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2017 Liebster Award Nomination

A wonderful holiday season has come and thus a lot of thanks and gratitude is what I want to send to Tracey of Ask Tee Travel for nominating me for the Liebster Award 2017. I started blogging on 2012 but I had a hiatus and just came back into active blogging around 2-3 Years Ago. However, this is my first time to hear about the this award.

Tracey and I get to know each other in a Facebook group where travelers meet through social media. I was enticed by her blogs and enjoy checking it out once in a while to read about her travels and other tips and tricks in traveling. As a fellow traveler, it is important to be informed well and have the right amount of knowledge before traveling to other places to keep myself and others safe, and of course to enjoy and learn from each other via culture, food, and behavior.

By the way this award is for new bloggers to get discovered, recognized, and to be welcomed in the blogging world. How bloggers are awarded is via other bloggers nominated by other bloggers. It is kind of a networking - connecting thing that sounded fishy at first but it makes sense. Why? Because it's like making friends through the internet, gaining connection by knowing other bloggers. It's another way of linking each other in this vast world digitally like how we try to approach and befriend people personally. And whoever created this idea is awesome and I thank him/her for doing this.

In this award as well, we (bloggers) are supposed to share our loved or favorite blog. As the word "liebster" which means beloved or dearest in Deutsch or German language. Honestly, I really cannot pinpoint just one blog that I love, because my interest varies from one to another. However since I have to put one on top, I would be putting Peter Elbert Go of Obotology, a traveler himself.

I first found his blog on a local Travel Group when he shared his adventures in the place I was about to go. I asked him questions and he was so willing to answer them and provide me as much information as needed other than the ones from the blog. Thus it was his blogs that I read a lot to learn when traveling to Laguna by myself. It had the information I needed when traveling all by myself on a quiet place. It was also his blog that I read to learn about coming here to Vietnam. His blogs are so informative that I just could not stop jotting down notes and screenshots just to make sure I have access on the information he shared.

10 Random facts about myself:
  • I was born in Cebu City, Philippines 26 years ago, a natural born Filipino citizen.
  • My first International trip is this year and so far I have only been to 4 countries, hoping and anticipating for more countries in the future. I started in this age, but it is neither late nor early. We have our own timeline, so are you. This is my timeline, so don't worry about traveling early or not.
  • The first time I traveled via plane was on 2014 to visit an aunt. I loved the flight, the rush, and the feeling of flying.
  • I love eating different cuisines but most especially Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Filipino.
  • I do not follow the trend. I have my own fashion trend that I follow and it keeps me from spending money on clothes.
  • I love animals, I had 2 cats, a dog, a duck, a rabbit, and some fishes who are now in heaven and I currently have another dog and cat.
  • I love nature, adventure, more nature, architecture, and more nature. Because of this, I like going to waterfalls, hiking mountains, enjoying old structures and such when traveling.
  • My motto is "If there's a will, there's a way" or rather 'if there's a wheel, there's a way'.
  • I have to Bachelor's Degree, BS Accounting Technology, and BS Human Resources Development & Management. I'm proud of graduating in both, so I'm sharing it to the whole world.
  • I love chocolate, chocolate truffles. Because life is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you're gonna get. By Forrest Gump.

Passing the baton

Now that I have been nominated, I am giving others a chance to be recognized and discovered. Hence, I am listing down here my nominees:

Felline of Felline Roda

Lionel of Wanderhow

Margherita of Outside Living Travel

Crystal of Sunday Mornings

Raj of Wander to Capture

Arti of Escape Writers

Srivatsan of Travel Tales by Srivatsan

Lucy of Lucy's Big Adventure

I had a great time checking out all of your blogs! Now, when you decide on accepting the nomination, you will need to visit here to read the rules and what you are going to do. I will be having questions for you to answer on your post so get yourself prepared to answer.

