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As we engage in our day to day activities, we usually interact with different people and from different backgrounds. Often, we meet individuals with striking experiences that somehow motivate us to continue pursuing our dreams in life.  Indeed, some of these experiences may change our perception about certain life issues. For instance, people from well up families may never understand the plight of people in food insecure areas until they visit such areas in person.


In the course of high school education, I have been spending at least four weeks each summer in voluntary activities. For instance, I have volunteered to work in an Orphanage that is situated in an area that is extremely remote. In fact, the orphanage is about a one-hour drive from Lima, Peru. Having been brought up in a loyal family, I have grown up knowing nothing about poverty. Honestly speaking, I did not imagine that there are people who lack basic human needs. Before this experience, I knew less about the challenges faced by Orphans as they grow up. The fact that I grew up with my two parents alive made me not imagine the reality that there are Children who have never seen both of their parents (Bodine, 2005).

During my stay in Lima, I got a wonderful opportunity to interact with orphans from different backgrounds and with diverse challenges. In addition, I experienced the hurdles facing orphans in different parts of the world. What made me almost shed tears is the poor life-style that such children live. For example, to the orphans, sleeping without food was the order of the day. Indeed, to get three meals in a day was a great miracle for the orphans. The food available to them was scarce and mostly not balanced. Furthermore, the food was available after the children had been subjected to long periods of hunger. These and other experiences made me sympathize with orphans not only in my mother country but also in other parts of the globe (Royal, 2013).

As if that is not enough, I noticed with disgust that these children were more vulnerable to diseases as compared to other children who have access to regular balanced food. Frequent illnesses led to the deterioration of health standards among the orphans. Such situations made life extremely unbearable for the children and their guardians. Owing to various challenges that the orphans face, they usually have low morale and self-esteem. Such situations further result to poor health standards that may result to death if not properly addressed (Bodine, 2005).

Due to abject poverty, I noticed that the children in the orphanage were deprived of their right to education. In most of the countries, every child has a right to education. However, orphaned children hardly access education. Those who are privileged enough to go to school, they enroll in schools that are characterized by low education standards. Such events   increased my anxiety to continue volunteering for the sake of the orphans (Royal, 2013).

My stay in the orphanage was wonderful. It made me get first-hand information on some of the milestones that the orphans undergo. I could not have received such experiences at the comfort of my home. As I interacted with the children, it dawned on me that such children are always lonely. As children grow, they need services from people who are relatively older than them. For example, they need encouragement, guidance as well as role models. However, it is unfortunate that the children in the orphanage lacked such services ( Bodine, 2005).

Moreover, I found out that most of these children were facing malnutrition problems. By closely observing these children, one could note that they lacked particular nutrients that are important for their growth. For example, some children had swollen stomachs as well as legs. Furthermore, other children were extremely skinny and used to get sick regularly. My experience in this environment increased my passion for serving the less fortunate members of the society. (Bodine, 2005)

In addition, the children in the orphanage did not have access to proper medical services. Ironically, such children used to get sick regularly. For example, I noted that a child could get ill three times in a week. Nevertheless, there were no funds to take such children to hospital. To my surprise I witnessed children dying due diseases that could be treated and prevented. (Royal, 2013)

Before volunteering myself to serve in an orphanage, I was of the idea that people are poor because they are lazy.  As a result, I thought it was immaterial to sacrifice my resources for the sake of the poor. In my opinion, people were poor because they chose to be poor. Consequently, assisting the poor was equivalent to rewarding poverty.

Nevertheless, my experience in the orphanage changed my attitude completely. After interacting with the children in the orphanage, I discovered that some people were poor because of factors beyond their control and thus they deserved assistance.


Finally, it is not right for the less fortunate in the society to suffer at our watch. We should wake up and sacrifice our resources so as to better the lives of such people.


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Admission Essay for Business School


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