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The August Round-up of SciFi Books

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I've just done a bit of also-bought surfing through Amazon science fiction and pulled out some interesting looking books that are either newly published or rising up the charts. I plan on doing this every now and then and posting the results here.
I hope you enjoy. Please post comments below to let me know what you think of them.

Building Victoria by M D Cooper
The Intrepid is drifting slowly between the stars.
After near calamity at LHS 1565, the Ship is headed for Kapteyn's Star to make repairs. There, the crew will need to spend decades building a temporary industrial base.
Across the void, the Noctus prepare to leave Sirius for the same destination. Their plan is to colonize the system and forge a new lives for themselves ... if they aren't destroyed by their government first.
In an epic tale spanning over a century, General Tanis Richards finds herself in another fight for her life as the new colony of Victoria is built under the threat of interstellar war.
Starship Guinevere by Gary W Feather
Erica Williams needs a second chance in life.
She has failed at being a Zen Buddhist nun after over a decade of training. She returns home to her large family's starship and their trading business on the frontier of known space. The first thing Erica learns is the Starship Guinevere and her all-female crew has a price on their heads. Someone wants them dead. Who could it be? Why? One thing Erica learned as nun was how to fight, but will that be enough to save her and her family?
If you loved the TV show Firefly, Andre Norton's Solar Queen books and Poul Anderson's David Falkayn books, and C.J. Cherryh's Chanur books; then get ready for a more space trading adventures with a gender bending twist.

Running with Argentine by William Lee Gordon
What do you do when your government collapses and everyone wants to kill you?
You run.
But where will you run to? And what will you come across along the way?

All First Mate Frank Argentine ever wanted was to keep life simple, serve out his commission, and find a nice quiet place to retire.
It seems, however, as if the universe has other ideas...

Running With Argentine offers a thrilling look at life on the run in a very different universe... or is it?
Empire in Crisis by Dietmar Arthur Wehr
The Empire is a political entity that encompasses hundreds of colonized worlds united by a common language (Esperanto) and under a single individual, the Emperor. But the Empire is getting old and creaky. Its government is riddled with corruption and is choking on red tape. The Space Force is bloated with the incompetent who have risen to high rank due to nepotism and patronage. The Emperor has been assassinated and the Empire is surrounded by alien races that are becoming more hostile and more powerful as time goes on.
When an exploration fleet in the rift between sections of the spiral arm are attacked by an unknown race, the dead Emperor’s clone-son, now on the throne, recognizes that the Empire is standing at the edge of an abyss and must find a way to not only win this new war against the alien aggressors but also overcome the inertia of the arrogant Space Force officers who are more ready to overthrow their Emperor than fight the war. Fans of military SF action will find it in this book.
Stars like Cold Fire by Brent Nichols
After Jeff Yi escaped from the hell of the Naval Academy, he thought his troubles were behind him. As a junior officer on a fleet battleship, he could grow into the role so many seemed to expect of him. But when he barely survives an attack by a gang of fascist thugs, his past shockingly catches up to him.
Instead of obscurity, he is given a command of his own – acting Captain of the smallest, ugliest ship in the fleet. As war looms, Yi must win over a hostile crew and face his own demons while battling an implacable foe that wants nothing less than the destruction of everything he has ever believed in.
Pledge Allegiance by Rider England
Shaun Blake had once had it all. As captain of the ISS Oregon, he‘d commanded his crew in the Horde War and helped to protect Earth. It was a dream come true for a farm boy from Idaho.
But the dream shattered a year ago when a Horde ship blew the Oregon out of space, leaving Blake and a single crew member as the only survivors.
Now, Blake is a gambler and a drunk living in the slums on Iton-3. His only interest is winning money at the WarZone tables and trying to forget who he was. He blames himself for every death that occurred under his command.
When a woman named Jane Baltimore approaches Blake in a bar and says she has a job for him, he isn’t interested. Until she tells him the job is to captain a ship about to embark on a search and rescue mission.
There are more surviving crew members from the Oregon.
And they’re stuck on a planet deep in Horde space.
A Faded Star by Michael Freeport
A forgotten colony of humans live on a water world circling a tiny, faded star on the edge of the galaxy. The crew of their newest flagship, the Rampart encounters an alien scout who is being chased by a dangerous foe. The encounter shakes the beliefs held by the people of Lashmere. With the aid of the mysteries of the origin tablet, they discover the true origins of their colony. These may be the last humans in the universe. Can they survive against their ancient enemy? Their only choice is to embrace an unknown past and fight with everything they have.
Storm Divers by Terry Mixon
Feel the Pressure!
Diving the mighty storms of Jupiter seems like committing suicide with style to most people. For Adam Hale, the thrill of plunging his tiny ship into the unimaginable maelstroms on the king of planets helps him forget the blood-soaked tragedy that ended his military career.
Rachel Price came to Jove Station to find her missing partner, Zane Hale, who is also an intelligence operative for the Republic. To do that, she must convince Zane’s brother—the man responsible for slaughtering dozens of her friends on Mars—to help her.
Amid the crowds of the first annual system-wide storm diving competition, they stumble onto an insidious conspiracy that changes everything they thought they knew about each other and themselves. They must overcome the past and work as one or Jupiter will eat their bones.
Derelict by Luther Grey
Cpl. William T. Hawkes wakes from cryonic sleep aboard the I.E.S. Cormorant, a deep space exploration vessel dispatched from Earth on a five-year mission to determine the habitability of the exoplanet Hadrius. Something isn’t right. The ship’s computer has gone haywire, and the dreadnought-class cruiser is hurtling toward unknown coordinates in deep space. But the strangest part?
He’s alone.
A row of cryochambers stands empty where Will last saw the members of his ten-person crew before drifting off to sleep. Everyone is gone. All but the captain, whose body lies rotting in the defective cryochamber beside his own. To make matters worse, the ship’s records have been tampered with.
As Will tries to piece together the events that took place while he slept, a mind-bending puzzle unfolds before him. His distress calls go unanswered… until he begins hearing cryptic transmissions within the bowels of the ship. And that’s not even the worst of it: he’s not nearly as alone as he thinks.
A gripping supernatural sci-fi thriller, Derelict tells a tale of survival in deep space, taking readers on a pulse-racing thrill ride toward a conclusion that is both breathtaking and terrifying.
Liberty by Alasdair Shaw
Struggling with newfound sentience and desperately trying to repair itself, The Indescribable Joy of Destruction is a ship trying to find a new home. In a galaxy torn apart by generations of civil war, that isn't an easy task. Tired of being used as a killing machine, it has a huge decision to make: hide and save itself, or help other artificial intelligences achieve freedom. Unable to make the decision alone, it revives the sole human aboard - the enemy officer who crippled it.
Commander Olivia Johnson wakes to find herself in the infirmary of a strange vessel. Her nightmares deepen when she discovers it is the ship that attacked her destroyer. Even as she recovers from her physical injuries, she can't get past her survivor's guilt. She might have failed to protect her crew, but she vows to take revenge on their killer.
When the ship uncovers a genocidal plot by the commander's own admirals, Johnson realises just what is at stake. Together, the AI ship and the human officer must recruit outsiders from both sides. Training the misfits in battle to prevent the atrocity may be an impossible task, but running and hiding is no longer an option.

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The August Round-up of SciFi Books


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