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9 Budget tips you have to use for your next holiday

This is part 2 of the budget Travel tips. As a lot of people need to travel on a budget in order to see the world, I decided to make a part 2 of even more tips!

Part 1 can be found here

1. Take advantage of your job

In this day and age of the internet it makes people’s jobs much easier than in the earlier days. A lot of jobs have the option to work from home, in your case work when you travel. See if there is an option to work from distance with your work, that way you will be able to work a few hours in the morning. Travel around during the day, and finish your work in the late hours before going to bed.

Perhaps you have a skill which allows you to do freelance work? Maybe you are good at writing stories, become a ghost writer. An excellent programmer? There are countless of companies outsourcing their work to freelancers. Maybe you are a good graphic designer? Try applying to various jobs with your portfolio.

Various travel agencies/airlines and guides are looking for travels to make an article for them. Try contacting them to see if they are looking for a specific kind of article. Maybe they are looking for something you are passionate about.

2. Use the right sites and book early

As most people already know, flying off-season is much Cheaper compared to high-season. Try to go on a holiday when there are no school holidays. When there is no big local/national holidays and you’ll notice the big difference in price. If you are 100% sure of your trip, be sure to book the flights early instead of a few days before. You’ll be able to get it cheaper.

A site I like to use is, It allows you to find the cheapest date to fly within a month or even the whole year. Not only that, but it will also show you the cheapest country/city to fly to.

Another site which is amazing for international flights is the matrix software of Google. Which allows you to edit your flights more specific giving you the cheapest options?

3. Take advantage of flight promos
Within the Philippines there are a couple of budget airline carriers which offer amazing promos from time to time. But not only domestic, but also international flights!

A couple of examples which I was able to book at cebu pacific (based on 2pax)
·         Round trip Cebu-Cagayan de Oro 750Php (375Php/person person)
·         Round trip Cebu-Puerto Princessa 2800Php* (1400Php/person)
·         Round trip Cebu-Hong Kong 2500Php (1250Php/person)

*Flights to Palawan can be cheaper if you wait for the right promos.

4. Try not to stay in overpriced hotels.

AirBnB, hostels and couch surfing are becoming bigger and bigger. But relatively cheaper compared to hotels. Or maybe become an international house/pet sitter?

Do you want to be mixed with the locals? Try to look for something on AirBnB. You’ll be able to rent a whole house/apartment or even a room within someone else’s house. This makes it ideal when you want to be mixed in with the locals of the country.

Perhaps you are a solo traveler and want to meet other travelers on your trip? Try out hostels, it’s the perfect way to meet other travels who are on a budget. Some tours and trips require multiple people for an activity. Being in a hostel and making friends would make those activities possible.

It’s similar to AirBnB but cheaper or even free. You will be sleeping in someone else’s home while you travel around. Also the perfect way to meet new friends!

International house/pet sitters are slowly becoming bigger. There are lots of people that prefer another traveler looking out for their pets or even their home. In exchange of your services, watching their pets and/or house. You’ll be able to stay at their place for free!

5. Prefer a hotel? Use promos, coupons and/or cash back!

As you already know, during low-season the prices of hotels can be cheaper. But there are other ways of getting a cheaper rate at a hotel/resort. Try checking sites like Agoda and first. Those sites have promos almost every month! Giving you up to 50% off! Which is an amazing deal for a budget traveler? 

When you find a hotel/resort that you are interested in. Check whether they have a dedicated website of their own. Sometimes there are special promos only for customers that book directly on their site. Rainy season promos for example can go up to 70% off. An example of my time in Japan was a traditional Ryokan room for 80% off because it was low-season!

There are also sites giving you cash back when you book through their link. ShopBackis an example for this. They give a fixed amount or a percentage back of your total purchase. As of the day of this posting Agoda’s current cash back includes up to 500Php back when you pay more than 2400Php. Or 5% cash backon bookings below 2400Php.
This is not only for hotels, but also various other sites! Like Lazada, Zalora, or if you are craving food even Foodpanda!

6. Avoid touristy restaurants

I’m talking about the restaurants that are placed near big landmarks, those are always priced up catering to the tourists. Try looking for more local restaurants. Preferably one that doesn’t have an English menu available. That way you will know that it’s really local and choose for the daily specials or the Chef’s choice at that moment. You’ll notice the big difference in price. Besides that, what is better than trying out the local food?

Another option which is even cheaper is to try out the local street foods. Every country even every city has his own special kind of food. Stroll around and find the tasty local foods!

7. Know your public transportation options

Obviously traveling with taxi will get expensive really quick. Try looking for the bus/tram/train schedules in the city you are planning to visit. Or try out their local transportation like a tricycle or tuktuk. If you plan on an Europe trip, sometimes the plane can be cheaper than the train ride itself. You can get plane tickets as low as 530Php while the train ride in comparison would be 2600Php.

Check whether the country/city has special railroad tickets available for a week/month. Those will always be much cheaper than buying individual tickets for each ride.

8. Eat more during lunch in a fancy restaurant

If you want to go to a fancy restaurant during your trip, try going during lunch. Many restaurants have a much cheaper menu for their lunch compared to their dinner. Yet the experience and the luxury of said restaurant is still the same.

For example in Japan has the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world, with amazing food and service. Their lunch menu is identical to their dinner menu, yet it’s 50% off during lunch hours! Be sure to make a reservation if you plan on visiting one of those restaurants though!

9. Bring the right currency if you plan to go abroad

As the Philippine Peso isn’t a “big player” currency, big chance that you won’t get what your peso is worth. Try going to banks/exchange kiosks and ask for their Dollar/Euro rate for selling Pesos. When you found the bank/kiosk that gives the best exchange rate choose that one.
(I’ve noticed that the exchange kiosk across the pharmacy at IT park’s the walk has the best rate for Euro>PhP. You could try to check the PhP>Euro rate too)

Both the Euro and Dollar are highly wanted so you’ll get a better rate when you travel with either of those to your destination. You should only exchange a small part of that money at your destination’s airport. This will cover your expense for the transportation to the city. Once in the city you’ll get an even better rate compared to the airport’s rate.

If you’d like me to go in more detail about one of these tips, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll reply with more details!

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9 Budget tips you have to use for your next holiday


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