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Travel Time: Osmeña Peak

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TGIF! Thank God It's Friday!
I've been waiting for this day to come.
I'm not going to any clubs like other people do on Friday nights.
I'm going to do some adventure and yes there I was, on my way to the Peak with Milove.
I was so excited with so many things: camping, trekking the tallest peak of Cebu, stargazing with Milove, and enjoying the sunrise.

But doing those things weren't just any easy task.
It was my first time to camp. We were both strangers in the place. I had little idea about the exact location of the place no matter how much research I had done.
There were many obstacles to face too, getting sick the day before, heavy traffic, and the time constraint.
I had prepared an itinerary for the weekend already, and one little change will make the whole plan ruin. Yet, some activities can be alternated however, it will be lesser than the initial plan.

We were able to get on the bus around 4PM already due to heavy traffic. That's an hour late from the initial plan.
I had paid for our bus fare around 30 minutes from the beginning of the ride and had already told the fare collector for the destination.
The ride was longer than expected because there was "heavy traffic" again.  We used the bus that will run through the national road, instead of taking a bus straight to Brgy. Mantalongon which is closer to the peak due to the reason that it will be a difficult ride for us and I do not have any idea if they still have a ride at such late hour.
My parents had told me to change our plans, but I already gave payment and told our destination. Well, I could change it, but it felt like we were almost there. I knew that defying my parents would be bad, it might give us more trouble or harm us. However, the bus didn't have a stopover yet, and nature kept calling.
We had these:
Ask the motorcycle drivers, who sends campers from the highway to the nearest drop off point, if we could still travel and camp at a certain hour.
If the answer was Yes, we would do our business, prepare things by buying some things to a store nearby and head to the peak.
If the answer was No, we would wait for another bus to pass by and head to our next destination. Osmeña  peak mission canceled.

If you had read my previous post about I and my friends who went to Obong Spring on March. At the end of our trip:
 "someone approached us and asked if we were going to the peak.
He was actually talking about Osmeña Peak. He asked if we plan to go there and plans to camp there."
And it was already around 6 to 7PM, so with that inquiry in mind, I had a hope that it was safe to go to the peak at night and camp there too.
Always remember that parents are only looking out for our safety so that we could enjoy our present life and our bright future ahead.

We had arrived in the town proper at 8PM already. That was 4 hours of bus ride instead of 1 to 2 hours only (when there is lesser traffic).

Milove was getting sick again because of the long bus ride. When we went off the bus, we headed to the drugstore, to a small eatery for a food to go, and a little more things. Good thing the stores were still open, and the eatery is 24 hours open.
A motorcycle driver had approached us when we went down the bus and had asked if we were about to camp to the peak(That was a signal, it was "YES" and camping shall continue.). I had told him yes but had to do some bit of mini shopping. When I thought that we already have all the things we need, the driver came to us together with a boy around 10 to 12 years old.
We rode the motorcycle and headed to the peak. It was quite a long and breezy travel. It took almost 30 to 1 hour ride from the highway to the jump off area where we would start trekking to the top.
We had to get off the motorcycle 3 times because the road was still wet from the rain and it was very steep making it a dangerous ride for all of us.

We wrote our names at a logbook for people going to the mountain, and started walking to the top. It took almost 20 minutes to walk and it was really high, yet the wind was so cold, the humidity was high and was quite difficult for the both of us. Our guide by then was the kid who rode with us in the motorcycle.
The pathway looks nice though, because even if it was dark, the stones glimmer even without stars in the sky.
Because it was dark, I couldn't make photos of it. >.Oh well, I did~

When we reached the camping ground - finally. I pulled the tent out of the bag and the kid started to put it up, I helped him and we were able to set it perfectly.

Ate dinner for a while and enjoyed the breeze, while the kid, oh! his name is Harold. Harold was looking for a place where he can sleep.
We were worried about him because he slept in the bushes, but he said he was fine.

I had brought with me my long sleeve shirt but it was really cold, the tent started sweating just a few minutes after the tent was put up.

Milove woke up earlier than me and he scared me by asking if I was playing with the tent, but obviously I was sleeping so deeply that I didn't mind the hard land. Followed by another question, "The kid is sleeping in our right side, right? Someone is playing in our tent at the left side."
I was still half awake, I couldn't get it at first, but what my mind processed was "there's an unidentified being poking our tent last night" because we were the only people camping. Unless if some people down the mountain were that bored to just played with us. It scared me, but I shrug him off by saying that he might just be thinking things.

We woke up at 4AM for us to be able to watch the sunrise together.
A few minutes later, he wanted to answer his nature call. I was still scared from what he told me, and scared that it might be colder outside because the tent was sweating so much from the top side and the sides were even wet.

That's not a design of the tent, those are droplets of water. 
 He really had to answer it, so even if I wanted to be inside the tent for "safety" and kept it closed, he opened it. But oh well, it wasn't cold. It wasn't raining. It was so dry and the night sky were full of stars. It was such a beautiful view, but I couldn't capture it. (T_T)
One day I will be able to do so.
We enjoyed watching the night sky together. It was really dark. I started looking for my things to get prepared for the day and arranged some other things like blankets used.

