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How I met your mother: Season 1 episode 4 the return of the shirt

The return of the shirt


this text contains spoilers for this episode!

The story starts with Ted finding a shirt that he wasn't into before, he realises that his tastes have changed a bit. He goes to the bar, and it is usual business. Talks about how his taste has changed. The first word that comes out of Barney's mouth, is Booger. He is trying to convince Robin to say that word on live television, but Robin denies him because her boss might promote her to some more important reporting, but Barney tries and tries again!
Ted says it is time to get some second impressions, go to the town he once visited and didn't like because it was raining that day (drinks some bourbon that was already standing there). Marshall tries to convince him to watch Gooney's again. He also wants to revisit an ex girlfreind, Barney makes some sexist remark about revisiting an ex girlfreind. The group starts recounting "ted's greatest hits" and desides to give Nathalie another go.
Robin goes into her boss' office but it wasn't what she expected. She has to report about a hotdogstand, so she says nipple on the news. Barney gives her the money he promised and challenges her another time. Ted calls Nathalie after she hears its him she says Go to hell. Ted reveals how he broke up with Nathalie. Over the phone, to make it worse it was on her birthday, even worse it was on her answering machine. Barney keeps making sexists remarks. 
Robin reports on the birthday of twins wo sadly passed away and completed Barney's challenge saying I'm a dirty dirty girl and slapping her own ass. Then she gets called to her boss his office, expecting she would get fired for completing Barney's challenge her boss asks robin about the sound his dog makes, Robin advices him to go to the vet and asks if there was something else he wanted to talk about with her. Her boss  makes some vague remarks kind of revealing that noone watches her reporting.
Meanwhile, Ted goes to Nathalie's appartment to make it right (with a large sockmonkey in his hands). She wants him to go away, but ted keeps insisting. After a bit of discussion Nathalie reveals to Ted when he left the message there was a surprise party, and he dumped here kind of infront of her freinds, ruining not only Nathalie's birthday but also her surprise party. Ted asks Nathalie to give him a second chance, which he recieves.
At the bar the guys meet Nathalie. They find her amazing, and she seems to be. When she leaves, Ted says he has to break up with her. Barney keeps  doing sexist remarks. Ted decides to do the mature thing by facing her by breaking up. Robin walks into the bar, she completed another one of Barney challenges, now she challenges her to do the eighties shuffle. 
The next night, Ted goes out with Nathalie to dump her. Right on her birthday, he decides not to dump her.
Robin reports on the oldest cab driver. In the bar Barney redirects everyone's attention to the television, Robin delivers this hearthwarming speech about metronews 1 she trips and falls in horsepoop. 
At the restaurant, Ted dumps Nathalie anyway. Nathalie looses her sh*t in the restaurant and starts yelling. Turns out the thing she has been doing, was a fightning class.
In the Bar 2 guys laugh at Robin because of the horsepoop incident.
The episode kinda ends here, so there is nothing more to write here!


Again I have to ask, how much money does Barney make? Why didn't Ted go to a doctor if he tought that he was bleeding internally? Why would one dump someone over the phone?
It shows that Ted has his moments of cowardice and lack of tact really, if your with someone you better know their birthdaydate, even if this is hard for you! If you then want to dump that person, you can make sure it is a peroid before the birthday or a while after, depending on your willingness to spend money on a birthdaygift.
Barney sure has a lot of spendable money that is is willing to spend on really unnesecary stuff. Like the silly stuff he has been challeging Robin to do.
Thats all folks, see y'all in the next article.
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How I met your mother: Season 1 episode 4 the return of the shirt


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