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My true love gave to me

Hey guys, it's time to post my review on My True Love Gave To Me:12 holiday stories. It contains 12 different stories by 12 different authors. 

I'm sorry the font was so weird. I have some problem with that, so please endure with me. I will try to fix it next time.

1. Midnight by Rainbow Rowell

This was a cute Story. This one tells the events which happened on  every midnight on 31st December for 3 years.
In 2011, Mags and Noel who was very much allergic met at Alicia’s New year Eve party.
In 2012, they become friends and tried to celebrate their anniversary.
In 2013, they become so close. Best friends.
In 2014, they are gonna meet after nearly 5 months even though they were texting each other. Most of the friends went somewhere to study, but she was still in Omaha. They kissed finally(Aww! Sweet).

Kudos to Rainbow Rowell!! Her words are special. I won't feel like reading, I feel like living with it.

MY RATING: Outstanding

2. The Lady and the Fox by Kelly Link
As we know, from the name this is also one of the love stories.
Miranda and Daniel were childhood friends. She was living with him since her mother went to the prison. They both spend the Christmas every time exchanging gifts. She always sees someone lurking through the window. She even talked with them. The suspicious thing is that they will only appear when it's time for snow. Otherwise, they won't come.(I thought they were ghost). Daniel and Miranda gave a shot of being in a relationship, but it didn't work out well. She was rather piqued by Fenny. But other than her no one knows about him that includes Daniel as well. Then out of nowhere, they started kissing. But he couldn't stay longer as the snow had stopped. So she  plans to keep him with her when next time comes. But she doesn't wait for that. She created fake snow fall, so he could appear. As expected, he came. Here only we can see that he is a Fox(I'm not sure yet).After some drama, he stays with her(he was freed from the lady who was the head by Miranda).

The truth is I don't like it. I was gritting my teeth till I completed this one. I got confused when I started this. As the story moves on, I keep on turning the pages to see when it will end. Finally, it ends.

MY RATING: Dreadful

3.Angels in the snow by Matt de la Pena
Shy(yeah, that was a name) who was cat sitting in his boss's home. There he met Haley who was living in upstairs. She once came to ask help from Mike(his boss) instead Shy was there. There was a problem in her bathroom shower, so she came to his home to took a shower. But she thought it would feel awkward if she took a shower in stranger's home so she proposed to talk a few things about themselves. So for few  days the same events took place. He really was hungry, but he wouldn't ask for it. But  Haley found it and made dinner for him. After finishing they really got carried away(You know what I mean). But before anything happens she stopped him and sent him away. Then the  next day with the help of the cat Olive, he saw Haley and then she opens up her heart, that there is no problem with her shower, she really did that to meet him. Finally, the story ends.
Okay, this is a one time read. I don't love it,but it is good. The way the story was written was surprisingly good.
MY RATING: Acceptable

4. Polaris is where you’ll find me by Jenny Han
The story is about a girl Natalie who was adopted by Santa Claus. Their blood parents leave her in his sleigh. So she grew up in The North pole. She was the only human other than his father. Elves were always busy doing work. She has a crush on an elf Flynn. Whether she will live in the same place or she goes to the place that is truly destined for her.

MY THOUGHTS: OMG! This was so awesome. When I first read few lines, I immediately fell in love. This is freaking cool. I enjoyed each and every single line. When it was over, I was like “No, this is so short I need more”.


5.It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown by Stephanie Perkins

Marigold who lived with her mother, really had such a liking to making animation movies. Once, when she went to a shop to buy a Christmas tree, she met a boy whose voice was so freaking good. His pronunciation, the way he speaks really attracted her. So she decides to use his voice in her film. After a long one month without asking him, she went to the shop to try her luck. Whether she managed to use his voice? Or the attraction for his voice reached a certain level where she couldn’t hold on? Well, you have to read!

This one is good to read. But I won’t say I loved it. Reading this story, I really want to decorate the Christmas tree.

MY RATING: Acceptable

6. Your temporary Santa by David Levithan
A girl just turned into Santa for her boyfriend, so that she can make his sister to always believe in Santa. So she went to his house pretending to be Santa even though she is not a Christian. His younger sister believed and went to sleep. But his twelve-year-old sister, argues with her how she could do this. Why you should do this for him. Blah, blah, blah. After hearing all those things, she went  to his room to make her appearance. Then they curled into the bed and they slept in their own world.
I don't know what to say. I have neutral feelings.
 7.  Krampuslauf by Holly Black

MY THOUGHTS(I don’t even want to talk what the story is about)
What the fuck did I just read?
I was so confused for the few pages. I couldn’t even know whose POV was the story in. I even thought of quitting it. OMG!, I literally loathe it!
As the name implies this is such a crap!


8.What the hell have you done, Sophie Roth? by Gayle Forman
Sophie, who was from a big city telling what the hell have she done moments.
I guess this is okay to read once but not more than that!
MY RATING: Acceptable

Vaughn, who was such a prank boy since his childhood. Now, he set the Church on fire unintentionally. So the things that happened after this incident will be the story.

 It was different and quite funny. It was pretty good actually. When I read the first line, I was so curious to know how he did that?

MY RATING: Acceptable

10. Welcome to Christmas,CA by Kiersten White

Maria, she is living in a small city Christmas, but not liking it. She was as keen as to leave the place once she was graduated. She lives with his mother who was with her boyfriend Rick. She doesn’t speak to him. She even rarely speaks with her mother. They have a diner named Christmas, where sometimes Maria would work. There a new cook came, Ben. After his arrival, the diner becomes popular because of his 6thsense as he was saying. He could guess what would make someone happy to eat. This explains how Maria came to know about her home, life, and love.

OMG!! This was so beautifully written. This made me cry (happy tears). I loved this so much. Even though you don’t want to read this book. At least try this story. Definitely worth your time.


11. Star of Bethlehem by Ally Carter
A girl was arguing with an agent to allow her to travel on another flight than her own. She really didn’t want to go to her original destination. Instead, she wants to go to New York. That’s when another stranger exchanged her ticket with her. So, the stranger came to Oklahoma and came to know that girl’s name was Hulda. So how she came to know about the people who are Ethan’s relatives. Ethan was Hulda’s relatives. Whether she tried to escape or she lived there trying to hide from her own secrets. You definitely need to read this, so I don’t want to spoil the end.

 It was a different story. Quite hilarious.

MY RATING: Acceptable

12. The girl who woke the dreamer by Laini Taylor

It is the custom on the Isle of Feathers for young men to leave small gifts for their sweethearts on each of the twenty-four days of Advent.  Neve hadn’t expected a gift from anyone. But she got a gift from a very unexpected one Spear who was so cruel. She literally thought he could eat her for his breakfast. He was adamant about having her. So she prayed and woke the Dreamer(who was a god by the way). So till Christmas Eve, both the dreamer and Spear sent gifts to her. (Dreamer was also attracted to her). So in the end, who will win? Obviously, the Dreamer. “Neve was no longer human, not quite, and she was no longer bound to the earth. She beheld the sweep of her own new wings—the same pale yellow as her hair—and remembered when wanting had seemed futile”.

Not a bad one. Good to read once.

MY RATING: Acceptable

Until next time!

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My true love gave to me


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