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Food: La Brasserie Buffet Restaurant

Located at 235 Nguyễn Văn Cừ, Nguyễn Cư Trinh, 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Hồ Chí Minh at Hotel Nikko Saigon

Calvin and I were given the chance to visit this luxurious buffet because his mother had given it for us as our anniversary gift. Now, to make sure that we have a table, we head on to their website which you can visit through this link and booked here. By the way, this is not in any way a promotion or advertising. We just want to share our experience and to help you in cases you want to experience it as well.
So we also noted in our booking that we are reserving a table to celebrate our anniversary. We had it reserved on a Sunday night. We arrived, walked up straight to the stairs which you can find immediately when you go inside the hotel. Told the Staff of our reservation name and they showed us our table. 
After a few minutes, another staff asked for what wine we would like and served us both with white wine. Then another staff appeared and asked if we would like to order some lobsters. 
By the way, as this is a Buffet Restaurant, everything is eat all you can and drink all you can. Main reason why we went there was because of the buffet lobster.
There are 9 flavoring for lobsters. As far as I can recall there is tamarind sauce, black pepper sauce, Singaporean chili sauce, peanuts, passion sauce, and cheese.
Garlic and Butter
Black Pepper
Tamarind sauce
Singaporean Chilli
Passion Fruit

So it only took 5 minutes for each order of the lobster to be ready and served on the table. While waiting, we took other dishes and enjoyed our time with some live trio of a cello, violin, and piano.

There were three kinds of oysters The staff will open up the oysters you choose to eat.
I had two pieces of oysters in each kind and I love the iron taste, the taste of the sea making me feel like I was right in front of the beach, and it's freshness especially with their specially prepared flavored salt and lime together. 
The next table had some smoked salmon and I took only two pieces. It tasted so nice, the aroma of the smoke was so appetizing, I wanted to eat more, but I had to keep my stomach ready for the lobsters.
 Some mini burgers and mini sandwiches in pretzel bread and other small salad.
 This female staff prepares some fresh spring rolls or steamed buns.
 Cheese and crackers area for those who loves cheese!
 Steamed shrimps with some sauce
 The sashimi area. Just ask the Japanese chef by pointing on which seafood you want to eat raw. There's a variety of salmon, tuna, crab meat, octopus, and other fishes.
 You can also have unlimited crabs!
 If you want some hotpot, just choose which one you would love to have.
 Ask the chef for a freshly cooked little neck clams. The chef puts on white wine to make it more savory.
 And though it is a buffet restaurant, be amused at the plating. Normally, buffet restaurants don't have plating but in this one, they have it and I respect their art and hard work.
Beside the clams, another chef prepares for the beef with some red wine and another beautiful plating. It feels like I am eating on a fine dining restaurant but more of a self-service. 
  The photo below are lamb and roasted beef.
  And of course, we have the dessert. The cake they gave us was not enough. We actually had more than the photo here and we weren't able to take a photo of the dessert table but let us show you some of the desserts they have available.

Cheesecake with some fruits on top, raspberry shortcake, pandan cake, strawberry shortcake, and another chunk of sponge cheesecake. And I was so happy to see halo-halo here which is almost the same as che which is a Vietnamese dessert. However they are different on the terms of which ice to use. I accidentally had the wrong ice, so I couldn't take a photo and was disappointed at first. I took all the ice and went back to ask for shaved ice.
 In which this male staff helped me prepare it. For those who aren't familiar with the halo-halo dessert, you have to first get the fruits. These are the essential fruits of halo-halo (not all the fruits on the table): jelly, coconut, jackfruit, mango, ube jam or purple yam jam, red beans (not kidney, not mongo beans), banana, sweet corn, and no dried fruit. I accidentally put a dried fruit inside, it was bad. I thought it was nata de coco or some tapioca pearls but it wasn't. Because in halo-halo, you can put tapioca pearls or nata de coco for added texture and fun.
After putting all the fruits or main ingredients, ask for the staff to put some shaved ice on top of the fruits this is to make sure you can put all the ingredients you want than putting the shaved ice first and followed by the fruit ingredients. Then ask for some evaporated milk or fresh milk, then some condensed milk to make it sweeter if you like it sweeter.
Although the section is a halo-halo section, it can also be a Vietnamese Che section because they have available crushed ice and other ingredients that are only for the Che and not halo halo.
And we weren't able to try to eat the dessert on a stick and we are still wondering what it was.

We ended up staying for almost 3-4 hours, enjoying our bottomless white wine, unlimited food, and beautiful music altogether. Others say it is noisy, but I think it depends on the occasion or the day, when we went there it was noisy, but not that noisy that we don't hear each other nor the music. We could hear each other even if we whisper and the music was nice. It is also because there are groups of people eating than couples, so it sometimes end up being noisy. However, we didn't mind it. The experience was nice. The staff were kind and very attentive to our needs, like refilling our water and wine glasses, asking if we want to order another kind of lobster and such.

It was a great experience, it was my first time to eat lobsters and it was splendid! If you have any questions and queries about our experience or some suggestions, please feel free to write a comment below!

Thank you for reading and please do anticipate for our food or travel post!

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Food: La Brasserie Buffet Restaurant


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