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Nelson Lowhim; Writer's Muse Blog
A blog about World Affairs, writing, with fictional short stories and longform opinion pieces that take a deeper look at the world around us.
Is AI A Big Deal?
2023-03-29 23:28
In many ways it will matter (I'm thinking it might destroy online comms in general, but who knows what people will like...). But how much more than the internet that destroyed livelihoods et… Read More
2023-03-29 23:10
So apparently they just might ban TikTok and in doing so show it's all about control of information (and they don't want to regulate it, but just have complete control of watching you). Just… Read More
Best Sci Fi Novels Of This Century.
2023-03-28 06:40
Kinda like that cutoff. I was looking at my previous list of best sci-fi novels of all time and I have to say that this list seems weak and I don't even know if it's good enough for our time… Read More
2023-03-27 23:18
Web bots just spammed this site with a bunch of comments and all I can say is why? I mean it's not worth the energy on your server to do this, my future overlord. Not worth the energy on you… Read More
A Million Personal Narratives Now
2023-03-27 23:13
Or, as my DS would say: opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink. Thing about the internet. About social media, especially, is that the narrative in your head. My… Read More
2023-03-27 05:31
Nice. Have a short story accepted. First time in a while. I'll be back with more info as I get it. Peace. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below… Read More
2023-03-20 17:52
r/askhistorians had already opened up the Iraq war for discussion. IOW it is part of history. Twenty years ago. For you younger people it may seem like a lifetime, but it's still part of our… Read More
Another Bailout. I'm Shocked.
2023-03-15 17:15
Same song as before. When the big dogs need to get bailed out the cries of moral hazards or inflation or whatever are drowned out by "won't you think of the millionaires"? Furthermore, it is… Read More
2023-03-12 23:20
Reading the internets, you get lots of people (ostensibly they sound less like shills/paid bots, especially when compared to those who are parroting the pro-Ukraine war stuff) jumping in wit… Read More
2023-03-09 00:30
Looks like there's an intel leak saying that it was rogue Ukrainians (but also possibly Russian nationals?!). Seems odd. And wouldn't there be more of a reaction if the people we're giving w… Read More
2023-03-05 01:14
IF, will improve it as time goes on. Enjoy it. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below (or through some other method you prefer). Thank you!… Read More
2023-02-27 17:49
Maybe that will improve in the future. But bots spamming this blog with its on purposefully low (can't be crawled anymore no tracking that I have allowed etc) audience is some dumb stuff. So… Read More
2023-02-27 17:35
Feel like there's a better name for this. Viztext? naw sounds like 90s e somethingness... graphic text tales....Vitexttales? Visual tale? I don't know. But have another piece published here… Read More
2023-02-21 19:14
And I have the receipts to prove it....but I am perplexing. That being said, I'll share more on that later. For now, read this damn good story that makes me jealous. Enjoyed it? Share i… Read More
2023-02-17 06:48
Appears that they lifted them for now. Good, though one wishes that they lifted them for a longer time period. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons b… Read More
2023-02-17 00:53
Very cool AMA and book here on the genre. Interesting to go through IMO. Or maybe I'm procrastinating my deadline to create something by end of the week 😱 Enjoyed it? Share it v… Read More
2023-02-16 21:27
A retort to Hersh. I decided to post it after talking to a friend who still thinks it's not the west and is, in fact, Russia who did it. Would seem odd to me (and wouldn't our PR be screamin… Read More
The Culture Of Hustle Continues To Hustle.
2023-02-16 17:21
I mean it's the age of grift, so it only makes sense (and damn, eight years ago I wrote about it in Labyrinth of souls, so I suppose this idea has been around and yet even I can't entirely f… Read More
2023-02-15 18:36
So beware of Covid. Just wear a mask, I say, but I also know it's not easy. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below (or through some other method… Read More
2023-02-15 18:17
When the "Russians stole the election for Trump" noise started, I was one to ask [1]: how much do we know? Where's the evidence and even if they bought a few Facebook ads [2] it didn't seem… Read More
2023-02-15 07:00
Still more balloons to shoot down overhead... sigh. And more people to virtue signal about a select few people who they care about (and sometimes others who they only care about when the oth… Read More
2023-02-14 07:45
Maybe they were never useful. I was trying to find if what this specific doctor said about masks was any good. But instead of attacking the exact points he said, the article went on about so… Read More
2023-02-14 07:33
Just had a list of IF games that I have been quite impressed by. Something that is helping me think through the different ways to tell a story. Howling dogs is one I've just played (and quit… Read More
2023-02-13 07:26
And I didn't like the last guy either. Can we get someone new? Someone who doesn't get excited about shooting down balloons? [1] And now with the train derailment causing toxins to harm… Read More
2023-02-08 06:14
So apparently people like me are not in the right, though mainly because our elites once again have decided not to have proper trials (though tbf, masks are harder to study IMO, but there sh… Read More
2023-02-06 21:47
Devastating scenes from Turkey & Syria. One thing that's crazy is how all the newish looking buildings are collapsing. Of course, an old castle also collapsed. But with the new buildings… Read More
Yellow Peril Yellow Peril!
