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Thoughts on Activist Trending

I’m totally amazed by the American trend towards activism. The Country is divided as ever, and it seems the Right and Left camps are both committed to some version of it.

Activism has become a verified legitimate brand, capable of producing revenue. If one can get it on their resume or be acknowledged as such, it is highly profitable profession.

The question for the Activist brands are how do they make money? It may sound like a conspiracy theory; but it is always important to know how the money flows.

There are probably many categories of activism; but the two that come to mind are the ones who have money and the ones who do not. Those who have money are probably on the Right. They use there money as a tool to influence. They are also in the background on the Left. Those without money use their words and actions-and become symbols for ideas that those with money can use to further their influence.

I saw some bookseller friends refer to their bookstore as a mission headed towards activism and protest. I've known them quite a while. I've never heard them use either of the words until now. Never, ever. Never heard one action that was guided by such. On the other hand the folks who live and breathe activism, contrarians I call them, are often marginalized because they seem to complain about everything and have distinct opinions that often don't reconcile with the trends of the day.

It's a great time to be an activist in America. A great time to be anti-racist. And yes, there are positives to it; but the Left imagines that the right thoughts, the right ideas are more powerful than they actually are. Listen to the Right. They often accuse the Left as being Orwellian. Imagine that.

The proof is, if you think your ideas about what should change in the country are transcendental, but find yourself making money performing for an audience that believes what you believe, you may be less activist than you think. The Left likes to think they are too smart for groupthink.

If you black and moved in those circles, you know better. The irony is that many of the same blacks launching attacks against the Right, serving as mouthpieces for the Left-have said the same things about things about the Left. They work their jobs with the Left. Went to the schools. Work on hallways where they are the one of five blacks. Their anger is as much about the Left as it is about the Right.

The white supremacist becomes a scapegoat. Now doubt they are dangerous and demand action; but if all the white supremacist disappeared, the problems of race would still be here. In some ways the white supremacist who will be stopped are like activist for an empire that is dying. If they are stopped, their violence is the violence the empire can no longer perpetuate. But even when their violence is stalled-their are other violences that continue to exist.

If you think you have the right approach; but it fails to transform the consciousness of your most valid enemies; you may not be an activist. You may have to sacrifice something to convince your enemies.

We are a country of great fighters. We believe in war; or at the least, know how to co-exist with it, in ways others may not. In China, it was always one of the first things that came up. It is American to imagine that our constant wars could be used by someone else as propaganda. The Chinese didn't make up the history; Americans took those actions.

But the proof is how divided our country is now. It's bigger than Trump. We believe in enemies and war; and our view of the country has now made that more of an internal issue than an external one.

That's the heart of the activist predicament; and why many of them died. Today's danger is that we know what an activist is and pride ourselves in supporting them. Yet, the country is more divided than ever.

I'm not a Dr. King fan, but the truth of his activism is undeniable. His willingness to let people abuse him was the way he approached opposition. He and others used the body as sacrifice to transform the hate of their opponents. The divided country is a sign that we're not really down for that. Activist now have audiences-translates markets-if they claim to be leaders-you could even argue constituents.

They almost like T.V. shows. Lone individuals who market and broker their images to the interested.

It's a bit deeper than that. America's conscious mind hides the truth of its contradictions. Most activism seems to suggest that by feeding your conscious mind the right ideas-the country will change.

But the divided country is like the divided self. The conscious mind states what it thinks is right; but if you look to the other side-if you listen to what attempts to contradict you; you will see that much of what you believe is right and powerful is ego.

When you confront that, you go back to the side you were on-perform for the audience. Play out your advantages.

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Thoughts on Activist Trending


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