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5 Reasons Why Businesses Choose Dedicated Proxies Over Shared Ones

The online environment has become difficult for businesses. Now, privacy and security are becoming top priorities for small and big companies alike. Proxies and VPNs are the critical tools companies use to enhance market research, safety, and customer support.

As a business owner, there is one decision you need to make when looking for proxy solutions. Dedicated or Shared proxies? Well, if you’re undecided, this article will help you decide what will fit your needs well.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose private proxies over shared ones.


The online business environment has become more competitive now than it was years back. With lots of businesses investing in websites and applications, you’ve got to be smart to stay at the top. Speed is one of the essential elements you need to succeed with your online operations.

The type of proxy you choose determines how fast or slow your network will become. Shared Proxies will slow down your website and affect user experience. With many people sharing an IP address, you have to wait a little longer for the server to respond to your requests.

Conversely, private proxies are faster and will guarantee you a better user experience. Using a private proxy, you get assigned a unique IP address assuring you of top security and privacy. 

It is also excellent for handling multiple tasks such as web scraping for web research. When scraping websites, you should consider SEO proxies that will give you the results you desire. Anonymity is critical as it will make your bots immune from restrictions.

If you want to avoid overloaded server bandwidth, a private proxy will serve you better. With internet users craving more speed, dedicated proxies are slowly becoming an excellent solution.


Security is a very critical factor of a business with an online presence. Shared proxies do not guarantee the level of protection that companies are looking for online. Nowadays, the internet is full of scammers and hackers lurking in public networks ready to take on unsuspecting business people.

If they get access to your information, your business reputation will be at stake. That could also affect the relationship between you and your customers. Thus, private proxies are a better option because they guarantee you a higher security and privacy level.

With dedicated proxies in place, a security lapse is unheard of as you have a unique IP address. It prevents hackers from infiltrating your network and stealing or tampering with your data. However, you should ensure that the private proxy you buy has to be from a recognized and registered vendor. That will help you raise a claim and get compensated should anything go wrong with the service.

When it comes to web security, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. There are tons of security measures you can take to ensure your business is free from internet attacks. That’s why you should always research tech tips and tricks that help protect your online presence. 


Shared proxies are generally unreliable compared to dedicated proxies. The problem with these proxies is that no one manages them and, as you may realize, have no registration procedures. The fact that no one collects customer details makes it suspicious and a risky affair altogether.

These proxies also do not have someone handling maintenance regularly. As a result, their servers can go down anytime, and no one will be on the other end to help quickly. Remember, any downtime on a shared proxy, especially when in use, can jeopardize your security and privacy.

Dedicated proxies, on the other hand, are much safer than shared ones. With a registration procedure and authentication, every time you need to use the proxy, your security is almost guaranteed. Besides, you pay a premium price to access their services.

The money you pay goes a long way into maintaining and upgrading systems with the latest security features.

Ad presence

Advertisements can be a headache for internet users, especially when not informed about them prior. Shared proxies come with more promotions than private ones. Thus, before choosing them, you should have decided whether you are ready for frequent ads popping up your screen.

A more severe problem with shared proxies is that they can install adware to your browser. If it does, you will be receiving ads every time you log on to the proxy server. Besides displaying ads, it goes ahead and sends your email address to anonymous people and slows your device.

Although you need to pay before using a private proxy, it is the best of the two. With this type of proxy, annoying ads become bygones. It also prevents browsers from sharing your address with suspicious individuals or websites. The best bit of it is that you will never experience slow speeds with a dedicated proxy.



Only a few things in this world that don’t have price tags and proxies aren’t on that list. With proxies, it’s either you’re paying to use one or paying the price for using a compromised one. There are many risks of choosing a shared proxy over a dedicated proxy, although shared ones come free of charge.

For instance, a shared proxy will not guarantee you the level of security you desire. The unreliability of shared proxies mentioned earlier in this article also makes free shared proxies unworthy. Thus, you are safer with an expensive private proxy than a shared one.

First, a dedicated proxy comes with high reliability, speed, and security. However, these are features that you’ll have to pay a premium to enjoy. As a business, a proxy should be an investment for you, and thus spending on it shouldn’t require a second thought. These proxies also have customer support teams to help you.


Those are the top 5 reasons why established businesses are preferring and using dedicated proxies. Although shared proxies work almost similar to private ones, the value they offer isn’t the same. Companies are mainly looking for privacy and security from a reliable service.

Before you decide what fits your needs, take time to consider these factors. At a glance, any serious business would choose a dedicated proxy over a shared one. It is much more reliable and won’t disappoint on privacy and user data security.

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Choose Dedicated Proxies Over Shared Ones


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