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Trump, Modi and Tughlaq

Dualism of The Man and The Hero

If we forget Time and Space and value all politicians on the same scale, we find that politicians are the archetypes that are devoid of idealism. Whenever their first prototype was made, the clod was configured with certain properties, and the same clod is being used universally. So the visual difference is the art of the potter. Pottery is not ‘art for art sake’ but is ‘art with a purpose'. Howsoever beautiful pot one may make, the purpose it would serve, dominates its existence. Another important quality of the pot is its ‘easy destructibility’. A thing created after hours of toil may be destroyed within seconds. A handful of dust. The ultimate end of everything that exists.

Both genders can serve the purpose of power houses. It is an individual's choice where he wants to draw his power from. When the majority of individuals have same choice, the power sources would become symbols of that culture, which were later divided into the boundaries of nations. If a nation has reached the greatness by following a certain path, it is not easy to change the trend of the stream. We want a change, not from masculinity to femininity, but from one kind of masculinity to another kind of masculinity. Democracy is respecting the will of the people. A true democracy should also ban any kind of propaganda to influence that will of the people. That would save taxpayers money and large scale corruption in politics. It is still too early to presume that kind of maturity from any culture.

The choices that life offers are either ‘meek’ or ‘aggressive’. The bible says, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth’ (Matthew 5:5). But meek needs to be led by some strong and aggressive leader. That is how Tughlaq, Trump and Modi become rulers. To shape the destiny of nations and people. All of them are benevolent, permissive and visionary, but they suffer from the “dualism of the man and the hero”. When it comes to US, the leader could shape the destiny of our planet, or maybe universe and the entire humanity.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 5.1.1 says “That is the Absolute, this is the absolute; from the absolute, the absolute becomes manifest; when the absolute is added to or taken away from the absolute, the absolute remains.”The word absolute can be replaced by “Whole”, “Completeness”, “Limitless”, “Full”, “Infinite” or “Perfect”. From the existentialist point of view, this is “Void”, “Nothingness”, “Meaninglessness” and “Vacuum”. Every great leadership, of which “Hamlet” is an Archetype example, arises from this void. The present ‘Being’ of humanity is meaningful, only in the light of the future towards which we project ourselves. Man has already lost himself in order to ‘to be’ something unachievable. The futility of his passion has filled him with a void. Only a visionary leadership can make constructive use of this Void.

True blessings always come in disguise. If all Asians are sacked from US, it will be an act of great kindness on coming generations. The Asian diasporas are not so materialistic as their western counterparts are. They are sentimental type of people and are confused with the value system. All Diaspora literature indicates that Asians living anywhere except their native Country suffer from ‘identity crisis’. The time has come when all should find a place in the country of their origin, be they are Jews, Muslims or Christians. The process of migration was 'need of the hour' at that time. People were looking for opportunities. Now every land has an opportunity, so to encroachment on others land, others means of productions, others culture and others opportunity is no more required. The object of enriching one’s own self and enriching the host country is over. Moreover, it would free them from guilt of deserting their kith and kin. They would no more be required to imitate a culture, that is making them ridiculous not only in the eyes of the host country, but also in the eyes of their own fellow countrymen.

Though an idealistic politician is a misnomer, but even if we have one, the redundant bureaucracy is the biggest hurdle in the implementations of schemes of social welfare. They have become a bunch of pessimistic sadist, and their overhauling is beyond the capacity of any politician, howsoever strong he may be.

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©  Vipin Behari Goyal

         Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur
© Vipin Behari Goyal Author is also Advocate at Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur

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Trump, Modi and Tughlaq


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