Here are my questions for you:
  1. What encouraged your decision to travel?
  2. What is the most unforgettable experience you have on your life? Why?
  3. If you have the ability to turn back or fast forward time, which one will it be and why do you choose it?
  4. You are given the chance to revive a life, who or which one will it be and why?
  5. Who is the most influential person in your life?
  6. Where would you love to live your whole life if you get the chance to do so?
  7. When do you think you would stop traveling?
  8. How would you spend an ideal day?
  9. Why are you blogging?
  10. A dish you would anticipate to eat whenever you travel.
  11. If you have to give up something, what will it be and why?
I am looking forward to read your answers and other details on your posts.

Questions I got from Tracey:
  1. What is your favorite international cuisine?
  • I love Chinese food. The moment I tasted the roast duck I had in Malaysia, my preference had changed into Chinese food. I also realized that I enjoy bao, noodles, and fried rice which all came from that cuisine.
  • When did you launch your website (approx.)?
    • Approximately around August 2012 and re-launched it 2-3 years ago with a newer address.
  • Who is your everyday hero?
    • My everyday hero would be the people working behind everything big and wonderful. The garbage collector, the cleaners, the camera crew, construction workers, and the street vendors. It always remind me of being humble and that beautiful things happen because of all the hard work done by these people.
  • Where would you love to retire?
    • I would love to retire on the mountain where my grandmother's sister lives. It is on a mountain which gives a cool wind breeze, would keep me exercising when I go up and down the slope and overlooking the horizon and the other islands. Going down, the shore is white and the sea is blue and clear. Where monkeys live just right the next mountain.
  • Which place would you prefer on a weekend, inland or along the coast/beach?
    • I would say in between. I would love to hike on a mountain, or go river rafting, or chasing waterfalls. Don't get me wrong, I love the beach so much, but the beach is at its best when I am very tired at work or abstaining on going there for a few months.
  • If you could pick one vegetable (or fruit) you had to eat for every meal, which would you choose?
    • I want to eat dragon fruit every meal. I first tasted it when I was in Ilocos and I loved it. It is great for tropical countries, and I would still enjoy it even when I'm on a 4-seasoned country. It is like a watermelon, juicy and watery but I can eat the seeds and all I got to do is slice it up, bite on it, swallow, and throw the peel off.
  • Favorite country that you have visited?
    • So far, I don't have as many countries I have visited in, and I am trying not to be biased but I really love my home country, Philippines. The blue and crystal clear seas, white shores, friendly and hospitable people, easy communication whether in English or Filipino, and good food. Also, there are many natural attractions which I love the best.
  • Best day of your life thus far?
    • Best day of my life would be when my Fiancé, Calvin, proposed to me on my birthday when we were in El Nido. It was my first time to elope, my first time to celebrate my birthday in another island, without my parents and friends, but just the two of us. It was raining in the morning, but then it stopped and the sky gave is the chance to go kayaking from one island to another totally having an adventure blast the whole day.
  • What skill have you learnt to do since you have become a blogger?
    • I became a good food photographer, is what I believe. Photography is the skill I learned when I became a blogger. Writing has been one of my hobbies since I was 10-11 years old but I have not used a proper camera or at least a point and shoot camera until I started here which was on 2012.
  • Apart from family, friends – what is the one thing you miss the most when traveling?
    • I miss my dog and the cat most when I travel. Because they are like my siblings to me. They are such a wonderful part of my life that I want to be with them wherever I go.
  • What is your dream (definition for yourself) for your blog adventure?
    • I want to inspire others. I am an ordinary person with a slower timeline than most people. I stayed in the university for 6 years before I finished it; I started blogging when I was already 21 years old; I just seriously started photography on the 4th quarter of this year; and I do not have enough savings nor money to travel around the world. But I can because I want to. I want people to see their own possibilities when they read my blog. I want to share to others that they can do what they want to do as long as they keep themselves on track with it. I want to remind others that even when they think their opportunity has knocked and they weren't able to open the door at that time, that they can still invite their opportunity by building another door.

    Thank you so much for this chance and amazing opportunity to be able to share my thoughts not only on travel but in a lot of things, especially the questions from Tracey of Ask Tee Travel. I am very grateful for everyone who made this happen as well.

    Check out my homepage for more posts about my travel. Thank you for reading and do anticipate for my other posts!


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    2017 Liebster Award Nomination


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