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6 Ways to Shut Down Stressors After Leaving Work

There is no doubt that putting the Workday behind you after leaving the Office can be difficult. All too often, we find ourselves arriving home with commitments from the work still fresh in our minds.

However, there are some things you can do to help alleviate stresses from the office, and ensure that you have a clear mind while at home.


There is a multitude of reasons to consider exercising and one of the foremost is the positive effect that it has on the brain. When you are trying to find ways of leaving work at work, consider starting an exercise routine where each day you engage in this activity immediately after departing the office. A workout routine can promote the release of endorphins and increase serotonin levels, and these chemicals are vital in clearing unwanted thoughts from your mind. In addition, working out will help you maintain a much healthier lifestyle, which can promote better work habits.

Have a Plan

By implementing a rigid plan for each workday, you will be able to complete tasks more efficiently, which can significantly help the progression of your workflow. Many times, the primary reason it is difficult to forget about work commitments is because we were unable to complete them before the day’s end, and this causes work issues to carry over into our home life. To counter this, start each day with a schedule of the tasks that must be completed prior to leaving the office.

Be Kind to Yourself

While talking to yourself might sound a bit strange, it can go a long way in helping to deal with work related issues, and one of the best times for this is on your commute home. When driving home, make a mental note of the pressing issues from the office and speak each of these aloud. Certainly, this does not mean that you need to get worked up, but instead use a low and firm voice. Stating stressors out loud can diminish the feelings of anxiety attached to the issues, and it allows a chance to individually address each problem.

Change Your Focus

It may seem obvious, but when you dwell on a particular issue, whether it is work related or from another external source, it can lead to elevated levels of stress. Often, the simplest solution in countering this problem is to change your focus. If you find that you are bringing work home, force yourself to recognize that you need not worry about the issues once work hours are over. In the end, there is nothing you can do to remedy these concerns until the next workday, so try to temporarily put them out of your mind.

Enjoy Your Commute

Even though your ride home may be filled with heavy traffic and honking horns, it can actually be a time to enjoy. Instead of thinking of the commute home as an obstacle, consider it the first opportunity to enjoy time away from the office. While you may be in the habit of getting home as fast as possible without much consideration for the surrounding environment, treat the ride as if you are passing through the area for the first time. This can put a different perspective on things and it can be a great way to unwind.

Family Time

Simply put, there is nothing more important in life than spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately, stresses from the workplace tend to creep into our family life and this can put a strain on relationships and lead to a distancing between family members. When you arrive home from work, take a minute to reflect on the things that are most important in your life. It may only take the thought of your children or spouse to help forget about any other issues that were previously pressing.

Don’t Let Stress Negatively Impact your Life

Bringing the stresses of work home can negatively impact our lives in multiple ways, and therefore, it is important to make sure that you do not let work issues leave the office. There is an array of ways to help keep work out of home life, such as by forming a daily exercise routine or talking through issue aloud to oneself. In addition, forcing yourself to remember the things that are most important in your life can help make the changes that are necessary to improve your home life. Keep these tips in mind at the end of the workday and you will be able to arrive home with a clear mind.


 Author bio:

Wheeler Coleman is the CEO and Executive Partner at EC-United – an IT consulting firm specializing in providing innovative solutions to transform businesses. He also sits on the Board of Trustees at Northern Illinois University. Find him on Twitter and Quora.

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6 Ways to Shut Down Stressors After Leaving Work


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