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Jack Link’s Beef Steak that will supply you with sufficient proteins

Jack Link’s beefsteak is a great source of protein. If you usually go to the gym, camping, or tailgating, then you know how crucial it is to have sufficient energy. Beef steaks provide calories for your energy needs and proteins for building your muscles and bones.

Jack Link’s Beef Steak

You will have a healthy, energetic body if you consume beef steaks. This is a review of Jack Link’s beef steaks that contain enough proteins and calories for your daily activities. Read on and find their nutritional values and benefits.

Where is Jack Link’s made?

Jack Link’s beef jerks are originally made in Minong, Wisconsin, USA. But they’re also made in a few other facilities across the Midwest. Examples of such facilities are New Glarus in Wisconsin, Alpena in South Dakota, Mankato in Minnesota, and Laurens in Iowa (all are in the USA).

What are some Jack Link’s beef jerks to buy for proteins?

Here are list of jack link’s beef steak nutrition

#1). Jack Link’s Zero Sugar Beef Jerky

Jack Link’s Beef Steak

Everybody loves a good diet. And a good diet should include proteins since your body needs them for optimal functioning. If you’re looking for a good source of proteins, this Jack Link’s Beef Jerky should be part of your diet, and for good reasons!

First, it’s zero-sugar beef jerky. This means it contains no artificial sweeteners, nitrates or added MSG. You simply get 100% premium beef made from the lean cuts if you buy this beef snack. Also, this snack is 98% fat-free.

As such, there’s no need to worry about gaining weight. Also, this snack has a robust nutritional content: 15g of high-quality proteins, 80 calories in each serving, and 1 carbohydrate. Besides, it has mouth-watering flavors.

That’s because it’s been marinated in proprietary herbs and spices and slow-cooked with hardwood smoke! The result is timeless jerky flavors that tease your taste buds. This beef jerky is available in many flavors. You should try them all out!


  • It contains low-fat levels.
  • It is sugar-free and has low-carbohydrate levels.
  • You get two bags of beef jerky.
  • It is available in many flavors.
  • The beef is of premium quality.


Mold growth if shelf life is exceeded.

#2). Jack Link’s Beef Snack Sticksoriginal beef steak

Jack Link’s Beef Steak

This is yet another Jack Link’s beef snack that you can rely on for proteins. If you opt for this snack, you get three packs, each containing 9 beef sticks! That means you get a total of 27 beef sticks! The beef is 100% premium quality, made from the lean cuts of a cow.

This makes the snack a high-quality source of protein. The protein content is reasonable: 4g per serving. And just like all Jack Link’s beef, this beef snack has been specially marinated with a classic blend of herbs and spices. The result is a mouthwatering flavor that explores each taste bud!

Also, the beef sticks have been slowly cooked with hardwood smoke. This means the snack is ready when you are (you can consume it at your convenience). This is among the best-selling beef jerky brands with over 100 years of existence. Also, it’s within an affordable price range.


  • It is affordable.
  • It is ready for consumption.
  • It is available in various flavors.
  • It provides 4g of proteins per serving.
  • It is a high-quality beef jerky from premium lean cuts.


The beef jerky might be hard if they overstay.

Some consumers have reported receiving only 1 package!

#3). Jack Link’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Jack Link’s Beef Steak

Opting for this Jack Link’s Teriyaki beef gets you two bags of beef snacks. Just like all Jack Link’s beef jerky, this one also comes from 100% premium-quality lean cuts. Each bag weighs 9.0 oz. And you get 11g of proteins and 80 calories per serving.

That’s a sufficient amount of proteins to give you the energy you need for your daily activities. What’s not inside a diet is just as important as what’s inside. And this diet contains no added MSG and is 96% fat-free.

The flavor is mouthwatering since this beef snack is specially seasoned with salt, soy, ginger, and onion. And the beef is slow-cooked over hardwood smoke for additional flavor and tenderness.

If you’re planning to go to the gym, camping or tailgating, you should consider buying this Jack Link’s beef snack. It is ready for consumption when you’re hungry, and it’s very affordable. Power up your day with Teriyaki beef snacks and conquer the world!


  • It is sugar-free.
  • It is 96% fat-free for maintaining your shape.
  • The beef comes from 100% premium lean cuts.
  • It supplies 11g of proteins for sufficient energy.
  • It has been specially seasoned for mouthwatering favors.


The beef might become hard if it overstays.

Mold growth could be a problem if it exceeds the shelf life.

#4). Jack Link’s Premium Cuts Beef Steak

Jack Link’s Beef Steak

This beef snack follows the standard of all Jack Link’s beef jerky. It is from 100% premium lean cuts, and it provides 23g of proteins and 120 calories per serving. That’s enough protein to get you through gym training, camps or tailgating.

One fact that you might like is: you get 12 Jack Link snacks, each weighing 2.0 oz. The price is affordable, making this Jack Link’s beefsteak a reliable and economic source of proteins. And just like all Jack Link’s beef, this one is full of flavors as well.

It’s prepared using more than 100-years-old recipe — a special blend of herbs and spices. And the beef steak has been slowly cooked over hardwood smoke for more favor. As such, you can eat the steaks right out of the package.

It is another affordable source of protein. It is also available in multiple flavors. Impress your friends and family with this mouthwatering beefsteak for additional nutritional value.


  • It requires no refrigeration.
  • The beef comes from 100% premium lean cuts.
  • It has high protein content: 23 grams.
  • 120 calories content provides sufficient energy.
  • You get 12 packs of beefsteak.


The steak might become hard if they overstay.

The price might be expensive for some consumers.

#5). Jack Link’s Original 0.92-ounce Beef Sticks

Jack Link’s Beef Steak

These Jack Link’s beef sticks contain 5 grams of proteins per serving. The beef sticks have zero sugar since they have no added MSG! At an inexpensive price, you get 20 beef sticks if you opt for this product. That’s enough to provide sufficient proteins for your daily energy needs.

The flavors are also on-top-of-the-line. Each beef stick undergoes marination that involves seasoning with a special blend of herbs and spices for spicy flavors. It doesn’t stop there just yet! The beef sticks have been slowly cooked over hardwood smoke for that extra classic American flavor.

If you’re a camper, traveler or outdoor hobbyist, you need plenty of proteins. And this product offers that. Each packet of the beef stick is 0.92 ounces, which means you deal with a lightweight snack on your way to the gym, camping site or traveling destination.

Besides, this is another ready-to-eat beef steak by Jack Link’s. With their over 100 years in business, they make one of the best-selling beef snacks for everyone who needs a boost of energy and robust flavors.


  • It has a zero-sugar level.
  • It is ready for consumption.
  • It is lightweight and you get 20 beef sticks.
  • The beef provides 5g of proteins for sufficient energy needs.
  • The beef is from 100% premium lean cuts.


  • Mold growth is a problem if it overstays.
  • The flavors might diminish with time.


Jack Link’s beef jerks have been on the market for more than 100 years. They’re specially seasoned with original signature herbs and spices for a spicy and flavored mouthwatering taste. They’re already smoked, meaning you can eat them whenever you’re hungry.

They’re affordable and supply enough proteins for your body. They’re an ideal snack for people who love to spend energy doing outdoor activities such as camping, tailgating, and cycling.

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Jack Link’s Beef Steak that will supply you with sufficient proteins


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