2023-02-06 17:56
Wrapped in a balloon. Shoot it down, ol Joe, keep us safe. Will only say that Joe's Sinophobia seems to match Trump's. This attempt to scream about a spy balloon (China has satellites, last… Read More
2023-01-28 23:16
Good stuff from NEJM on the virus (be safe):We’ve come a long way. From the early, terrifying days of a rapidly spreading deadly infection to the current circumstances in which —… Read More
Russia Ukraine.
2023-01-28 07:30
Still hard to get anything like the truth out of the fog of war that is Ukraine, never mind the mind melting narrative being pushed in the US. I mean read this headline, then the comments. S… Read More
2023-01-27 17:24
Thanks to Vault of Culture for posting these two pieces. Also my statement and breakdown of what I've said is pretty on point, though I wonder how it will change. I do wonder what will come… Read More
2023-01-25 22:31
What we have here, is a failure to communicate. But also that history is a battlefield where telling a lie, like Reagan brought the Cold War to an end, is the lie for your cause to cut taxes… Read More
2023-01-25 17:08
More proof that with even slight power, not complete, people are straight evil. Cops here and our border guards have shown how bad they can be with murder and sexual assault. Same in the UK… Read More
2023-01-23 16:19
Is part of this discipline the narrative war we've been seeing here in the States (west too, from what I've heard) whereby any dissenting voices are crushed. Especially those that are strong… Read More
2023-01-20 05:27
First one is. Finns weren't considered white for a bit. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below (or through some other method you prefer). Thank y… Read More
2023-01-20 05:25
Always the worst. And always, given the state of most institutions and republics, are allowed to get off Scott free. Witness the deaths of BLM leaders in the US (and no investigation even) b… Read More
2023-01-18 11:30
Interesting post on Norse beliefs. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below (or through some other method you prefer). Thank you! As always, here'… Read More
2023-01-18 07:43
So even I had the idea that with masks etc, it might be that we're not giving our immune systems enough "practice" and thus when we take them off we're weaker. Apparently, the immune system… Read More
Who Talks Best?
2023-01-18 07:33
Plenty of podcasts out there where people get good conversations going. And I'm not hating on that. It can be a very interesting way to just discuss things, but sometimes it's a little too f… Read More
2023-01-17 18:20
Still killing more people via covid. And in their infinite wisdom Dem centrists and the GOP decided, in the wake of a pandemic that costs a million+ lives etc to unilaterally disarm and also… Read More
2023-01-11 21:57
here it is, though one has to think it's even worse than that. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below (or through some other method you prefer)… Read More
2023-01-11 07:55
And saved lives, no matter how you cut it, but damn stuff like this. Gov helped them get it online, but now it appears that privatize the profits and socialize the costs is going full speed… Read More
JFK & Conspiracy Theorists
2023-01-10 20:30
On JFK and who killed him. Plenty of people tell me it's no biggie, and only conspiracy theorists would think otherwise. But I'm of the mind that if that were so, then why not release all th… Read More
2023-01-10 19:05
I'm sure there will be more yellow peril articles by our MSM, since our elites would never decide to improve things for scientific researchers (corporations, and sending money upwards, sure)… Read More
2023-01-10 18:57
Not clear if it will be horrendously infectious (in that it would cause a surge of hospitalizations that would be bad for the health of society. It will, however, win the evolutionary race (… Read More
2023-01-10 18:51
Some notes and thoughts from Norman Finkelstein on self-criticism. I'm guessing that, on many levels,  even I need to be cognizant of my human frailties. Enjoyed it? Share it via e… Read More
Slava Ukraini
2023-01-09 22:43
I've already mentioned how if you look up who I stop blame for the Georgia war, the google writing will state it was Russia's fault. But instead, if you have a little more in-depth knowledge… Read More
2023-01-09 00:16
Though it's not always so clear as right vs left (or even centrist, though here in the US that could mean just kinda right) all around the world (see Ukraine and Russia etc), it appears ther… Read More
2023-01-09 00:00
Looks like a crazy new drug out there. Be safe all. I have started observing a new phenotype of opioid/xylazine addicts - limb amputations (be it autoamputation or surgical) and severe… Read More
Lol, This Interview.
