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MobiKwik - Perfect Delusion

Imagine the situation: 

(Please don't criticize the numbers, they are hypothetical anyway - well in both reality and in this imagination)

You are normally using your mobile phone(assuming it is smart phone) and a notification of some ticket booking app, lets say BookMyShow comes up.

Which says "Book tickets for an upcoming movie and get 90% cashback upto 200 Rs. "

Given the condition that you were already planning to go for a movie, you get attracted to this offer and you go to BookMyShow to read more conditions of this offer. There you come across this app called MobiKwik (Which you actually did not heard of before this).

The offer is something like:
"You have to pay your movie ticket charges via MobiKwik wallet, and you will be offered a cashback of 90% of the ticket OR Rs 200 (Which ever is lower) in you SuperCash "

As I said, you have never heard of Mobikwik wallet, how many of you will try to know that what is this SuperCash?
My guess is, which can be wrong, around 60-70% of the people wont search about this Super Cash before using the PROMOCODE to avail the offer. Instead of even searching about that, our mind would rather be calculating about how much cashback we will get, for e.g if the ticket is priced at Rs. 250 the 90% of that would be 225 Rs.! This calculation will actually charge up our mind to quickly install MobiKwik app and avail this offer as soon as possible before it gets over.

But my friend, the reality is something else......

First of all let me tell you a little bit about MobiKwik wallet. You can think of mobiKwik wallet as a two compartment wallet (The real one which you keep in pocket). 
  • One compartment contains normal cash, which you can spend anywhere anytime until and unless you don't have sufficient money for that :-p. 
  • Second compartment contains the so called by MobiKwik: Super Cash.

Now the reality:

     Although you will get 90% cashback(Hypothetically), after your ticket booking completes, in your "Super Cash" in your MobiKwik wallet, you will be bound to use that super cash only in those transactions where it can be used(trust me there is worse coming up).
  • You can only use 10-20% of your total super cash, while doing the transactions.
  • You can not transfer this super cash to normal cash (Which is obvious) or Bank Account. which Means while transferring money to someone else(Wallet or Bank Transfer), you can not use that 10% condition there, because that's not applicable.
  • One condition is actually kind off a joke which says: "In one transaction, you can either earn super cash OR spend it". Which means you cannot to both in one transaction.
    • This is funny because if I have 100 Rs super cash, you are only letting me spend 10 Rs of that super cash and I wont be able to get cashback if any promocode applies to that transaction which can actually give me 200 Rs supercash (Remember - hypothetical numbers).
  • Worst of all, this supercash has EXPIRY date also. Which is around 5-6 months (as per my observation), but it can be more or less.
    • So if you don't spend your supercash in that time duration than its gone, forget that thing, it gets vanished in air - pooooffff... :-p.
  • Another Joke: "You can only spend this supercash 3 times in a day."
    • Why this a "Super Joke" ? Read the last sub point of next point.
  • Now, getting back to the first point in this list:
    • You are only allowed 10-20% of supercash amount(Regardless of how much is your transaction amount). Mostly it is 10% of supercash only.
    • Lets talk numbers here: If you have 100 Rs super cash and you are booking tickets somewhere(best option here BookMyShow). If Ticket prices sums up to a total of 250 Rs and you are only allowed to spend 20% supercash here(Considering the best case) You will have to pay 230 Rs for your tickets, But for this transaction you are not allowed to get a supercash. (Coz: Na Na Na ...Only one at a time, either earn or spend)
    • Another point is that, this 10-20% of your supercash gets lower as you have lower supercash. Lets say if you have 10 Rs super cash, you will be allowed to only spend 1 Rs of supercash. and the amount gets reduced to Rs 9 super cash, which will allow only 0.9 Rs in next transaction. In short it might take eternity to finish this supercash. Hence it's a joke to restrict supercash usage for 3 times a Day.
  • These points mentioned above are not hypothetical, I have tried to include as much precise details as possible. from this link of MobiKwik tself:
  • Please mention in the comments if anything else is left.
Now what do you think about MobiKwik and its ruthless, relentless Super Cash? Do you think MobiKwik is creating a delusion about its image in the market?
Please mention your views also, if you disagree with my views.

Stay Happy, Keep Reading.

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MobiKwik - Perfect Delusion


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