When I started taking out the tent to put in our backpack, Harold woke up. Packing things up and when it was a bit brighter, we started our small trek to the peak point of the mountain.
Just around 5 to 10 minutes, we were already there.
As the sun slowly showed up, the place was still dark. The lights down below are from the Municipality of Badian.


This one is facing East, sun is slowly showing up.

The sun was glaring, so I couldn't take a photo of it.

While taking photos, Harold told us that a white and brown dog came around midnight walking and sniffing all over and finally settled down near our tent to sleep. After a few hours when they noticed that there was someone sleeping in the bushes, the dogs went away.

A few minutes after sunrise, a guy came and talked with Harold which later on I asked from him who that guy was. He was the caretaker and watcher of the Osmeña Peak. He keeps the place clean and green and out of human abuse.
I gave him a small token for taking good care of the place that I believe has been visited by thousands of people every year.
The South
The place doesn't seem like it's the highest peak of the island because it doesn't have just one peak, it has more smaller hills like pimples in a mountain. It isn't perfectly shaped like a cone like how other mountains look like, but from the temperature, and the humidity of the place you'll see the difference when you are in the town. Unfortunately, I don't have an instrument to measure temperature, so I couldn't find out the degree number.
Yet, it wasn't an easy climb, it wasn't an easy ride either.
For the day, we were the first people in the peak. At around 6:30 AM some people has arrived from the nearest town maybe. 
It was a funny encounter with all of them. I think there were about 8 to 10 people. We noticed them from the ground and waved at them. When we went down from the peak and met, we greeted each one of them a "Good Morning" and a smile. We decided to leave since we were scheduled to be fetched by our motorcycle driver at 7AM. Additionally, it is best to go down while the temperature is still a little cool we won't get too sweaty and we will arrive in the next destination at an early and safe time.

Here are some photos I took when we went down, enjoy:
Ferns show that the place is cool in spite of being in an open space.
That tent is a surprising thing. I didn't see that the night before, but maybe because it was dark and we could only see the pathway then.

We were there earlier. That was the hill we had to climb up of this hilly mountain.

A guy is selling bread on that tent. Those are for mountaineers or tourists who visit the peak and campers who stayed and haven't had breakfast yet. But it was still early morning, we didn't have the appetite to eat, we were full just by seeing the stars and the sunrise together.
Cows early in the morning.
White stink grass in the site!

These are the stones that covers the pathway which is easier to see at night since it is quite luminous.
Under these stones are black soil which is really good for agriculture.
Almost near the road. That is our guide, Harold. I asked him to pose for me.

A beautiful rock formation.

The town looks different, it looks like it's in another country. 

A cute flower bush in front of the place where we logged our names in.

Cabbage farm

Another cabbage farm

Healthy fresh looking chayote in one of the chayote plantation.

Spring onions~
Look at my shadow~ guess which one I am~ haha

Red Sword Pepper plantation~

Mr. Driver, where are you now? We are almost at the asphalt road now~

Harold and Milove, co-blogger

These trees, auracaria, a palm tree, and a willow looking tree makes me feel like I'm not in Cebu.

Chinese water apple, it is owned by one of the homeowners in the town, so I didn't dare to pick them up. Just taking a photo and showing how tiny and pretty they are.
Look at this foggy looking place even after the sun has set in.

The mountain is really gorgeous from this view.

Was able to find the driver a few minutes after walking in this area. Finally~ But it was still early than 7AM.

We are going down now, the ride is smoother now and the road looks really beautiful (well, for me).

In the other side of the mountain, you could see that there seems to be a waterfall, but unfortunately it was the result of the earthquake that shook the whole Cebu few years back. 

This road is still under construction. I have no idea if they were making a road or making something else.

Such a small road, only one car can pass by here, but two motorcycles can.

Our adventure in the famous Osmeña Peak has finished, yet going there again is an idea I welcome to do.
We reached the town at almost 8AM. Paid the driver PhP300.00 which is the accumulated payment per person (PhP150.00) and gave PhP100.00 to our guide and a snack for him too. The guide's pay is like a tip, it depends on the tourist how much he/she is willing to pay. We thought it might be enough for him, since it was my first time paying a guide, I don't have any idea how much is enough. I just thought of his age, kindness, and my budget. 

Traveled in the afternoon ending up arriving at night in Dalaguete. 
Camped and woke up at 4AM.
Enjoyed the night sky and slowly packed things up.
Walked a few miles to reach the peak and waited for the sunrise. 
Took few photos and left when some people were coming up already.
Walked down till we found our driver.
Rode and was sent to the town where we came from the night before.

*Internet connection or even mobile signal is difficult when camping.
*Bring clothes that would warm the body, like sweaters.
*Bring flashlight and food.
*Be prepared to sleep in the land. It's hard and painful because of some pebbles.
*Bring your own tent when you want to camp, it's better to be prepared and to rent.
*Put your things inside the tent.

*Bus fare from the terminal to Lungsod ng Dalaguete - PhP 120 - 150 per person
*Motorcycle fare from the town proper to the peak - PhP 150 per person
*Guide pay - PhP 100.00
*First aid kit, food, others - PhP 200.00

P.S: I apologize for the long post, I wanted it to be short. But I end up having it really long.

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Travel Time: Osmeña Peak


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