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Weekly Feature: Book of Angels by K. H. Mezek

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KH Mezek authorHello from Costa Rica, where I am writing for three months. My view out the window is of Lake Arenal with the volcano in the distance. A tropical storm is brewing! I am the author of the new YA Urban Fantasy series, NIGHT Angels CHRONICLES. I have been traveling for almost a year as I write this series. My goal is to keep traveling and writing, meeting people with whom I can train in martial arts wherever I go, for as long as possible! I was in Bolivia for two months, writing and training in boxing. Before that I was in the Sahara Desert, working with children in a program I founded called My World Project, connecting children in remote areas around the world through art and writing. Multiculturalism important to me and I reflect this in my books. Here is a recent interview about my writing and work with youth I also co-founded a creative writing program for incarcerated youth in Los Angeles and that was a big inspiration for Night Angels Chronicles.

My pen name is KH Mezek. Key of Mystery, volume I in the NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES, was published in February 2016. Book of Angels is about to be released. And there is more to come! Cave of Secrets; Land of Talismans; Throne of Desire; Door of Destiny.

Let’s Get To Know K. H. Mezek

Q: What are the top five books that have influenced your career?

A: Let me warn you, I will get carried away….As a girl, I loved gothic romances. I read insatiably. All of Daphne du Maurier.
Rebecca and Jamaica Inn; Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre–love love; Interview with the Vampire was epic for me; Shantaram as well; Lord of the Rings. The Narnia Chronicles were the books that propelled me as a child into the land of fantasy, that showed me how a book can literally take you into another world. I discovered those books at the age of ten when my family was traveling the world, which I write about in my childhood memoir, Into the World. We were in an old thatched house in England, on a rainy blustery day and my sister and I wandered into the library. We took those books off the shelf and began to read. Ever since then, when I see a wardrobe, I can’t open it without a sense of longing and excitement, wishing it would lead me into a magical adventure of my own.

Q: What fictional character would you punch if the face if you thought you could get away with it without going to jail?

A: There are a lot of characters I would like to punch in the face. How fun that would be! The first one that comes to mind is Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. I would punch him for being such an ass and then I would probably kiss him. I would also love to punch Count Fosco from Woman in White. However, I most definitely would not kiss him. Although he is one of the characters I most love to hate.

Q: Pick a super-power and tell us what you’d do with it.

A: I would so much love to have superhuman strength and be able to move super fast. Of course, I would save the world! I would fight against all the bad forces. It would be so great to be a superhero vigilante, going out at night and picking off the bullies, like Sera does in one scene in Book of Angels, where she saves this street kid from a gang. That would be awesome. I train in martial arts and boxing and kick boxing and I teach self-defense. Empowerment for women and girls is really important to me.

Q: What’s your favorite AND least favorite thing about being a writer/author?

A: My most favorite thing about being a write is that I get to live my fantasy, I get to create my own worlds, my own characters and make anything happen that I want. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that I can make these worlds live and then have other people enter those worlds and feel the magic and maybe even be changed by my books, or simply just allowed to dream and forget this world and all its darkness for a bit.

My least favorite thing is being rejected. I don’t mind negative feed-back, because at least it is a reaction and I’ve learned over time to deal with it. I mind if my writing has no impact at all. As a writer/author you have to develop a thick skin and believe in yourself and just keep on going. I write because I love it. The fact that I am published is the icing on the cake. When you put yourself out there, you have to be prepared for people to try and shoot you down.

About Book of Angels by K. H. Mezek

Book of Angels


In Book of Angels: All Sera ever wanted was to solve the mystery of her dad’s death and find out whether or not the Night Angel, Peter, really loved her. Now, there are bigger issues at stake. Sera has been saved from death by the Night Angels, mysterious beings called denizens who have been sent to watch over her. Sera returns to Oak Haven as a denizen herself to find her brother, Salem, is one as well. He has been saved by her nemesis, the sinister Los Angeles mayor-to-be, Fabian Gore. Sera and Salem are now enemies. But on one thing they are agreed: Someone is channeling power to the Queen, imprisoned in St. Catherine’s Monastery. If she escapes, the Ancient Ones will rise up from their sarcophagi beneath churches throughout the world and wreak vengeance on denizens and humans alike. To thwart the Queen, Sera has no choice but to form an uneasy alliance with Gore. Meanwhile, Sera’s power and her connection to the Key of Mystery is growing. Only she can open the Book of Angels. But whoever does that will become something that Sera never wants to be: the Seventh Angel. How can Sera solve her own problems when everyone else wants her to solve their problems as well?

