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2016 Reading Challenge

Laura has read 0 books toward her goal of 365 books.
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I had fun with this one, though I may need to just try to beat my total of 327 points as my own personal challenge!
  • 1 point for each prequel or sequel novella read and reviewed
  • 2 points for each full-length sequel read and reviewed
  • 10 points for completing and reviewing a full series (doesn’t require novellas)*†
  • **You do not get points for the first book in a series
Goal: 101+ Points (Veteran)

Hosted by Falling for YA. I did super well this year with this challenge so it seems logical that I go for a big challenge!
Goal: 100 Books (Diamond)

Hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading & Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun. I have just 4 books to go before completing the 2015 version of this challenge, without any passes or anything (just a little proud of myself there! So I'll still be going for 48 books (4 books a month) for 2016...May have to admit to having started my list some time around the start of November too...
I may also have used this list to make me read  a lot of the Netgalley books I have stored up...I doubt I'll ever managed to clear them all but I can at least try! (Though there are some books I've bought and some from other places!)
Goal: 48 Books (4 Books per Month) 

  1. Manic by JA Huss
  2. Panic by JA Huss
  3. Slack by JA Huss
  4. Taut by JA Huss
  5. Bomb by JA Huss
  6. Guns by JA Huss
  7. Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb
  8. Thief’s Magic by Trudi Canavan
  9. Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger
  10. Nearly Almost Somebody by Caroline Batten
  11. The Captain’s Blue Stocking Mistress by Erica Ridley
  12. The Major’s Faux Fiancée by Erica Ridley
  13. The Brigadier’s Runaway Bride by Erica Ridley
  14. The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway by Erica Ridley
  15. Cutlass by Ashley Nixon
  16. Flintlock by Ashley Nixon
  17. Need by N Isabelle Blanco & K I Lynn
  18. Renegade by Erica Stevens
  19. Heat of the Moment by Lori Handeland
  20. Smoke on the Water by Lori Handeland
  21. 25 Perfect Days by Mark Tullius
  22. Wool by Hugh Howey 
  23. Shift by Hugh Howey
  24. Dust by Hugh Howey
  25. Tigress by J E Taylor
  26. Aberrant by Ruth Silver
  27. Moirai by Ruth Silver
  28. Pawn by Aimee Carter
  29. Angelbound by Christine Bauer
  30. The Bane by Keary Taylor (Also known as Eden for some reason)
  31. Ignite by Erica Crouch 
  32. Entice by Erica Crouch 
  33. Incite by Erica Crouch 
  34. Engage by Erica Crouch 
  35. The Queen's Handmaid by Tracy L Higley
  36. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
  37. Darkest Flame by Donna Grant
  38. Fire Study by Maria V Snyder 
  39. The Maiden at Midnight by Kate Harper 
  40. The Mistress at Midnight by Kate Harper
  41. Phantom's Dance by Lesa Howard
  42. Sunset Rising by S M McEachern
  43. Remember to Me by Nina Croft
  44. Death Defying by Nina Croft 
  45. Temporal Shift by Nina Croft
  46. Blood and Metal by Nina Croft
  47. Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson
  48. Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson

Hosted by herding cats & burning soup and Addicted to Happily Ever After. I am terrible at keeping up with my review copies, so this is actually a really good challenge for me! I am going a tad conservative on my estimate here though!
Goal: 50 Books

This is the challenge hosted by myself and Michelle @ Because Reading. You can check out the rules and sign up here!

Blogging Goals 
  1. Schedule posts before the day they are 'due' (especially for challenge updates!) 
  2. Reintroduce non-review content 
  3. Cross post Blog Posts regularly, preferably in under a week since post date 
  4. Tidy up the Trips Down Imagination Road Facebook & Twitter Pages 
  5. Visit other blogs regularly (I used to but this dropped off the radar a bit) 
Reading Goals 
  1. Improve Netgalley ratio by at least 10% (if this is achieved by the half way mark then it will be upped to 20%). I did succeed in improving my ratio in 2015 and was actually quite surprised to find I'd improved it by 7% (at the time of writing). 
  2. Finish 10 series this year. (I get distracted a little easy! I can have already started the series previously) 
  3. Complete 3 year long challenges (may change the number depending on how many I sign up for). Bookish Resolutions does not count for this sub-goal. 
  4. Read 3 books a month that were already on my kindle at the start of 2016 (can be from Netgalley, Amazon etc.) 
Personal Goal
  1. Finish Cloaked (the sequel to my published Novella)

It's COYER time again! Which is exciting in itself! This time around it's going back to basics, though I think most of my books from last time would still count! I'm going to try for my normal goal of a book per day of COYER
Hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading & Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun
Goal: 77 Books

Seeing as I did so well on this challenge for 2015 I don't think I have any choice but to go for the top option this time around either! 
Hosted by Lexxie @  (un)Conventional Bookreviews & Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!
Goals: 45+ Books - New Release Enthusiast   

Hosted by The Book Date, I am a little late with this one, but I do think it's one that I really want to do! Obviously I'm aiming for 80% or above (based on books bought June 2015 onwards, and I'm hoping I can stick to that!

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Challenge Sign Ups!


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