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Flash Fiction: Elemental Silk

I went to a random title generator and came up with some Flash Fiction stuff. This one is Elemental Silk. Hope you like it. Sorry for any weirdness still on pretty strong painkillers. If you want to know more about Elenmitis, click here to read the Legend of Elenmitis.


Elemental Silk

”You don’t understand, I need that.” A woman snapped. The woman had white streaked black hair, and wide shimmering silver eyes. Her dark Skin took on a distinctive glowing sheen.

In a man’s hands was a Bolt of inky black fabric scattered with shimmering white stars. The man frowned. “I saw it first. Deal with it.”

Her skin glowed more fiercely turning her dark skin almost to an nearly impossible to look at shine. “I saw it first.”

The man narrowed his dark eyes. “Look Planeborn, you might have seen it first, but you didn’t grab it first.” He tightened his grip around the bolt. “If you have a problem with that complain to Madame Lux.”

She let out a loud cry of rage. Turning on her heel, she rushed past the bolts of fabric. The air turned into silvery glitter around her as she thumped her hand down on bell at the counter in an annoying, repetitive rhythm.

A short woman with trim blonde hair in simple, elegant shift dress stepped out from the back. “Yes, can I help you?” Her smile was pasted on her face rather than being natural.

“That bolt is mine.” The woman spoke as glow continued to waft off her skin.

“Elegante, I realize you are a valued client. However, I make the fabric. I do not go around mediating between my clientele. If you want to get the bolt from him, then you should go and politely come to some arrangement with him.”

“This isn’t me having a fit of pique,” Elegante said with her voice rising in irritation. “I actually need the fabric. I have a commission that has to be done in two days. It can’t be anything less than perfect.”

Lux pressed her lips together. “I’ve heard it all before.”

The glow died abruptly. “It’s deadly serious this time.”

Lux rolled her eyes. “Well, who is it for then?”

Elegante’s eyes flicked back and forth scanning the room. “If I tell you, then you’ll have to swear to keep it secret.”

“I swear,” Lux said in a droll tone.

“Elenmitis,” Elegante whispered.

“What?” Lux threw up her hands in the air, all her dignity falling away.

“It’s true, I swear. He wanted to go to a costume party like one of us but dressed as Elenmitis.” Elegante shuddered. “It terrified me seeing him, the Creator, in person. I didn’t believe him at first.”

“Because it’s crazy, and you’re crazy.” Lux flared her hands back. “The God who created life did not order you to make you a costume.”

“No, he didn’t.” Elegante’s skin paled a bit. “He paid me to do it.”

“That is even more unbelievable.” She flicked her hands in the direction of the man walking forward with night sky cloth. “If you want the cloth that badly you should have come up with a more believable lie.”

“I swear on the blood of my line, I’m not lying.” Elegante’s hands were clasped together in a plea.

The man glared at her. “What stories she is telling?”

There was ripple of color and light that appeared next to three of them. It made everything the wrong color, then is settled into the shape of an average sized man.

Elegante let out a cry, “Spare me.”

The man had hair like the sun, skin that changed constantly shades of every color spectrum and eyes that glowed with pure white intensity. Around his body, he wore a robe that looked exactly like the night sky. He smiled his teeth had that same bright white as his eyes, “Only true tales.”

Lux let out a gasp, “What?”

“She’s telling true tales. I commissioned the costume, but I lost track of the time, it’s a slippery thing when you reach my age. She wouldn’t do it for the mortal man who offered to pay. I had to bring out what I am to get the job done. Since, I had to go through all that trouble would you be kind enough, Delmore, to give it to her. I realize she is a difficult, but it’s for me, not her.”

The man gaped before handing over the bolt, “Ah, no problem, anything at all.”

“Good, I’m glad we could resolve this. I’ll pick the clothes up in two days like we agreed then. Bye everyone,” Elenmitis said before the world turned bright white, the colors going wrong, and he vanished.

“Did that actually just happen?” Lux’s voice wasn’t quite steady.

“It did,” Elegante answered. “I’ll pay for that now.”

“Oh right, yes, please make it a fabulous costume.” Delmore said before rushing out of the store.

Elegante gave a wan smile. “I’ll do my best.”



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Flash Fiction: Elemental Silk


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