Exclusive Excerpt

772 words (this takes place on the balcony of Strejan’s castle in Slovenia, shortly after Sera’s Turning into a denizen. She is with Peter, the Night Angel that she loves:
Peter was speaking and the words pierced my heart. “Remember this moment, Sera. When the battles rage, when you feel despair, even when you’re walking down the halls of Oak Haven High, hating everyone around you, wanting to explode in violence, remember this moment. And know that I am remembering it, too. It will keep us together and give us strength.”
I shook my head. I covered my ears, but he took my hands down and held them tightly. I didn’t try to fight him as he continued relentlessly.
“Things might happen. You might come to doubt me, to question my love. When you do, remember how I kissed you. Because this moment is truth. This moment is what matters. This moment can last forever, in our memories.”
“Memories? I don’t want memories.” The tears came. It wasn’t fair, this struggle, this grasping at moments of happiness, only to have it all slip away, like mist on the lake.
Gently, Peter brushed away my tears. “I’ve lived a long time and I can assure you that life is made meaningful because of moments such as this. We store our memories away, to be cherished and re-lived, healing us from pain, anger, and despair.”
“I’m not an old lady, surviving on memories. I’m young. I want to live my happiness right now. With you.”
“Yes, you’re young, impulsive, and impatient. I, on the other hand, am old and world-weary. It’s not even right for us to be together.” He smiled sadly. “It’s almost like I’m a dirty old man preying on an under-age girl.”
“Don’t say that. We met in high school. Remember?”
But I spoke without conviction, knowing in a perverse way he was right. He might look young, but he was hundreds of years old, while I was newly born.
“You don’t yet understand the meaning of forever,” he said, his old bitterness returning. “Or the importance of memories. Tomorrow, we return to Oak Haven, and to reality.”
“And this will all be a dream,” I said. How quickly my elation dissipated, replaced with a heart-wrenching sadness, similar to how I had felt standing at my dad’s grave. There was nothing more I could do. The moment was gone. It had already become a memory, just as Peter said it would.
“Once you are back at Oak Haven, everything will be different. You can’t begin to imagine how different. You’ll face many challenges. You’ll be filled with hatred, and thoughts of violence and revenge. You mustn’t let them consume you. You’ll look on humans and despise them. You must not act on the impulses that come to mind.”
I began to cry softly, worn out by my emotions. “I don’t want to hurt anybody. But it’s true that I already have such terrible thoughts. I want to kill Gus. And the others in his gang. I’m filled with such anger. I felt it in my Turning. And now, I have experienced this moment of love and that’s all I want. I’m not a bad person! Wow, person? I’m not a person anymore. I don’t really know what I am.”
Peter gripped my shoulders again. “That is why you must remember this moment. To keep you grounded. To remind you what matters.”
I pulled back, a terrible thought suddenly coming to mind. “Is that what this is all about? A calculated kiss so I’d have a memory to keep me from going over the edge? Stupid, naïve Sera! I can’t believe I fell for it!”
I turned away, gripping the rail of the balcony and staring out at the serene view. How cold and cruel it now seemed, just like the vampires that were hidden beneath the chapel on the lake.
Beautiful on the surface, deadly evil underneath.
Peter sighed, leaning on the rail with me. “No, Sera. That’s not why I came to you.” He glanced at me sideways, but I ignored him and continued to stare at the lake. “Tell me you believe me.”
I didn’t answer.
He sighed again and pushed away from the rail. “Very well. Think what you wish. But I know, as you do, that we’ll both remember this moment. And it will give us strength. This, I promise you.”
Then he turned and walked away. With each step, I felt as if a part of my insides were being torn away with him. I remained woodenly staring at the lake. I heard the door quietly close and when it did, I collapsed, sliding down the rail of the balcony and landing in a heap on the ground, my eyes burning with tears, my heart breaking.

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote from Book of Angels is:

Well, here are two favorite quotes to choose from:

To kill was a drug. To take a life, there was nothing like it. This was what the gods knew. This was what they did, without conscience. I was one of them. I would kill the Ancient Ones and make them pay for their evil deeds.
And then there would only be me.

“You don’t yet understand the meaning of forever,” said Peter, his old bitterness returning. “Or the importance of memories. Tomorrow, we return to Oak Haven, and to reality.”
And all of this will be a dream….

Book of Angels K. H. Mezek
07/22/2016 – Evernight Teen
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Weekly Feature: Book of Angels by K. H. Mezek


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