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Travel Time: Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lake Gardens or Perdana Botanical Garden is one the must visit places in the city. It is located near the National Museum of Malaysia and the KL Bird Park. So, you can enjoy the gardens in the morning and the bird park in the afternoon.

The property is so huge, it measures 91.6 hectares, so it is best to use a bicycle or roller skates for faster and cooler access to every place in the garden. However, for us, we decided to just walk around. "It must be a just like another walk in the city." I thought. 
So we went there around 9-10 AM and started our journey from the entrance on the way to KL Bird park. There is another entrance right across the bird park and more.
The moment we entered, we turned left and started our journey from there.
There were some monkeys in the entrance. They are not very tamed so I suggest to keep a distance. It is also prohibited to feed any animals in the property especially monkeys who are more prone to get close to humans.

This monkey was just doing his business. When we were taking photos, it suddenly came towards us thinking we might have some food. What we did was just walked away slowly and he stopped and went back to where he was.
Walking along the road, there are many places to take shelter or just to relax, and possibly have a picnic. There are quite a number of man-made waterfalls that would keep every visitors to feel cool on a hot day or from a hot walk.

We had to use Google Map because we didn't have a map of the whole park. We wanted to go to the hibiscus garden from the first waterfall we found.

We decided to relax and sit down on a concrete wall short enough for anyone to sit before we head to the hibiscus garden. Basically, the hibiscus garden starts from the other road behind this photo.

Here is a map along this road.

We didn't really go to the hibiscus garden because it was scorching hot and there was no breeze at all. We didn't have umbrella to protect us from the heat either and the hibiscus garden is as open as the orchid garden. It was almost around noon time so the sun was striking directly from the top.
Honestly, we didn't notice that we were actually walking at the hibiscus garden at first. I just noticed a lot of gumamela(Filipino for Hibiscus) along the road and it didn't look inviting while walking in the street and not knowing that there would be a beautiful picturesque place when entering that building.
I honestly regretted not going inside, so... there will surely be a next visit to KL and I will be sure to look at every nook and cranny of the Lake gardens and other places I still have yet to discover.
Hibscus Garden, Lake Gardens KL
photo credits from backpackingmalaysia
So here we are at the Orchid garden. I grew up with my mom loving flowers especially orchids. We had different kinds of hibiscus at home, but she had her attention more into the orchids because of how they are differently grown compared to other flowers we had in the yard.

It was super hot. There were big rocks where you can sit/stand to take photos and I decided to sit down. This shot was done in less than a minute. We tried to take a photo while the sun was hiding in the clouds, but after around 5-10 seconds, the sun was back to torture us with the heat again. The clouds that covered the sun was not big enough. 

And while the other is busy taking photos of the garden, I was busy taking photos for my Instagram story as well.

There are more other kinds of orchids in the area. This part of the garden is cooler because of all the shades and some trees.
Cattlianthe Jewel Box
And of course, I took photos of him as my model.

And I forced him to smile, he doesn't really want to be in the photos. 
The pathway in the orchid garden.

There were benches in the pathway and we stayed there to cool ourselves down and relax again.
Then we walked on the other side to go back to the road for our next destination, deer park. I saw this familiar plant, Birds-nest fern or in my local language Manaw. My mom also used to grow this plant in the yard so it is very familiar to me. As you can see, just like any other ferns, the plant has a lot of spores that will serve as propagation. However, compared to other ferns, this one doesn't have the feathery texture in the leaf. It has a very shiny frond but wrinkly.
Here are some beautifully aligned spores, or is it just me who find this beautiful?
Then there were tiny violet orchids I got fascinated due to its size.
I don't know the name of this one, I didn't find any labels either.

Cattlianthe Jewel Box

And so we were on our way to deer park or Taman Rusa.

Another waterfall beside the road to chill out or maybe some photoshoot.

And finally, after quite a long walk downhill when we thought we couldn't find it and when we thought we were walking on the wrong road.
Open the image in new tab for a closer look.

Animals were mostly kept away from human's direct interaction. However, this is one curious turkey and a curious human.

There were rabbits too, with adults and young ones separated from each other. However they seem dirty. I don't have any idea whether they get cleaned or anything. I feel bad for the rabbits for being so dirty, but I am in no place to say anything about the park since there are no info on how the animals are being taken care of.
And here are the adult rabbits who were too lazy to move.
Let's also take time to appreciate small things in life like this common ant that hunted for food. It was even amazing that I was able to capture this with our D3300 kit lens.

Then, off to meet the deer family. But because it was super hot, all of them were hiding under shadows. This one deer was hiding on a shed.

While the others were just under this closed foot bridge.

There is a small pavilion to enjoy the breeze, somehow, or just to be under the shade and to sit down from going up and down the stairs.

Here is a tiny river that I could see from the spot I took the photo of the tiny pavilion.

There were many benches under some shades to relax when you get tired from walking around.
After going out of the deer park, we saw this beautiful architecture where some people play some music, skates, and other family activities.

There is also a huge island in the middle of the lake, where we could see some ducks and other birds occupying it.
For me, it is such a beauty and a great respect to a city that keeps their economy strong or is fighting to be a great city and keeping nature intact and alive like this park.
This is like a great reminder to everybody, tourists and locals that they should take care not only of themselves but also with the environment/nature where they are living.
So, going straight ahead, you will find a restroom and the exit.

We found out that there is an electric car you can ride to roam around the park. But we were trying to save money by walking around .
This is the exit/entrance.
This exit is going to the National Museum of Malaysia and across the St. Regis Kuala Lumpur.
There are more things you can do in the park, but that was what we chose to do. The moment we went back to the hotel, it started raining. So we were happy we went back.

That's it for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the photos.
Please do anticipate for the next food or travel post! 

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Travel Time: Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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