2023-01-07 06:51
Ray Bradbury just going crazy here. Gems like this one:"Oh, God. It’s everything. I was offered the chance to write War and Peace for the screen a few decades ago. The A… Read More
2023-01-07 06:24
Every war we set out on is righteous until the stench of our corrupt elite make it seem less so and they move on to the next one. Don't fall for it. I only say this because at the start I wa… Read More
2023-01-03 19:03
Read up on the latest variant. Not sure it'll hit as hard as even Omicron did. Latest one is so infectious, it's wearing a measles mask. jc. But not sure we know how bad it will be in terms… Read More
2023-01-03 17:34
Apparently a knock out year. I'd say many don't stand the test of time (fight club doesn't, for me). I'd also say that some seem downright prophetic. 3Kings is an all time Great War movie. m… Read More
2023-01-01 00:46
Been doin this a while now. Best books which I read this past year. I'm actually including some graphic memoirs which were amazing and really speak to that medium's power. Impressive stories… Read More
2022-12-30 04:34
🐐 of the game ⚽️. And though there seem to be a bunch of (kids, certainly), people online claiming Messi is the "only" 🐐 (using G/A stats to make the case), I'm… Read More
Best Goals Of The WC
2022-12-26 07:02
Not sure I entirely agree with this list. Mainly cause I think team goals, especially if they slice up a tight defense, are way more impressive. So Richarlson's scissors kick gets top 5… Read More
2022-12-21 00:11
That the Art of Un-War is a doc that you can watch today on Kanopy (usually through your library). I think I have a second or two on it, but it's worth it not only for the artist but for his… Read More
2022-12-12 19:11
n95 ftw, people. Because despite the internet trends (and thus what I've seen IRL, where no one masks up at all) COVID is still a thing. Though, hearing this, one wonders if the numbers are… Read More
2022-12-10 06:51
Reading more, looking for proper ways forward here. Hope you enjoyed the previous link. Send me your thoughts when you get a chance. Brasil is out of another World Cup. This time they bottle… Read More
2022-12-08 00:11
I mean, not entirely new, but new to me (and that I've seen, in general). Gonna be a long journey (in may mind, perhaps all this just ends soon enough) so bare with me. Here's the first pub… Read More
Self Aware/Sentient
2022-12-06 08:29
Btw, all the text AI (more so than art ai, since that seems to simply evoke something about craftsmanship... incorrectly, I feel) is raising talk about is the chat bot sentient or self-aware… Read More
2022-12-06 06:46
Apparently the AI will soon take over the world, or at least a lowly writer's work, like my own. But the following prompt getstell me a story about a boy who overthrows an empire:Once upon a… Read More
Been Out. Working On Some New Things.
2022-12-05 21:58
Mainly mixing visuals and text for story telling. A couple pubs, I'll share the others as time goes by. I think I mentioned it (or did I?) how I read a book on comics and the combination of… Read More
2022-11-19 23:32
Not even gonna get into the internet's talk about Qatar's sins. So let's laugh for a second instead. Cause dammit if this copy pasta from the internet isn't gold:I destroyed some kid on FIFA… Read More
2022-11-19 04:40
Not ours, but the Black Death. Interesting that it has been found to originate from Central Asia. And it also started a huge series of rolling plagues that lasted hundreds of years. Nuts. So… Read More
2022-11-16 00:29
Possible that Russian missiles hit Poland. One hopes that cooler heads prevail, but they may not, given the anger in parts of that world. I have more to say on this, but it's neither here no… Read More
Collages And Such Oh My.
