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Jay Z and Trump Tweets

I woke up this morning to find a minor tweet war had occurred between Jay-Z and Donald Trump over black employment and other matters in.  Just a few minutes ago, I read a short article where Van Jones suggested Trump should be more like Jay-Z who when visiting Van Jones Show engaged in a public confession.  Jones suggested the President might be more like Jay-Z.

There's The New York Times Article that leads with, "Jay-Z discusses race, marriage, and what it means to be a black man in Trump's America."  There's the 4:44, which attempts to get at an activism, which we really haven't seen in Jay-Z before.  Jay-Z's wife Beyonce crossed a similar threshold when she released Lemonade with a refined art and activism testing the boundaries between art and the commercial.

It seems Jay-Z along with others, may be making a move towards celebrity activist.

Trump is, of course, our of our most popular celebrity activist, though he works for the right, as compared to the left, which seems to hold down such matters   Oprah is there too, especially considering her Golden Globe Lifetime Award Speech, which had many suggest that maybe she is considering a run for the White House.

The post Obama Age combined with Black Lives Matter, and a dose of Trumpish opposition has given rise to a an activism that in the end may not change much about America, for instance, it didn't stop Trump from getting into the White House; but in terms of brands, and black brands in particular it is extremely useful.   For activism in this age adds a dimension to the already popular and successful that rounds out the brand and syncs it with the political opposition that has divided the country.

It's not just Oprah and Jay-Z, who seems to be getting more heavily involved in the game; its also Kappernick, Jesse Williams, and others.  Trump seems to isolate the opposition and the black audience along with other members of the left who are eager to engage popular voices to express their discontent.

On Friday Night at a friend's house, Jayz came on T.v. on the Van Jones show. I 've never watched Van Jones before, and didn't really this time.  But I did check Jay-Z's dress and demeanor.  I was a bit confused, but then thought Jay-Z is on a mission.  I still don't know what it is, but it seems obvious.  when I first saw him on the screen, I said man, that dude looks alot like Jay-Z.  My man was like, that is Jay-Z.  Well, damm.   His suite was cutting edge stylish and I noticed the way his facial hair seemed to belong to a much younger man.  His tone was more "gotta make this song cry" than the ego driven-I'm all that, I often feel when I listen to him.  Other thing is, and this one really got me, is he looked a couple of shades lighter than I remember him in the past.  They must have overworked the make-up.

The whole scenario seems like a well engineered move by Jay-Z to leverage his aging out of hip-hop into a brand that in the end may have potential like Oprah's or Trump's. 

When I woke and reflected on Jay- Z's genius and brand management I thought well done Jay-Z, well done.   For a tweet war with Donald Trump for Jay-Z, no doubt plays into some larger strategy I am confident he has thought ahead a few moves. 

One can't imagine Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, or George Bush disagreeing with a hip-hop star like Jay-Z publicly.  In this way, President Trump is a media market opportunity for some.  Trumps Tweet Wars are a common media event.  After a year in office, we all can sense some damage to the whole of the media, the impression of the President, and the image of the country; but we just can't seem to help ourselves.  We are addicted to the trifling and obscene, the debate and back forth.  In it, we find the sustenance the media serves us; though form the White House it begins to make the country feel cheap and more reality show than government and politics.

Jay-Z's ability to enter into the fray and solicit a tweet from the President is clearly an example of brand leveraging.  Sean Carter/Jay-Z has entered the dialogue of the billionaire celebrities who deal in politics.   I've never doubted him or his brilliance.

We gonna watch him.

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Jay Z and Trump Tweets


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