest post about using technology to increase productivity and profitability in a business. Technology has greatly evolved in almost all aspects of life, and workplaces have not been left… Read More
2020-01-15 22:06
Larry Scarborough, Senior Project Director at Cogent Analytics and recently published in IndustryWeek, writes about building a culture around quality: Part of operating is running… Read More
Consistency: Two Sides To The Same Coin
2020-01-07 21:16
What are the benefits of consistency to a small business? Most will answer it is a critical element for forecasting revenue, and that is true. It is impossible to plan for profitability with… Read More
The Discovery Process
2019-12-20 20:55
Josh Elledge, Host of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast and Owner of Up My Influence, has appeared in over 500 podcasts and in the media more than 2,000 times. Elledge encourages entre… Read More
Inventory Management In 3 Steps
2019-12-20 15:51
Many businesses manage inventory well. Firms that recognize the importance and benefits of excellent inventory management, typically have better customer service, higher margins, and more ro… Read More
2019-12-19 21:23
Financial compensation is extremely important for any employee. For an employer, it’s difficult to evaluate the differences between bonuses and incentives for compensation. Furthermore… Read More
Best Practices For Small  Businesses
2019-12-13 21:29
Small and large companies share many of the same challenges on their paths to success. For a company to be successful, management needs to understand that many different moving pieces need t… Read More
OSHA And The Small Business Owner
2019-12-06 18:14
The Occupational Safety Administration (OSHA) was created in 1970 when the Occupational Safety Act (OSH Act) was passed. The OSH act was passed to prevent workers from being killed or seriou… Read More
Sales Management Helps Businesses Grow
2019-12-04 16:58
When a client was faced with stagnating sales metrics after maintaining steady growth for 20 years. Cogent Analytics was able to help them increase their sales through better sales managemen… Read More
Cash Flow To Improve Quality Of Life
2019-12-02 14:54
Small business owners always have a lot on their plate, which causes stress away from the office. The following case study illustrates how Cogent Analytics was able to increase the quality o… Read More

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