2022-11-07 07:36
First, I read Unflattening by Nick Sousanis and it had some thought provoking ideas in it, though I think that it could have done more to answer the question it posed to the reader. Indeed… Read More
2022-11-07 07:28
Children's hospitals are closing down because our society has deemed that not reimbursing for their care is the way to go. Yeah, perfectly normal, perfectly healthy. Oh, and don't worry… Read More
2022-11-01 18:03
The one who's cheerleading American war is here cheerleading Iraq and Afghanistan etc. I will also note that many who are for the Ukraine war were also for the Iraq Wars. Were all for imperi… Read More
Hikaru World Champ
2022-10-31 05:49
Impressive stuff here. I do wish they did it with longer time controls. But it's crazy how the best in the world at this game find themselves in completely new territory and make these huge… Read More
FRC World Championship
2022-10-29 21:46
Cool analysis here. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below (or through some other method you prefer). Thank you! As always, here's the tip jar… Read More
2022-10-27 05:27
wiki of a game:Setting[edit]The story is set in a world where Devils (悪魔, Akuma) are born from human fears. Devils are usually dangerous and malevolent, their po… Read More
2022-10-26 18:06
Not me. This here story, at least. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below (or through some other method you prefer). Thank you! As always, here'… Read More
2022-10-25 15:43
Maybe that sounds rough, but there are stories of how bad it's getting as well as how hospitals will be clogged up in no time. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one… Read More
A Serious Map
2022-10-24 18:40
Still can't even come close to wrapping my head around this map. Any of them. kWell this video clear it up though. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the butto… Read More
2022-10-22 01:00
Trad Publishing is still biased. No shock there. Shocking that people will talk about "they only pick the best and what will sell" as if that's ever true or that's ever the only factor. Sigh… Read More
Decline Continues.
2022-10-21 17:33
Life expectancy went down another year in the US. Full report here. 26 years of progress wiped out. Also note that the life expectancy stalled in 2010 and throughout the Great Recession. Som… Read More
2022-10-20 19:52
And so mud season should slow down the fighting in Ukraine. Have to agree with Norman Finkelstein in the sense that hearing form both sides (let's say Scott Ritter)[1] you're basically getti… Read More
2022-10-20 19:14
Doctor strike. Don't think I've ever heard of that. Things aren't going back to normal and people everywhere aren't happy. We'll see how it goes, especially if fuel prices keep going up.&nbs&hell…Read More
2022-10-20 17:31
Awesome images  here. And some ones from a Chinese telescope. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below (or through some other method you prefe… Read More
2022-10-19 20:33
this is not scary at all:Once upon a time there was a boy in a village. He was very poor. His family was very poor. One day, the boy was walking down the street when he saw a man walking dow… Read More
2022-10-19 19:26
Here is mine. But this article is some top notch stuff. And also kind of eye opening as this is what I felt too about my writing and so forth:“As a narrative designer, I spend a lot of… Read More
2022-10-18 02:06
Good study on how even if you get a bunch of COVID infections, you won't get stronger, or just get through it, instead you'll get weaker and be more likely to die. Crazy, right?Yep, it'… Read More
2022-10-17 22:11
Solid article on the New Yorker. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or one of the buttons below (or through some other method you prefer). Thank you! As always, here's… Read More
2022-10-17 17:49
Probably one of the best movies of all time. It talked about forgeries and the artists who made those forgeries. The main one boasting that they could create something that even the artist w… Read More
2022-10-17 16:18
Thought I already wrote about this. But this here list of movies is not good at all. Sure it has some that are great but no, just no. Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter… Read More
2022-10-16 20:46
Just read this article on instapoets. There are some good points, like how IG itself was always meant to be a stream of positivity and that is what advertisers really wanted and, all right… Read More
2022-10-13 16:20
Get Your Omicron Booster please (jfc that last bit about. a comfy bed is part of the problem). Like right now. And wear your mask indoors, more likely an N95 and wear it well. Long Covi… Read More
2022-10-11 18:47
Just like the Nordstream 2 could be an alien attack trying to play us off each other, so too are vids like this hubris:… Read More
2022-10-11 18:24
Since it tries to be even handed and does decently, I think.In an ideal world, President Petro Poroshenko would purge the police and the interior ministry of far-right sympathizers, includin… Read More
2022-10-11 16:18
The first story is brilliant. I like it a lot. Love story, but bittersweet, and set in our future (so sci ficish). Also, reading Hammurabi laws here. Kinda interesting, tbf. Enjoye… Read More
2022-10-07 21:09
There seems to be a whole lot of "Russia didn't do Bucha" or some mass killing in Ukraine. The Nazis did. Not sure why this is prevalent. I'm sure the right wingers in Ukraine have done plen… Read More
2022-10-07 19:54
Some sane thinking out there. Guess we won't see him on TV any time soon. Especially when he said the quiet part loud that he talks to reporters off screen and they think that the US did it… Read More
2022-10-07 19:41
Plenty of people shout about the MSM (from right and the left) and try to make it seem that they are truth tellers against the machine. Fair enough, I do too, but I do try to discern what th… Read More

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